"Coupling" (2000) {The Freckle, the Key and the Couple Who Weren't (#3.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Coupling" Season 03 Episode 05 (S03E05)



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8.7/ 10 (150 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 21 October 2002

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bathroom, bed, chained, handcuffs,

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Full Cast

  1. Bannerman, Marc as (as Mark Bannerman) [Joe] <9>
  2. Coyle, Richard (I) as [Jeffrey 'Jeff' Murdock] <6>
  3. Davenport, Jack as [Steve Taylor] <1>
  4. Miles, Ben (I) as [Patrick Maitland] <5>
  5. Owen, Lloyd as [James] <8>
  6. Alexander, Sarah (I) as [Susan Walker] <3>
  7. Bellman, Gina as [Jane Christie] <2>
  8. Gish, Lou as [Julia] <7>
  9. Isitt, Kate as [Sally Harper] <4>

Full Plot

After a row about Susan's thoughtless inability to tell Steve whether his butt had an old mold or fresh freckles, they join the friends in the pub. Jeff arrives, oblivious he's wearing an SM mask, as Steve drags out of him from playing 'Spankman' with Julia, desperate for advice about the use of laxatives to recuperate jewelry swallowed from his irresistibly naked girlfriend. Back in her apartment, where she's handcuffed and Jeff still clue- and key-less, they freak at a knock she fears to be her parents. It's worse: her military ex Joe. Jane reveals more ways to be utterly out of touch with the world, especially her patient boy-friend, who later announces he must spend some months in Germany as radio-maker. James and Sally discover they knew each-other as wild Oxford students. KGF Vissers Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Brint, Simon

Dress Designers

  1. Pitcher, Caroline (I)

Film Editors

  1. Pawluk, Mykola


  1. Bowcott, Holly (production coordinator)
  2. Cummins, John (II) (production team)
  3. Davies, Allen (production accountant) (as Allan Davies)
  4. Heyes, Bernard (title sequence)
  5. Monteleone, Rachael (production team)
  6. Morgan, Angela (II) (production assistant)
  7. Motture, Mary (stage manager)
  8. Noakes, Anya (unit publicist)
  9. Wulff, Rebecca (production assistant)


Jeff: [Jeff is wearing a leather mask] We were just spending a quiet evening in front of the television. In the course of events I swallowed some of her jewelry. Steve: You what? Jeff: There was a swallowage incident. I swallowed an item. Steve: Right? Jeff: Now normally when I swallow some of Julia's jewelry... Steve: No, no, Jeff please. Normally... has never been used in the sentence before Jeff: Well, you know what it's like when you've got your own actual real-life girlfriend. It's like you got a woman with a nudity switch. Sometimes when she's laying there and she's just so, so totally naked, I can't control myself. I just sort of hoover. Steve: OK. Jeff: Obviously now and then in the course of any nudity hovering, you're gonna ingest an item. Now normally, I remain calm, let nature take it's course, and in due time slip the relevant item back into her jewelry box. Steve: I see. Jane: I have twelve breasts! Sorry, I was rounding up. Susan: Jane's breasts scare me. They're like Mickey Mouse's ears. No matter which way you turn, they're still facing you. Susan: Jane's breasts scare me. They're like Mickey Mouse's ears. Whatever way she turns, they're still facing you.


- This episode is the first in the series to dispense with both the opening and the closing titles due to its length.