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(Hollywood) USA

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All For One, One For All Entertainment [us]
Salvatore/Ornston Productions [us]

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alcohol, based-on-true-story, drug-use, wall-street-analyst,

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In the dark of night, an infant is given away to adoptive parents - and so begins Johnny Carousel's dizzying ride trying to find his place in the world with a psychologically abusive mother and an ineffectual father. When young Johnny's uncle introduces him to the world of gambling and "more is more," the Voice of an addict is borne, an ever-present friend and foe that Johnny will battle for the rest of his life. Helped by homeless angels and haunted by his demons, Johnny goes to work for his father in New York's garment industry where he is tutored in street smarts by his father's right hand man, Gov. Johnny meets a young runaway Mooch, and discovers that she is as lost as he, and vows to look after her and help with her unwanted pregnancy. But a car accident while driving drunk sends Johnny away to a strict boys' school where he uses his street smarts and devotion to Mooch to survive the years. Feeling abandoned by Johnny, Mooch has nothing to do with him once he is free and will raise her child alone, with Gov as her guardian. So Johnny sets out to prove himself to Mooch and to the world working in his uncle's Wall Street investment firm. From the seductive heights of the 80's Wall Street boom, the addictive Voice in his head leads Johnny from the excessive heights of wealth into the depths of drugs and alcohol and he soon loses it all. His doorman, Cecil comes to his rescue with an introduction to AA and the support of a recovering alcoholic, Sully. Facing more losses with the death of his father and Gov, Johnny re-unites with Mooch and her young girls and finds redemption through sacrifice and creating a family of his own. Although the Voice in his head continues to go round and round, Johnny discovers the ride is worth it as long as you're not riding alone. Alan Saretsky Plot not found

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BT: USD 15,000,000 PD: 1 September 2012 - 1 December 2012