"Chuck" (2007) {Chuck Versus the Couch Lock (#4.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Chuck" Season 04 Episode 05 (S04E05)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
8.2/ 10 (323 Votes)

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Production Company
Fake Empire [us]
Warner Bros. Television [us]
Wonderland Sound and Vision [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 18 October 2010
(USA) - 18 October 2010
(Japan) - 30 October 2012

Running Time



Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Azarly, Koby as [Iranian sgt]
  2. Baldwin, Adam (I) as [John Casey] <10>
  3. Bautista, Dave as [T.I.] <12>
  4. Gomez, Joshua (I) as [Morgan Grimes] <3>
  5. Krinsky, Scott (I) as [Jeff Barnes] <7>
  6. Lawrence, Mark Christopher as (credit only) [Big Mike] <5>
  7. Levi, Zachary as [Chuck Bartowski] <1>
  8. McPartlin, Ryan as [Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb] <4>
  9. Moore, Joel David as [Mackintosh] <14>
  10. Roberts, Eric (I) as [Packard] <11>
  11. Rush, Joshua as (uncredited) [Young Chuck]
  12. Sahay, Vik as [Lester Patel] <6>
  13. Zader, Omid as (uncredited) [Iranian soldier #2]
  14. Friedericy, Bonita as [General Diane Beckman] <8>
  15. Hamilton, Linda (I) as (uncredited) [Mary Bartowski]
  16. Lancaster, Sarah (I) as [Ellie Bartowski] <9>
  17. Melvin, Mekenna as [Alex McHugh] <13>
  18. Strahovski, Yvonne as [Sarah Walker] <2>

Movie Certificate

M/12 (Portugal)

Music Composers

  1. Jones, Tim (II) (original music by)


National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (2010) (USA) (TV)
Warner Home Video [us] - (2011) (USA) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Granzow, Jeff


  1. Aronsohn, Joseph (production assistant)
  2. Dill, Guin (animal trainer)
  3. Green, Casey (I) (video/computer playback operator)
  4. Guarisco, Jeremy (production coordinator)
  5. Kieffer, Chris (video playback graphics)
  6. Lenk, Christa (assistant to co-executive producer)
  7. Rosen, Carrie (production assistant)
  8. Solomon, Steve (V) (animal trainer)


Sarah Walker: Is this the part where I'm supposed to ask you what you're thinking about? Chuck Bartowski: My mom. I thought she was a prisoner that needed to be saved, and... then I come to find out she's just one of the bad guys. Sarah Walker: Chuck, we don't know what side your mom is on. Chuck Bartowski: Maybe not. But there's one thing I do know. In order to find the one person who... left me, I've endangered the lives of everyone who would never leave me. Morgan, Casey, you. I'm gonna stop looking for my mom. Sarah Walker: No. Chuck... Chuck Bartowski: No, it's okay. I thought I had to bring my family back together, but I don't. You guys, Awesome, Ellie, you're my family. I love you. Sarah Walker: I love you. I'll see you inside. Chuck Bartowski: Yeah. [Sarah goes inside; Chuck's phone rings and he answers it] Chuck Bartowski: Hello. Mary Bartowski: Hello, Chuck. It's your mother. John Casey: Only place I can think of to get these three sons of bitches back together, would be my funeral. Chuck Bartowski: That's it! Casey, I know how to find your old team. We have to kill you. Chuck Bartowski: [Receving a call] They put his tracker on a what?... No. God, no! Don't shoot it! [Ends the call. To Sarah] They took off his tracker and put it on a cat. Packard: All right so we gotta chop his arm off. T.I.: His left one, right? I was planning on doing it with this. [Holds up a knife] Packard: Not with a knife! No. Too dull. Mackintosh: What we need is a surgical saw. I got one in the other room. Yeah, you mess up the hand, you won't be able to open the vault. John Casey: [Calling the Buy More] Casey. Code red. I've been drugged. Don't know how long I can stay conscious. Need extraction. In an alley. 4th and Hill. I'll be in a dumpster. Jeff Barnes: Don't worry, Casey. I know that dumpster! John Casey: Wait! Who is this? Where's Chuck? Jeff Barnes: We're on our way. [Jeff hangs up. Then into the PA system] Lester. Nerd Herd emergency. Man down! Meet me at the Herder. Sarah Walker: Uh oh. Chuck Bartowski: "Uh oh?" You don't say "Uh oh?" Sarah Walker: You step out of that laser beam, this goes off. T.I.: Hey, eulogy guy. Looking for Casey. Morgan Grimes: Casey who? [T.I. knocks Morgan to the ground] That Casey. T.I.: Get up! Got a message for him. We've got his friends. We're taking them on a little gold digging trip. He knows where. Tell him he has 24 hours to show up alone, or he's gonna have 2 more funerals to go to. Morgan Grimes: Okay. Think Morgan. How do I get him angry? How do I get him an-? Oh crap! [Morgan sighs] Okay, Casey, I know you can hear me. And I have something *very* important to tell you. I've been dating your daughter. Yeah, yeah. We're technically on the rocks right now kind of. But you know, things we're getting pretty serious. Hol - holding hands and uh, kissing was just out of control. But I've been a perfect gentlemen. Although, it definitely felt like pretty soon, [Morgan gulps] she'd be spending the night. Mackintosh: She's Volkoff's right hand. When he has a problem, he sends in Frost. And that problem disappears. Chuck Bartowski: [Quietly] Sarah, I'm kind of starting to think that my mom might be one of the bad guys. Packard: If you hadn't been such a hard ass, Casey. We all wouldn't be here right now. Mackintosh: We'd be on a beach earning 20%... unless we invested in real estate. Morgan Grimes: Casey. Couch lock... Cable. John Casey: [Casey realizes what Morgan's planning] Oh,good Lord. [to Chuck and Sarah] Lift your feet up. Do it. Do it now! Sarah Walker: He's going to try and shock them. Chuck Bartowski: Morgan! Morgan, NO! John Casey: [to Morgan] You break her heart, I break your everything. Chuck Bartowski: In order to find the one person who [Chuck scoffs] left me, I've endangered the lives of everyone who would never leave me: Morgan, Casey, you. I'm going to stop looking for my mom. Sarah Walker: Oh Chuck... Chuck Bartowski: No. It's okay. I thought I'd have to bring my family back together. But I don't. You guys: Awesome, Ellie, you're my family. I love you. Chuck Bartowski: [Answerin his cellphone] Hello? Mary Bartowski: Hello Chuck. It's your mother.


- When Casey and Morgan are breaking into the bunker in Iran, on Casey's helmet "Better dead than red" is written in sharpie.