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Overview "Clan" Season 01 Episode 06 (S01E06)



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(Belgium) - 8 October 2012

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adultery, bare-chested-male, bed, faked-suicide, hanging,

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Full Cast

  1. Cleiren, Robbie as [Thomas Dewitt] <8>
  2. Dermez, David as
  3. Flack, Herbert as [Gerard Wijnants]
  4. Geerts, Steve as [Boris Engelen]
  5. Maesschalck, Felix as [Ruben Engelen]
  6. Nuyts, Rube as
  7. Pecnik, Ivan as
  8. Roofthooft, Dirk as [Jean-Claude Delcorps] <6>
  9. Scheepers, Mathijs as [Wouter Cox]
  10. Timmermans, Greg as [Kurt Wijnants]
  11. Van Assche, Jaak as [Valère Bols]
  12. van Beirs, Pat as
  13. Van Hecke, Bernard as
  14. Van Rampelberg, Geert as [Matthias Dewitt] <7>
  15. Vandenborre, Tibo as [Ben Oostvogels]
  16. Winckelmans, Gert as [Frederik Lint]
  17. Becquart, Ruth as [Birgit Goethals] <3>
  18. De Bal, Gilda as [Irène]
  19. Eggers, Sien as [Hermin 'Min' Delcorps]
  20. Florentie, Emilia as [Bloeme Delcorps]
  21. Neuville, Maaike as [Rebekka Goethals] <4>
  22. Paulussen, Inge as [Goedele Goethals] <5>
  23. Sarafian, Barbara as [Eva Goethals] <1>
  24. Van der Sanden, Tania as [Nancy]
  25. Van Pellicom, Kristine as [Veerle Goethals] <2>
  26. Van Werde, Manuela as

Full Plot

Thomas Dewitt finally obtains the autopsy, which strengthens his murder suspicion. Brother Mathias however almost prefers to believe in an accident, for his lover's sake. A few months earlier, Jean-Claude Delcorps succeeded in eliminating Eva as rival for a promotion and made another attempt to inform nurse Wouter Cox of his wife's adultery. The sisters planned another murder attempt, using a rape drug to stage a hanging, but the garage rod he's suspended on bent and triggered the door opening mechanism, so neighbor Valre Bols saved his life. KGF Vissers Plot not found


  1. Mertens, Anton (I) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Van Passel, Kristin


Vlaamse Media Maatschappij (VMMa) [be] - (2012) (Belgium) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Jacobs, Bert (I)


  1. Behaeghe, Rien (production assistant)
  2. Cotton, Filip (set location manager)
  3. De Backer, Christophe (assistant location manager)
  4. Geuns, Michaël (location manager)
  5. Goossens, Wim (location manager)
  6. Goossens, Wim (location supervisor)
  7. Gozin, Isaac E. (director: title sequence)
  8. Gozin, Malin-Sarah (show runner)
  9. Sonmereyn, Alice (script supervisor)
  10. van Turenhout, Tiffany (location assistant)
  11. Vansteelant, Bart (assistant location manager)
  12. Vansteelant, Bart (location assistant)