"Coupling" (2000) {9½ Months (#4.6)} TV Season

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Overview "Coupling" Season 04 Episode 06 (S04E06)



Ratings / Votes
8.1/ 10 (144 Votes)

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Production Company
Hartswood Films [gb] - (for the BBC)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 14 June 2004

Running Time



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Full Cast

  1. Davenport, Jack as [Steve Taylor] <1>
  2. Field Smith, Jim as [Taxi Driver] <12>
  3. Iredale, Joshua as [Baby Joshua] <13>
  4. Long, Jordan (I) as [Orderly] <11>
  5. Miles, Ben (I) as [Patrick Maitland] <5>
  6. Mylan, Richard as [Oliver Morris] <6>
  7. Sivell, Vaughan as [Anaesthetist] <9>
  8. Alexander, Sarah (I) as [Susan Walker] <3>
  9. Bellman, Gina as [Jane Christie] <2>
  10. Isitt, Kate as [Sally Harper] <4>
  11. Phayre, Janice as [Nurse] <10>
  12. Spiro, Samantha as [Jeffina] <7>
  13. Stanton, Sophie as [Midwife] <8>

Full Plot

Susan is in labor, and Steve is now remembering the events of that night. Patrick and Sally are having problems with Patrick's previous relationship with Jane. As well as Oliver is desperate for a night with Jane but is soon interrupted by Steve and Susan. Jereme Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Brint, Simon

Dress Designers

  1. Pitcher, Caroline (I)


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [gb] - (2004) (UK) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Pawluk, Mykola


  1. Baine, Kieran (production team)
  2. Bowcott, Holly (production coordinator)
  3. Davies, Allen (production accountant) (as Allan Davies)
  4. Kyprianou, Gemma (production team)
  5. Mannion, Tim (production team)
  6. Morgan, Angela (II) (production assistant)
  7. Motture, Mary (stage manager)
  8. Noakes, Anya (unit publicist)
  9. Waiting, Richard (vision control)


Susan: [hunched over the hospital bed, in labor] Steve...! Steve: [standing at the door, scared] Yes darling? Susan: [camera zooms in to her face] Get me a FUCKING EPIDURAL! Steve: [re: Why he still has Jane's key] I've never been able to give it back, she get's too emotional. Last time she bit my face! [Steve has been bodily thrown out of the delivery room by Susan for asking, as she had made him promise, if she is sure she wants an epidural; he is now trying to go back in] Midwife: [to orderly] It's okay, don't call security. He just asked his girlfriend a little question. Steve: Yeah, I also asked her if I could ask it two more times. Midwife: She said, "You can't." Steve: Yeah, trust me, the word wasn't "can't". Sally: Unlock the cupboard. Patrick: I can't. Soon as I heard you coming I locked the cupboard and threw the key out the window. Sally: The cupboard is generally kept locked, isn't it? Patrick: At all times. Maximum security. If that door is shut, that cupboard is locked. Sally: And what did you do to the cupboard when you heard me coming in? Patrick: [pause] I... locked it. Sally: [opens cupboard door] Patrick: I'm trying to think on my feet. Sally: I know. It's like watching a whale knit. [last lines] [Steve goes over to look at their new baby but is suprised to find that he has no feelings towards it] Steve: So I shaded his eyes. And then... and then he looked at me. And oh my goodness me. I became someone else entirely. Susan: Fingers and toes, count them. Steve: Yeah, he's fine. It all looks pretty average. No eyes, though. Patrick: I never make more than one sex tape of a woman. I am not a pervert.


- The first time Jane's house is shown.