Chocolate Is Not Better Than Sex (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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33 Flavor Films [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Mandylor, Louis as [Himself]
  2. Perez, Carmen (I) as [Dori Scott]
  3. Purcell, Lee (I) as [Tabitha Reeves]
  4. Whitman, Rebecca as [Ally Foster]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

When single mom, Monica Robinson, dares to plunge back in the dating game, she turns to her friends, Ally, the pickup artist, Dori, the professional match-maker, Jeanie, the mousy and petite latch-on with a penchant for bad boys, Hedda, the budding wine connoisseur, and her own mother, a former Misses America, for advice. Monica feels destined to kiss toads and nibble chocolate her whole life as she falls victim to a slew of horrible blind dates. After a whirlwind cougar-cub office romance, she finds there is no one suitable for her. She and her friends realize that women are too serious and they divulge their innermost and hilarious secrets while high on chocolate cake. Monica discovers the way to Mr. Right's heart is by trusting her own. Aleisha Gore Plot not found