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(Hollywood) USA

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HBO Films [us]
Home Box Office (HBO) [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Adler, Jeffrey as [Fair Goer/Concert Attendee]
  2. Alabiso, Giovanni as [Fair goer]
  3. Alexander, Kilo as (uncredited)
  4. Berenson, Marshall as (uncredited) [Andrew Klubach]
  5. Blass, Geoffrey as [Concert attendee]
  6. Burzenski, Mark as [Construction Worker]
  7. Chan, Albert M. as
  8. Cleary, Bo as [Prison Guard]
  9. Cross, Max as [Chicago Concert Extra]
  10. David, Larry (I) as [Nathan Flomm/Rolly DaVore] <1>
  11. Franko, Victor as (uncredited) [Driver]
  12. Gabanelli, Dave as [Concert attendee]
  13. Garrigus, Mark as (uncredited) [Concert goer]
  14. Gilmore, Mickey as (uncredited) [Construction Worker]
  15. Grilli, Curtis as [EXTREMELY Hairy Man]
  16. Hader, Bill as [Rags]
  17. Hall, Philip Baker as [McKenzie]
  18. Hamm, Jon (I) as [Will Haney]
  19. Imbergamo, Frankie as (uncredited) [Pub Patron]
  20. Keaton, Michael as [Joe Stumpo]
  21. Kennedy, William Ambrose as [Carl]
  22. Kenny, Tom (IX) as (uncredited) [Pedestrian]
  23. Kincannon, Jeffery as [Chicago Concert - Jack]
  24. Kirsch, David A. as [Construction Worker]
  25. Lindsey, John Joseph as (uncredited) [Concert Security Guard]
  26. Mallen, Christian as [Howard Haney]
  27. Marchi, C.R. as (uncredited) [Chicago Fan]
  28. Mariano, Tom as (uncredited) [Security Guard]
  29. Martignetti, Daniel as [Cook]
  30. Masiello, Robert as (uncredited) [Picture Car at Marina]
  31. McBride, Danny (IV) as [Frank]
  32. Medeiros, Kenn as [Stand in Jon Hamm]
  33. Meehan, Brendan (II) as [Young Howard Haney]
  34. Pacheco, Richard (II) as (uncredited) [Man at the Bar]
  35. Palermo, Chris (III) as (uncredited) [Diner Patron]
  36. Patton, Jim (III) as (uncredited) [Diner Customer]
  37. Ridley, Frank as
  38. Russo, John P. (I) as [Concert Attendee]
  39. Scheer, Paul as [B.D.]
  40. Sherman IV, Edward A. as [Rhonda's Special Delivery]
  41. Smoove, J.B. as [Jaspar]
  42. Sneed, Dwayne as (uncredited) [Corporate V.P]
  43. Thorpe, Bill (I) as [The Construction Worker]
  44. Turner, J.T. (I) as [Pool Man]
  45. Vezina, George J. as (uncredited) [Clamshack customer at counter]
  46. White, Jamie Christopher as [Pool Player #1]
  47. Wynne, Andrew as [Construction worker]
  48. Xifaras, William as (uncredited) [Diner Patron]
  49. Bowler, Juliet as [Lady Serena]
  50. Connelly, Colleen as [Concert attendee]
  51. Cortez, Marilyn as [The Nanny- Marina]
  52. Crowninshield, Kimberly as [Fair Goer/Concert Attendee]
  53. Ferguson, Molly Beck as [Roberta Stumpo]
  54. Figueiredo, Pamela (I) as [Gorgeous Blonde]
  55. Fischer, Sarah (II) as (uncredited) [Pub Patron]
  56. Gillis, Jonna as (uncredited) [Concert Goer]
  57. Howard, Rosemary (II) as (uncredited) [Diner Patron]
  58. Hudson, Kate (I) as [Rhonda]
  59. Iacomini, Marisa as (uncredited) [Ferry Goer]
  60. Irving, Konstantina as (uncredited) [Concert goer]
  61. Kosak, Gwen as (uncredited) [Fairgoer]
  62. Landecker, Amy as [GIna]
  63. LaPrade, Taryn as (uncredited) [Concert Attendee]
  64. Lee, Savanah as [Concert attendee]
  65. Lynn, Phyllis as (uncredited) [Concert Goer]
  66. Mendes, Eva as [Jennifer]
  67. Proude, Michele as [Betsy]
  68. Prunty, Suzanne as (uncredited) [Restaurant Patron]
  69. Ross, Patty as [Gladys]
  70. Ryan, Amy (I) as [Wendy]
  71. Valentine, Pamela as [Fairgoer, Chicago fan]


  1. Comedy


  1. Denault, Jim

Dress Designers

  1. Lyall, Susan


Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (2014) (USA) (theatrical)
Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (2013) (USA) (TV)


  1. Barnes, Alyssa (assistant to the producers)
  2. Brazile, Patrick (production assistant)
  3. Carroll, Meaghan (production secretary)
  4. Champanis, Christine (security consultant)
  5. Cochrane, Douglas J. (stand-in for Larry David)
  6. Couture, Stefan (craft service assistant)
  7. Coy, Michael (II) (production assistant)
  8. Cronin, Kelly (I) (script supervisor)
  9. Doré, Claire (cat trainer)
  10. Foley, Laura G. (location scout)
  11. Fritz, Jason (I) (location scout)
  12. Jennings, Jennifer (II) (production assistant)
  13. Jurdi, Kate (stand-in: Eva Mendes/Patty Ross)
  14. Levy, Matthew (VIII) (production assistant)
  15. Lewis, Kate D. (set production assistant)
  16. Martin, Trevor (IV) (production assistant)
  17. McCoubry, Matthew (set production assistant)
  18. McLaughlin, John J. (II) (security consultant)
  19. McLaughlin, Patrick J. (security consultant)
  20. Peavey, Michael (aerial coordinator)
  21. Roberts Jr., Richard (security consultant)
  22. Rowe, Linda (III) (animal trainer: cat)
  23. Salowsky, Kati (stand-in)
  24. Sansone, John (II) (medic)
  25. Scarritt, Sara (production coordinator)
  26. Scelsi, Tony (production assistant: additional)
  27. Sear, Alexandra (set production assistant)
  28. Sherman IV, Edward A. (stand-in)
  29. Smith, Andrew (CIV) (key assistant production coordinator)
  30. Smith, Andrew C. (assistant production coordinator)
  31. Van Nostrand, Katie (set production assistant)
  32. Youman, Joshua (location manager)

Other Titles

  1. Untitled Larry David Project (2013) (TV) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Massachusetts, USA
  2. J.T. Farnham's Seafood and Grill - 88 Eastern Avenue, South Essex, Massachusetts, USA