Crash Landing (2005) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
3.6/ 10 (525 Votes)

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Production Company
Avrio Filmworks [ca]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(Spain) - 3 July 2005
(Japan) - 7 October 2005
(Hungary) - 15 November 2005
(USA) - 11 July 2006
(France) - 10 March 2007

Running Time
Norway:88 (DVD version)

A deadly standoff at 30,000 feet... An Explosive Action-Thriller with the Edge-of-Your-Seat Intensity of Air Force One when a billionaire's daughter is kidnapped, a hijacked 747 becomes a deadly battle zone.

action-violence, aikido, airplane, beretta, crash-landing, death, die-hard-scenario, disarming-someone, evil-plot, female-villain, fighting-style, fistfight, gunfight, hand-to-hand-combat, heiress, hijack, hijacker, hostage, hostile-takeover, hurricane, kidnapper, krav-maga, machine-gun, man-kills-a-woman, martial-arts,

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Full Cast

  1. Barash, Brandon as [Roger] <18>
  2. Beck, John (II) as [General McClaren] <8>
  3. Brown, Randy (IV) as [Co-Pilot Sam Newberry] <20>
  4. Clotworthy, Robert as [Jimmy Watkins] <19>
  5. Dalesandro, John J. as [Gustav, 'Cabin Crew'] <10>
  6. Dobson, Kevin (I) as [Henderson Davis] <4>
  7. Eastin, Steve as [Detective Cobb] <13>
  8. Grimes, Adam (I) as [Jerry] <17>
  9. Kraljevic, Ivan as [Murderer] <24>
  10. Lieberman, Adam (I) as [Lieutenant Edwards] <9>
  11. Logan, Paul (I) as [Josef, 'Cabin Crew'] <12>
  12. Paré, Michael as [Captain Williams] <2>
  13. Purnick, Steve as [Guzman, Morgue Attendant] <23>
  14. Rivera, Rene as (as René Rivera) [Carl Trenta] <5>
  15. Sabato Jr., Antonio as [Major John Masters] <1>
  16. Smythe, Nathan as [College Student] <32>
  17. St. Esprit, Patrick as [Pilot Craig] <7>
  18. Virgets, Eric James as [Karl, 'Cabin Crew'] <11>
  19. Williams, Billy Sly as [Sergeant Mac Peterson] <21>
  20. Colon, Mercedes as [Tanya, 'Cabin Crew'] <6>
  21. Davis, Brianne as [Rochelle Davis] <3>
  22. Dawn, Heather as [Mindy, Stewardess Victim #1] <25>
  23. Donley, Sierra as (uncredited) [College Student]
  24. Gilbert, Glori-Anne as (as Gloria Lynn Berg) [Erica, 'Cabin Crew'] <22>
  25. Joel, Haley as [Jennifer] <15>
  26. La Piana, Gina as [Cindy, Stewardess Victim #2] <26>
  27. Lutheran, Jennifer as [College Student] <31>
  28. Machado, Sabrina as [College Student in Pink Top] <29>
  29. McCoy, Sandra as [Melanie] <14>
  30. Sherk, Stefanie as [Melissa, Stewardess Victim #3] <27>
  31. Smith, Shea (I) as [College Student in Pink & Black Striped Top] <30>
  32. Terranova, Diana as [Karen] <16>


  1. Action
  2. Crime
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

A private flight for a billionaire's daughter and her friends becomes a hellish ordeal when the plane is overtaken by a team of terrorists, plotting to hold the billionairess hostage. But there is one thing the hijackers didn't count on - Major John Masters, who is also on board. Within a matter of minutes the situation spirals out of control, resulting in a wounded pilot, several dead, and a severely damaged plane. Now, Masters must somehow land the plane on a small Pacific island despite a category five hurricane if they hope to survive-that is if Captain Williams and his team can finish the runway in time... Echo Bridge Home Entertaiment Plot not found

Total Business

SD: September 2004 -

Movie Certificate

16 (Germany)
15 (Norway)
M (Australia)

Music Composers

  1. Acree, Neal


  1. Rossotto, Andrea V. (as Andrea Rossotto)

Dress Designers

  1. Hiney, Jamie (as Jaime Hiney)


Cinetel Films [us] - (worldwide)
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment [us] - (2006) (USA) (DVD)
Koch Media [de] - (2006) (Germany) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Carter, Randy (II)


  1. Adams, Manny (site representative)
  2. Applegate, Daniel (production assistant)
  3. Aroesti, Morris (coordinator)
  4. Baker, Dennis L. (production assistant) (as Dennis L. Baker)
  5. Barker, Matt (X) (permits)
  6. Blake, Tammy (scheduler)
  7. Captan, Nouhad (technician: avaition)
  8. Conway, Ron (II) (fire safety officer)
  9. Donley, Sierra (production assistant)
  10. Drehspul, Ivan (technician: airline)
  11. Eggertz, R. Craig (swing technician)
  12. Gazal, Albert (location manager)
  13. Gilboy, Daniel (production executive) (as Daniel E. Gilboy)
  14. Gordon, Adam (I) (assistant: Mr. Hertzberg)
  15. Green, Adam (V) (location manager)
  16. Gregoropoulos, Steve (II) (business affairs)
  17. Gross, Jay (craft service)
  18. Gurklys, Steve (script supervisor)
  19. Hamilton, Kent (production insurance)
  20. Hernandez, Ernest (III) (assistant chef)
  21. Housden, Janet (script clearances)
  22. Huberman, Jason (production accountant)
  23. Kaufman, Rona (location manager)
  24. Kienitz, Carey (payroll accountant)
  25. Lowy, Steven R. (legal counsel) (as Steven Lowy Esq.)
  26. Molendyk, Dave (location manager)
  27. Moore, Mark (XIX) (set medic) (as Mark G. Moore)
  28. Shore, Mark H. (sales representative)
  29. Tristano, Mike (weapons handler)
  30. Wobbe, Andrew (production assistant) (as Andy Wobbe)
  31. Wood, April (I) (assistant: Ms. Sawyer)
  32. Wyett, Lynn (set medic)

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