"Casualty" (1986) {Drunk (#1.11)} TV Season

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Overview "Casualty" Season 01 Episode 11 (S01E11)



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(UK) - 22 November 1986

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Full Cast

  1. Andreas, Dimitri as [Adonis] <14>
  2. Anthony, Nigel as [Ted Roach] <11>
  3. Champ, Nathan as [First Boy] <24>
  4. Evans, Jonathan (X) as [Dougie] <22>
  5. Gallagher, Bernard as [Ewart Plimmer] <1>
  6. Harris, George (II) as [Clive King] <5>
  7. John, Terry (I) as [Bob] <23>
  8. Krichefski, Jacob as [Selim] <19>
  9. Landis, Harry as [Dimitri] <16>
  10. McInnerny, Philip as [Phil] <15>
  11. Pugh, Robert (I) as [Andrew Ponting] <9>
  12. Rand, Kean as [Peter] <26>
  13. Roberts, Alan (VI) as [D.J] <27>
  14. Rozycki, Christopher as [Kuba Trzcinski] <6>
  15. Sanders, Theo as [Miles] <21>
  16. Thompson, Derek (I) as [Charlie Fairhead] <2>
  17. Wallis, Bill as [Mr. Smith] <13>
  18. Watson, Jack (I) as [Det Insp Potter] <12>
  19. Bowerman, Lisa as [Sandra Mute] <10>
  20. Deegan, Alison as [Nurse Francine O'Dwyer] <28>
  21. Fricker, Brenda as [Megan Roach] <3>
  22. Llewellyn, Sarah (I) as (as Sara Llewellyn) [Sophie] <25>
  23. Mottram, Anna as [Mrs. Ashcroft] <20>
  24. Roza, Debbie as [Susie Mercier] <7>
  25. Shipton, Catherine as (as Cathy Shipton) [Lisa 'Duffy' Duffin] <8>
  26. Tyson, Annie as [Miss Giles] <17>
  27. Watson, Julia (I) as [Barbara 'Baz' Samuels] <4>
  28. Webb, Sarah (I) as [Annabel] <18>

Full Plot

The waiting room at the A&E is undergoing some decoration in preparation for a visit from the Royal family, but the lazy workmen are not doing much to impress the staff. Duffy has a good excuse for being late for work when she is attacked en route, and a young boy is found face down in a swimming pool by the girl who set him up. Lord Heath - Plot not found

Movie Certificate

12 (UK)


  1. Salt, Peter (advisor: nursing)