Creeporia (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Asylum House Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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The world's oldest, living, undead actress! Creeptastic. Creeptacular. Creepalicious. Creepy is relative.


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Full Cast

  1. Allen, Matthew W. as [Prop Master]
  2. Angel, Jeff (I) as [Johnny's Dad]
  3. Baker, Josh (X) as [Greg Arkham] <3>
  4. Barger, Larry W. as [Chef #2]
  5. Bennett, Chazz as [Janitor]
  6. Berry, Edward P. as [Business Partner #1]
  7. Buschard, Randy as [Freakenstein]
  8. Carter, Mark (XVII) as [Blink Nightingale]
  9. Claeys, John as [Mad Genius Professor]
  10. Cox, Randy (III) as [Harvey Goodwill/Assistant Director]
  11. Davis, Michael (LXVII) as [Count Blablabla/Cy Clops/Dr. Creepogari]
  12. Davison, Joe (II) as [Maurice]
  13. Diebold, Brockton as [Hungry Diner Patron]
  14. Dunning, Douglas as (voice) [Wolfgang]
  15. Eaker, Alfred as [Business Partner #2]
  16. Galovic, Steven C. as [Lmao-Tep]
  17. Greathouse, Patrick as [Waiter]
  18. Hodson, Seth as [Gillbert the Gill Man]
  19. Kinsey, Noah as (voice) [Rhett Butler/Dicky]
  20. Maher, Jamie (III) as [Maurice]
  21. Mannan, James as [Cannibal Hector]
  22. Nicewanger, Steve as [Charles Foster Kane]
  23. Phillips, Andrew S. as [Wolfgang]
  24. Pittman, Tylerr as [Johnny]
  25. Ross, Tristan (I) as [Mason Q. Arkham]
  26. Sanford, Jeffrey as [Business Partner #3]
  27. Saulsberry, Rodney as (voice) [Opening Narrator]
  28. Semper, John as (voice) [Bonaparte/Batty/Maurice]
  29. Stephens, Steve (III) as [Quasi Modo]
  30. Sunewkamp, Ronald Lee as [Chef #1]
  31. Trent, Don as [Chainsaw Charley]
  32. Walters, Ryan R.J. as [Hockey Puck]
  33. Wickens, Eric as (voice) [Phantom of the Opera/Coohooloothuloohoo]
  34. Yeary, Phil (I) as [Nosferatu]
  35. Zorn, Lec as [Mike Pingree]
  36. Baker-Futorian, Melanie as [Nikki Finkenstein]
  37. Davis, Betty (VI) as [Mother Teresa]
  38. Debolt, Deborah as [Johnny's Mom]
  39. Filutze, Christine as [Restaurant Patron]
  40. Gill, Kayla as [Heather the Waitress]
  41. Kitt, Camille as [Creeporia] <2>
  42. Kitt, Kennerly as [Creeporia] <1>
  43. Miles, Elaine Sarah as [Elaine The Brain]
  44. Moss, April as [Imho-Tep]
  45. Smith, Larna as [Holly the Hostess]
  46. Stricklin, Missie Kahre as [Imho-Tep]


  1. Comedy
  2. Family
  3. Horror

Full Plot

For three long centuries Creeporia has lived in an immortal freeze. A timeless soul lost in the breeze. Now, one way to win back her life is if she can become the wife of one who'll gladly give their heart to such a vain, repulsive tart! The second way to end this game is if she can regain her fame. Should she become a star once more. Then this curse gets thrown out the door! Will this undead actress escape her curse? Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Chiodini, John


  1. Brenton, J.D. (director of photography)
  2. Eaker, J. Ross

Film Editors

  1. Semper, John


  1. Baker-Futorian, Melanie (choreographer)
  2. Carlson, Diane Elaine (assistant to Camille Kitt and Kennerly Kitt)
  3. Hobbs, Louis (production assistant)
  4. Saylor, Nathaniel (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA