Chor Aur Chand (1993) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

Ratings / Votes
5.6/ 10 (26 Votes)

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Production Company
Indus Valley Enterprise [in]

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Release Date
(India) - 11 August 1993

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Full Cast

  1. Ali, Ishrat as [Lala] <9>
  2. Balraj, Anand as [Vicky Khanna] <6>
  3. Gill, Avtar as [Inspector Naik] <7>
  4. Khan, Ekhlaq as [Delivery Boy]
  5. Kumar, Kiran (I) as [Inspector Vivek] <11>
  6. Nath, Alok as [Dinkar Seth] <4>
  7. Pancholi, Aditya as (as Aditya Panscholi) [Suraj "Surya"] <1>
  8. Rindani, Shiva as (as Shiva) [Ranga] <8>
  9. Yadav, Raghuvir as [Hero] <5>
  10. Bhatt, Pooja (I) as [Reema] <2>
  11. Irani, Aruna as (as Aroona Irani) [Suraj's mom] <3>
  12. Pathak, Dina as [Dinkar's mom]

Full Plot

Reema lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed businessman dad, Dinkar, and her grandma. Her dad wants her to marry Vicky, but she dislikes him. On the day of the marriage, while fully dressed as a Hindu bride, Reema plans to run away. It is at this time that she see's a stranger in her house, thinking it is her dad's employee, she tries to run from him, but he catches up with her. He tells her that his name is Suraj alias Surya, an ex-convict, who has just been released from prison. As he had no money, he as unable to eat anything, and hence had broken into their house to steal money and jewelery. While on the run, they are also joined by Hero, who had attempted to rob a bank so that he could go to Bombay and become a movie star. His attempt at robbing the bank had failed and he is now on run from the police. When Dinkar is told that Reema has run away, he contacts a local gangster named Lala and asks him to locate her. Lala, in his turn asks Ranga, one of his hoodlums, to find Reema. Ranga finds out where Reema, Hero and Suraj are holed up. At the same time, Inspector Naik also finds out their whereabouts. But Naik has a different reason for locating them - he has a score to settle with Suraj, and wants Reema for himself. There is no doubt at all that Reema, Suraj and Hero are headed for nothing but trouble, as the gangster and their men on one hand, and Inspector Naik on the other, close in on them, making their escapade virtually impossible. rAjOo ( Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Nikhil (I) (as Nikhil-Vinay)
  2. Vinay (III) (as Nikhil-Vinay)


  1. Pradhan, Promod

Film Editors

  1. Husain, Afaque