Creep! (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Slithering Carpets [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 31 December 2014

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The real monster was BEHIND the camera! A Bizarre Trip Through The Making Of The Worst Movie Ever Made

1960s, 2000s, alien, b-movie, creature-feature, cult-film, docudrama, documentary-filmmaking, filmmaking, independent-film, making-of, monster, one-word-title, reenactment, spaceship,

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Full Cast

  1. Amann, Kyle as [Charles Manson]
  2. Antonio, Luke as [Editing Assistant]
  3. Auclair, Tom as [Frederick Kopp]
  4. Bassett, Blake as [Smoking minor]
  5. Bassett, Shane as [Smoking minor]
  6. Buchanan, Timothy as [Insurance Adjuster]
  7. Castro, Tyler Jones as [Production Assistant]
  8. Christopher, Swann as [Greaser #1]
  9. Coviello, Jason as [Scott]
  10. Eberhardt, Jon (III) as [Undertaker]
  11. Gleason, Sammy as [Production Assistant #1]
  12. Hankins, Andy as [John Caresio]
  13. Holmes, Nick Ian as [Jon Lacky's Assistant]
  14. Jankowski, Tom as [Sleazy Man #1]
  15. Kean, Marshall as [Priest]
  16. King, Winston Elliot as [Andrew Janczak]
  17. Lee, Mark (XX) as [Jon Lacky]
  18. LeVasseur, Bill as [William Thourlby]
  19. Licciardello, Danny as [Greaser #2]
  20. Long, Connor (II) as [Extra - Dance Hall Scenes]
  21. McCulley, Brian as [Allan Silliphant]
  22. Phillips, Josh (II) as [Art Nelson]
  23. Richardson, J.T. as [Las Veges Gangster]
  24. Robinson, Marco (II) as [Production Assistant #2]
  25. Sabell, Steven as [Lead Boy]
  26. Schuermann, Pete as [Grave digger]
  27. Thayer, Glenn as [Larry Burell]
  28. Winters, Chris (X) as [Norman Boone]
  29. Woodiel, Kyle as [Bud Raab]
  30. Berruti, Alicia as [Starlet in Bar]
  31. Bevard, Katie as [Shannon O'Neil]
  32. Daugherty, Mercedes as [Dance Hall Dancer]
  33. Fritz, Gentle as [Young slut]
  34. Harris, Laurel (V) as [Helen Whittlesey]
  35. Ihde, Bianka as [Party/Baker girl]
  36. Parnello, Jessica as [Bar Girl #2]
  37. Summers, Jennifer (I) as [Mary]
  38. Theken, Nancy as [Chaperone - Dance Hall Scene]
  39. Thomas, Jodi Lynn (II) as [Lois Wiseman]
  40. Trencher, Helen as [Corey Alden]
  41. Victory, Ahren as [Comely Starlet]
  42. Walters, Audrey as [Bar Girl]


  1. Drama


  1. Pointer, Jeff (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Shaver, Sarah S.

Film Editors

  1. Wruck, Dave


  1. Daugherty, Mercedes (production assistant)
  2. Hovind, Ryun (production assistant)
  3. Huffstutler, Eric (researcher)
  4. Licciardello, Danny (production assistant)
  5. Lotfi, Sarah R. (production coordinator)