Crackula Goes to Hollywood (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Full Cast

  1. Abel, Anna as [Alaskan Party Person #7]
  2. Beesonlambe, Sophia as [Solyndra/Dancer #2]
  3. Bell, Leanette as [Hollywood Swinger]
  4. Bena, Adriana as [Woman in Restaurant #2]
  5. Benoit, Keyonna as [Lexy]
  6. Berwick, Krystal as [Mellow/Dancer #1]
  7. Blake, Crystal as [Bartender]
  8. Boyd, Jasmine as [Rehab Patient #6]
  9. Burton, Alana as [Bar Maid #2]
  10. Cosper, Bella as [Helen Banks]
  11. Dunn-Schuller, Jewel as [Street Vendor]
  12. Elliott, Kristin (V) as [Girl in Donut Shop]
  13. Ellis, Sade as [Bar Maid #3]
  14. Hart, Colleen as [Alaskan Party Person #4]
  15. Jackman, Alano as [Donut Shop Security]
  16. Jordan, Tyakeya as [Jackie's Friend]
  17. Jorden, Dana Olive as [Brown Sugar/Dancer #3]
  18. Kater, Cheryl as [Bar Maid #1]
  19. Lee, Dr. Cherilyn as [Medical Expert]
  20. Lee, Lillian (X) as [Kelly Carlton]
  21. Leon, Monica as [Mendy]
  22. Lishe as [Rehab Patient #2]
  23. Lluvet, Leslie as [Alaskan Party Person #5]
  24. Love, Dakota as [Kid #2]
  25. Lu, Emmy as [Painter]
  26. López, M. as [Kid #3]
  27. Macias, Johanna as [East LA Gang Member #3]
  28. Murray, Fantasia as [Rehab Patient #7]
  29. Nicholson, April as [East LA Gang Member/Concerned Citizen]
  30. Nicole, Leah as [Sunset Party Girl #1]
  31. Patton, Zipporah as [Concerned Citizen]
  32. Pope, Germisha as [Donut Shop Clerk]
  33. Protsenko, Nadia as [Pretty Girl]
  34. Quiles-Ortiz, Brenda as [Betty]
  35. Reed, Shanequa as [Crack Counselor/User]
  36. Rekota, Anna as [Alaskan Party Person #8]
  37. Ricardo, Anabella as [Vampire Specialist]
  38. Rivera, Catherine as [Rehab Patient #3]
  39. Sharne, Blair as [Alaskan News Anchor]
  40. Walker, Natalie (IV) as [Rehab Patient #4]
  41. Walker, Natasha (III) as [Ms. Jackie]
  42. Walker, Tash as [Rehab Patient #8]


  1. Comedy

Music Composers

  1. Music, Rhone (supervising composer)
  2. Rhone, Freddie (score by)
  3. Waston, Wah Wah (score by)


  1. Jackson, Jerry (XI) (director of photography)


  1. Carr, Sterling (production assistant)
  2. Rhone, Brittany R. (script supervisor)
  3. Rhone, Dewayne (production assistant)