"Camelot" (2011) {Lady of the Lake (#1.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Camelot" Season 01 Episode 04 (S01E04)



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7.1/ 10 (202 Votes)

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Production Company
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) [ca] - (produced in association with)
Ecosse Films [gb]
GK Films [us] - (as GK-tv) (presents)
KA Television Productions [ie]
Octagon Films [ie]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 15 April 2011
(Canada) - 5 October 2011
(Netherlands) - 12 October 2011
(Hungary) - 28 February 2012
(Japan) - 10 April 2012

Running Time


arthurian-legend, bare-chested-male, bed, fight, fire, in-laws, infidelity, ritual, therapy,

Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Campbell Bower, Jamie as [King Arthur] <2>
  2. Cosgrove, Ed (II) as (as Ed Cosgrave) [Borin] <19>
  3. Donnelly, Colmcille as [Warrior] <18>
  4. Downey, Jamie as [Ulfius] <15>
  5. Fiennes, Joseph as [Merlin] <1>
  6. Koch, Sebastian as [King Uther] <11>
  7. Mooney, Peter (I) as [Kay] <7>
  8. Murtagh, Diarmaid as [Brastias] <14>
  9. Purefoy, James as [King Lot] <12>
  10. Regan, Vincent as [Caliburn] <13>
  11. Standen, Clive as [Gawain] <8>
  12. Winchester, Philip as [Leontes] <9>
  13. Chorostecki, Lara Jean as [Bridget] <17>
  14. Chung, Chipo as [Vivian] <5>
  15. Coe, Lauren as [Excalibur] <16>
  16. Cusack, Sinéad as [Sybil] <6>
  17. Egerton, Tamsin as [Guinevere] <3>
  18. Forlani, Claire as [Queen Igraine] <4>
  19. Green, Eva (I) as [Morgan] <10>

Full Plot

Whilst Guinevere wants to leave Camelot with Leontes he is obliged to stay as one of Arthur's knights being trained by Gawain,a brilliant strategist,who breaks Arthur's sword in combat. Having warned Arthur to resist his feelings for Guinevere Merlin sets out to have a new sword made by reclusive bladesmith Caliburn,a widower living with his daughter Excalibur. Caliburn's desire to give Arthur the sword he has fashioned himself leads to Merlin's destroying him with magic and,inadvertently drowning Excalibur,after whom he names the sword. Morgan,meanwhile,is struck down by a mysterious sickness and healed by Sybil,a nun who was once her teacher and knows all her secrets. don @ minifie-1 Gawain's ruthless battle training method spares neither naive sense of honor nor anyone, not even king Arthur, who is easily defeated while his brave closest knights are commended. Leontes must remain at his side, therefore postpones moving out of Camelot as agreed before marrying Guinevere, whom Igrain warns against inappropriate passion. Arthur is indeed told to respect marital fidelity. Gawain haven broken Arthur's shabby sword, Merlin rides to order a worthy masterpiece from the best blade-smith, widowed recluse Caliburn, who forges Excalibur, as Merlin names it, but refusing to have the sorcerer deliver it fight to his death for it. Caliburn's daughter finds his torched corpse and flees with the sword, only to end up drowned in the lake which Merlin freezes to get to her. In Uther's castle, Morgan recants her hostile refusal to see her French nunnery tutor when struck down by a hemorrhagic disease, the price for magic beyond her abilities. KGF Vissers Plot not found

Total Business

CP: 2011 KA Television Productions Limited/T5 Camelot Productions Inc.

Movie Certificate

12 (Netherlands)


  1. Ransom, Joel (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Bergin, Joan


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) [ca] - (2011) (Canada) (TV)
HBO Hungary [hu] - (2012) (Hungary) (TV)
RTL Entertainment [nl] - (2011) (Netherlands) (TV) (RTL8)
Sky Cinema [de] - (2012) (Germany) (TV)
Starz Entertainment [us] - (2011) (USA) (TV)
Wild Bunch [de] - (2012) (Germany) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Conroy, Michele


  1. Colgan, Cliodhna (script coordinator)
  2. Doyle, Tony (II) (horse master)
  3. Fox, Louise (executive consultant)
  4. Hamilton, David W. (I) (insurance broker) (uncredited)
  5. Hastings, Tom (I) (creative head: CBC drama)
  6. Hoyle, Sam (II) (story editor)
  7. Mansfield, Cam (production accountant: Canada)
  8. McDonnell, Dorothy (production coordinator)
  9. McGuirk, Laura (assistant production coordinator)
  10. McKenna, John (I) (key armourer) (uncredited)
  11. O'Brien, Alan (II) (accounts assistant) (uncredited)
  12. O'Leary, Alison (production accountant)
  13. O'Neill, Rossa (assistant location manager) (uncredited)
  14. Roufs, Chris (script supervisor)
  15. Sampson, Edmund (location manager)
  16. Vanni, Gina (production finance: Canada)