"Coupling" (2000) {Circus of the Epidurals (#4.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Coupling" Season 04 Episode 04 (S04E04)



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7.8/ 10 (130 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 31 May 2004

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Full Cast

  1. Davenport, Jack as [Steve Taylor] <1>
  2. Miles, Ben (I) as [Patrick Maitland] <5>
  3. Mylan, Richard as [Oliver Morris] <6>
  4. Skinner, Dan Renton as (as Renton Skinner) [Husband] <10>
  5. Alexander, Sarah (I) as [Susan Walker] <3>
  6. Bellman, Gina as [Jane Christie] <2>
  7. Bryer, Eva Marie as [Pregnant Wife] <9>
  8. Caffrey, Olivia as [Tamsin] <8>
  9. Isitt, Kate as [Sally Harper] <4>
  10. Marmur, Elizabeth as [Jill] <7>

Music Composers

  1. Brint, Simon

Dress Designers

  1. Pitcher, Caroline (I)

Film Editors

  1. Pawluk, Mykola


  1. Baine, Kieran (production team)
  2. Bowcott, Holly (production coordinator)
  3. Davies, Allen (production accountant) (as Allan Davies)
  4. Kyprianou, Gemma (production team)
  5. Mannion, Tim (production team)
  6. Morgan, Angela (II) (production assistant)
  7. Motture, Mary (stage manager)
  8. Noakes, Anya (unit publicist)
  9. Waiting, Richard (vision control)


Susan: The pain of childbirth is part of being a woman. Steve: Yes, but it's the part we can fix! Steve: There's going to be pain... Susan: Yes. Steve: Pain for which relief will be offered... Susan: Yes. Steve: But which, apparently, you won't want... Susan: Yes. Steve: This is not an intelligence test that anyone should fail! Jill: Well, you seem healthy. So much for voodoo... [Oliver is trying to make fun of the fact that his pregnant ex-girlfriend's boyfriend is not attending antenatal class with her] Oliver Morris: [sarcastically] Where is he then? What's the problem? Shy, is he? Afraid? Ashamed? Really, really ugly? Tamsin: [angrily] Dead! Oliver Morris: [contritely] Dead if fact. He's dead. That's where Tamsin's boyfriend is. Dead. That's the whole story. Move along now, nothing to see here. She probably wants to deal with in on her own. Tamsin: Oh, for God's sake! [runs off] Oliver Morris: [to others in class] Okay, everyone, we're not doing the laughing now. That's a no on the laghing. Laughing is canceled because of the whole death aspect. Tamsin: [returning] Oliver, he's not really dead. I just wanted you to make a prat of yourself. Oliver Morris: Ohay, he's not dead now, and I'm just making a prat of myself. Steve: Well, maybe you want to try not do that. Oliver Morris: Sorry. Can't stop. On a roll.