"Casualty" (1986) {Happy Hour (#20.44)} TV Season

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Overview "Casualty" Season 20 Episode 44) (S20E44))



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(UK) - 5 August 2006

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Full Cast

  1. Bailey, Luke (I) as [Sam Bateman] <4>
  2. Bleasdale, Ian as [Josh Griffiths] <8>
  3. Gabel, Elyes as [Gurpreet 'Guppy' Sandhu] <5>
  4. Gamblin, Kip as [Greg Fallon] <11>
  5. Irvine, Will (I) as [Loz Barnes] <20>
  6. Langdale, Pascal as [Paul McAllister] <16>
  7. MacCorkindale, Simon as [Harry Harper] <1>
  8. Mafham, Dominic as [Jerry Sands] <14>
  9. Price, Ben (I) as [Nathan Spencer] <6>
  10. Stroma, Freddie as [James Huppert] <22>
  11. Thompson, Derek (I) as [Charlie Fairhead] <2>
  12. Anderson, Georgine as [Brenda Gayton] <17>
  13. Cookson, Susan (I) as [Maggie Coldwell] <3>
  14. Gibbs, Rebekah as [Nina Farr] <10>
  15. Grey, Sam (III) as [Alice Chantrey] <13>
  16. Laird, Martina as [Comfort Jones] <9>
  17. Lewis, Rosa-Marie as [Maxine Hall] <21>
  18. Mellor, Janine as [Kelsey Phillips] <12>
  19. Packer, Suzanne as [Tess Bateman] <7>
  20. Slavin, Jane as [Viv Sands] <15>
  21. Woodcock, Jo as [Sadie Achill] <19>
  22. Wu, Sophie (I) as [Natalie Gayton] <18>


  1. Newman, Bob (I)

Film Editors

  1. Oyeleye, Folasade


  1. Carew, Rosalie (script secretary) (uncredited)
  2. Gogarty, Sinead (assistant accountant)
  3. Macaulay, Ailsa (researcher)
  4. Salt, Peter (advisor: nursing)
  5. Swindell, Henry R. (serial researcher)


[Nathan stabbed himself on a hypodermic needle that had been disposed of in a bin-bag. Now he has instigated a witch-hunt and bullied Sam into resigning because his bipolar disorder may have made him forget to dispose of the needle properly. As Sam's boss, Charlie confronts Nathan] Nathan Spencer: I have every right to pursue my enquiries about that needle. I could have been infected with a lethal virus. Charlie Fairhead: Oh I sympathize. But there is a world of difference between enquiring and bullying. And you have absolutely no right to indulge in the latter. Nathan Spencer: My over-riding priority is to the patients. What if a member of the public had got a needle-stick injury? What if Sam had forgotten to clear up another one? Charlie Fairhead: He couldn't - for the simple reason that *he* didn't forget to clear up the last one. I did. Nathan Spencer: What? Charlie Fairhead: Yes, I sutured a patient and didn't clear away the sharp properly. It was me, not Sam. There you are - you have your culprit. Nathan Spencer: That's disgraceful you haven't owned up before. Maggie Coldwell: Actually, Nathan, Charlie's being chivalrous. It was me, not him. He's just trying to protect me. Nathan Spencer: What on earth's going on here? Kelsey Phillips: Maggie, it's no use. But thanks for trying. Nathan, I left the needle out. Nathan Spencer: Oh, I see. Ranks closing - d'you think I don't realize that? I hope you're proud of them, Harry. Harry Harper: As it happens I am. At least I would be if they were all telling the truth. Because *I* left it out. Nathan Spencer: This doesn't stop here - believe me. [Nathan strides off, realising that he has been outflanked] Harry Harper: Right, let's get back to work. [Harry shakes Charlie's hand] Well done, you.