Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex (2001) (VG) Video Game

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8.2/ 10 (310 Votes)

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Traveller's Tales [gb]

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Full Cast

  1. Brown, Clancy (I) as (voice) [Dr. Neo Cortex/Uka Uka]
  2. Burton, Corey (I) as (voice) (as Cory Burton) [Dr. N. Gin/Dr. N. Tropy]
  3. Ermey, R. Lee as (voice) (as R. Lee Ermy) [Wa-Wa - The Water Elemental]
  4. Hamill, Mark (I) as (voice) [Py-Ro - The Fire Elemental]
  5. Harnell, Jess as (voice) [Lo-Lo - The Air Elemental/Computer]
  6. O Brien, Brendan (II) as (voice) [Tiny Tiger]
  7. Richardson, Kevin Michael as (voice) (as Kevin Michael Richards) [Crunch Bandicoot]
  8. Wilson, Thomas F. as (voice) (as Tom Wilson) [Rok-Ko - The Earth Elemental]
  9. Winkler, Mel as (voice) [Aku Aku]
  10. Derryberry, Debi as (voice) [Coco Bandicoot]


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Comedy
  4. Family
  5. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

Somewhere outside Earth's orbit, Uka Uka is holding a "bad-guy convention" in Dr. Neo Cortex's new space station. He is not pleased with the villains' lack of evil productivity, and they conclude that Crash Bandicoot is the blame. Cortex reveals that in his scientific endeavors, he's been able to create a genetically-advanced super-weapon of unbelievable strength named Crunch Bandicoot. But he needs a power source to bring him to life. They decide to release a group of renegade masks called the Elementals from their hibernation state so that Cortex can complete Crunch Bandicoot and wipe Crash Bandicoot off the face of the Earth forever. Meanwhile, Crash and his pals are soaking up a few rays on the beach, when all hell breaks loose. Volcanoes are erupting, tornadoes are raging, and earthquakes are thundering. Aku Aku tells Crash and Coco that the only way to stop the Elementals' destructive nature is to imprison them with the use of ancient crystals scattered across the Earth. Coco creates a Portal Chamber that will take them to different points of the Earth to retrieve the crystals and stop the Elementals' plot to destroy the planet. It's up to Crash and Coco to brave the elements of nature and destroy Cortex's super-weapon. Michael Manley 426 Plot not found

Movie Certificate

G (Australia)


Konami Corporation [jp] - (2001) (worldwide) (all media)
Universal Interactive Studios [us] - (2001) (USA) (all media)


Py-Ro - The Fire Elemental: Is it hot in here? Is it safe to be wearing that fur? 'Cause it looks flammable! Rok-Ko - The Earth Elemental: You want a piece o' me, Bandicoot? Huh? Do ya? Wuss. Lo-Lo - The Air Elemental: Is there a draft in here? [first lines] The Great Uka Uka: Imbeciles! FOOLS! NINCOMPOOPS! Can't you idiots do ANYTHING right? According to this, your track record for spreading evil is PATHETIC! Dr. Neo Cortex: Uka Uka, it's not our fault. That wretched bandicoot is to blame! [a crash hologram appears] Tiny the Tiger: Grrr... [he swipes at the hologram] The Great Uka Uka: I will not let anthing stand in the way of evil... ESPECIALLY not a brainless orange marsupial!Crash must be eliminated! N. Gin: Err... Uka Uka? Need I remind you that Crash always finds a way to defeat us? Maybe he's just too good for us. The Great Uka Uka: Enough excuses! You five idiots need to come up with one good plan... or else! Dr. Neo Cortex: How do I get into these situations? Dr. Nefarious Tropy: There must be something we can come up with. [to Cortex] Say Doctor, haven't you been tinkering with some new secret weapon in your laboratory? Dr. Neo Cortex: I... don't know what you're talking about N Tropy. N. Gin: Dr Cortex! I think he's referring to the super secret weapon you've been labouring over day and night since the last time Crash defeated you. The Great Uka Uka: ENOUGH BICKERING! DO WE HAVE A PLAN? Dr. Neo Cortex: Well, in my scientific endeavours, I have been able to create a genetically advanced super weapon of unbelievable strength. But the power source is the final missing crucial element. The Great Uka Uka: Hmm... element... Element. Yes! The Elementals! Dr. Neo Cortex: Right, the Elementals, that's it! If we unlease their destructive force, it could create enough energy to bring my super creation to life. We'd then have a weapon capable of crushing mountains, destroying entire cities... The Great Uka Uka: And wiping Crash Bandicoot off the face of the Earth forever! Dr. Neo Cortex: Get ready to face my wrath, Crash Bandicoot! Aku-Aku: Crash. Coco. It is just as I feared. Uka Uka and Dr. Cortex have freed a group of destructive masks known as the Elementals. We must find a way to stop them before they destroy the Earth and all of its inhabitants. [Crash and Coco look worried, but Aku Aku continues to speak] Aku-Aku: The only way to stop the Elementals' destructive nature is to imprison them with the use of ancient crystals. Each Elemental can be returned to their hibernation state with the total of 5 crystals. We must act quickly. Coco, what is the status of the new Portal Chamber you've been working on? Coco Bandicoot: It's almost finished. A few little adjustments here and there and it'll be ready to go. Aku-Aku: Well done, Coco! This gives us the ideal opportunity to test it! We must hurry! [Coco opens the pod bay doors of their garage, revealing a collection of gizmits and whatsits galore. Crash and Aku Aku look on with amazement on their faces. Coco types on a nearby keyboard, activating a couple of the many thingamabobs in the room] Coco Bandicoot: There. All systems checked and ready to go! Aku-Aku: It is time to even the odds into our favor! Wa-Wa - The Water Elemental: AH, get over here, you little orange sponge! Crunch Bandicoot: Cos we're gonna wring you out! The Great Uka Uka: Ah, hello, my feeble brother. Aku-Aku: You have gotten my attention Uka Uka. What kind of diabolical scheme do you and Dr Cortex have planned this time? The Great Uka Uka: No schemes. Just some old familiar faces dropping by for a visit. Aku-Aku: No! Not the Elementals! Uka Uka, why did you release them? Don't you remember what happened the last time they were free? The Great Uka Uka: So they were responsible for a couple of earthquakes, floods and capital ice ages a couple of centuries back. You worry too much brother. Aku-Aku: You cannot restrain them Uka Uka. They are far too powerful. This could spell disaster for us all. Py-Ro - The Fire Elemental: On the contary Aku Aku. It spells disaster for you and that precious planet you care so much about. DESTROY HIM! Aku-Aku: You won't get away with this! The Great Uka Uka: Who's going to stop us? Lo-Lo - The Air Elemental: Hey, look! The orange boy likes to fly! Crunch Bandicoot: Time to earn your wings, kid! Dr. Neo Cortex: Congratulations Crash. You should be proud of yourself Not only have you collected all the crystals in record time, but you've also defeated the Elementals. Let Crunch and me be the first ones to congratule you. Crunch Bandicoot: By pummeling your sad bandicoot frame to a pulp! Come and get it! Lo-Lo - The Air Elemental: Not used to the weather here, are you? Py-Ro - The Fire Elemental: Ah the triumphant hero Crash reduced to a pile of smoldering ash! Crunch Bandicoot: Let's finish this! Wa-Wa - The Water Elemental: Crash Bandicoot you've got some nerve setting foot into my domain without an invitation, don't talk back to me, I'll fix that attitude problem of yours!

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