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Overview "Clan" Season 01 Episode 08 (S01E08)



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Release Date
(Belgium) - 22 October 2012

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bare-butt, bare-chested-male, gambling, gay-character, male-full-back-nudity, male-rear-nudity, party, undressing,

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Full Cast

  1. Cleiren, Robbie as [Thomas Dewitt] <8>
  2. De Groote, Walter as [Tekenleraar]
  3. Dermez, David as
  4. Dierens, Frank as [Wetsdokter]
  5. Flack, Herbert as [Gerard Wijnants]
  6. Haers, Philip as [Julien]
  7. Hé, Weidong as [Gang Wang]
  8. Pecnik, Ivan as [Willy]
  9. Pype, Peter as [Tom]
  10. Roofthooft, Dirk as [Jean-Claude Delcorps] <6>
  11. Van Hecke, Bernard as
  12. Van Rampelberg, Geert as [Matthias Dewitt] <7>
  13. Vandenborre, Tibo as [Ben Oostvogels]
  14. Verhoeven, Walter as [Beenhouwer]
  15. Winckelmans, Gert as [Frederik Lint]
  16. Becquart, Ruth as [Birgit Goethals] <3>
  17. De Bal, Gilda as [Irène]
  18. Eggers, Sien as [Hermin 'Min' Delcorps]
  19. Florentie, Emilia as [Bloeme Delcorps]
  20. Malschaert, Veerle as [Gemeenteambtenaar]
  21. Man, Lisa (III) as
  22. Neuville, Maaike as [Rebekka Goethals] <4>
  23. Paulussen, Inge as [Goedele Goethals] <5>
  24. Sarafian, Barbara as [Eva Goethals] <1>
  25. Van der Sanden, Tania as [Nancy]
  26. Van Pellicom, Kristine as [Veerle Goethals] <2>

Full Plot

The brothers have collected most pieces of the puzzle, yet Matthias convinces Thomas there is still more left to discover. Like how months earlier, Jean-Claude played a dirty trick on a Chinese restaurant, making him being targeted by a mob leader. The gay Frederik Lint got the promotion Jean-Claude hoped for, but resigned after he failed to sexually approach his boss Gerard Wijnants. And also, the sisters discovered Jean-Claude helped his mother Hermin to hide her husband's corpse, in order to keep receiving his pension. Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Mertens, Anton (I) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Van Passel, Kristin


Vlaamse Media Maatschappij (VMMa) [be] - (2012) (Belgium) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Jacobs, Bert (I)


  1. Behaeghe, Rien (production assistant)
  2. Cotton, Filip (set location manager)
  3. De Roover, Steve (location assistant)
  4. Geuns, Michaël (location manager)
  5. Goossens, Wim (location manager)
  6. Goossens, Wim (location supervisor)
  7. Gozin, Isaac E. (director: title sequence)
  8. Gozin, Malin-Sarah (show runner)
  9. Sonmereyn, Alice (script supervisor)
  10. van Turenhout, Tiffany (location assistant)
  11. Vansteelant, Bart (assistant location manager)