"Crossroads" (1964) TV Season

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Ratings / Votes
3.2/ 10 (128 Votes)

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Production Company
Associated Television (ATV) [gb] - (before January 1982)
Central Independent Television [gb] - (after January 1982)

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Release Date
(UK) - 2 November 1964

Running Time
30 (4510 episodes)


midlands, motel, partially-lost-tv-series, sergeant, soap, wobbly-sets,

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Full Cast

  1. Abney, William as [Mr. Braun]
  2. Adamson, Raymond as [Geoff Palfrey]
  3. Alders, Robert as [Harold Finchley]
  4. Allen, Ronald as [David Hunter (1969-1985)] <3>
  5. Anderson, Ian (V) as [Sgt. Macauley]
  6. Anderson, Keith (I) as [Ben Appleby]
  7. Andrews, Carl (I) as [Joe MacDonald (1978-1986)]
  8. Anthony, Michael (I) as [Col. St. Clair]
  9. Arlon, Deke as [Benny Wilmott (1964-1967)]
  10. Armitage, Graham as [Raymond Little]
  11. Arnold, Sydney as [Ginger Potter]
  12. Ashby, Harvey as [Neville Hurst]
  13. Ashe, Paul as [Larry Wilcox (1984-1986)]
  14. Ashley, Graham as [Horace Nelson]
  15. Ashton, Al as [Ray Grice (1986-1988)]
  16. Aston, John (I) as [Jonathan Gurney]
  17. Aston, Paul (I) as [Bruce Sorbell]
  18. Auker, David as [Arnold Jenkins]
  19. Baddeley, John as [Roy Warwick]
  20. Bailey, Anthony (I) as [Roddy Barrows]
  21. Baird, Anthony as [Mr. Pearson]
  22. Baldwin, Malcolm (II) as [Mr. Pringle]
  23. Ball, Nicholas (I) as [Ray Coppins]
  24. Ball, Ralph (I) as [Miles Thornton]
  25. Ball, Vincent (I) as [Kevin McArthur (1964)]
  26. Banks, Christopher (I) as [Mr. Trenton]
  27. Barber, Neville as [Sgt. Glover]
  28. Barclay, Simon as [Donald O'Brien]
  29. Barrard, John as [Mr. Craddock]
  30. Baskcomb, John as [Mr. Plumber]
  31. Beasley, Brian (I) as [Mr. Smethwick]
  32. Beeby, Bruce as [Simon Russell]
  33. Behr, Michael as [Mr. Cookson]
  34. Benbow, Richard (I) as [Gwyn Evans]
  35. Bennett, Nicholas (I) as [David Archer]
  36. Bent, Nicholas as [Mr. Carlson]
  37. Bentow, Richard as [Terry Neame]
  38. Bernard, Colin as [Maj. Barnes]
  39. Biddle, David (II) as [Tony Bryce]
  40. Bidlake, Richard as [Ricky Tullett]
  41. Biggerstaff, John (I) as [Mr. Watford]
  42. Bill, Stephen as [Norman Finn]
  43. Blake, Paul (II) as [Colin Sands]
  44. Bloomfield, John as [Hal Hapgood]
  45. Blowers, Sean as [Tony Morris (1987)]
  46. Bott, John (I) as [Mr. Court]
  47. Bowers, Tony (III) as [Russ Franklyn]
  48. Bowler, Norman as [Sam Benson (1985-1987)]
  49. Boyce, Peter as [Alloric Garvin]
  50. Boyd, Roy as [Eddie Lee]
  51. Bracken, Adrian as [Doug Underwood]
  52. Bregonzi, Alec as [Mr. Potter]
  53. Brennan, Michael (I) as [Fred Carstairs]
  54. Breslin, John (I) as [John Fossey]
  55. Briggs, Johnny (I) as [Clifford Leyton (1975)]
  56. Britton, David (I) as [Tom Garrett]
  57. Brookes, Peter (I) as [Vince Parker (1964-????)]
  58. Brown, Alan (III) as [Mr. Berenson]
  59. Bullock, Michael as [PC Williams]
  60. Butler, Blake (I) as [Morris Raine]
  61. Butler, Trevor (I) as [Winston James]
  62. Butter, Barrie as [Sonny Fazarkarley]
  63. Byrne, Jonathan (II) as [Max Lorimer]
  64. Campbell, Lindsay (I) as [Ben Tucker]
  65. Carpenter, Derek as [Glyn Meredith]
  66. Carstairs, Bruce as [Mr. Hendon]
  67. Cavell, Dallas as [George McClusky]
  68. Charkham, David as [Frankie Bowler]
  69. Chase, James (I) as [Terry Wilkes]
  70. Chase, Stephan as [James Corbett]
  71. Chenery, Ronald as [DC Reynolds]
  72. Clarke, Basil as [Mr. Lindsay]
  73. Cleall, Peter as [Chuck Fenney]
  74. Cobner, John as [Simon Clarke]
  75. Collins, Brendan (I) as [Vic Stubbings]
  76. Connor, Patrick (I) as [Jo Meredith]
  77. Cooke, Michael (III) as [Paul Dale]
  78. Cooper, Richard (IX) as [Bob Willis]
  79. Cornish, Richard (I) as [Richard Trethowan]
  80. Corrin, John (I) as [Maj. Robbins]
  81. Cort, Martin as [Ginger]
  82. Cotton, Oliver (I) as [Joe Barnabos]
  83. Cottor, Aloric as [Ferdie Purlis]
  84. Coulson, Gordon as [Gordon Welsh]
  85. Coultas, John as [Bill Hoskins]
  86. Cox, Derek (I) as [Len Waters]
  87. Crawford, Perry as [Lee Gregory]
  88. Crewdson, Robert as [Rupert Bonnany]
  89. Cross, Ian (III) as [Danny Fielding]
  90. Croucher, Brian as [Johnny Keller]
  91. Curtis, Alan (II) as [Mr. Unwin]
  92. Dale, Ellis as [Frank Jessop]
  93. Danvers, Ivor as [Lee Carlton]
  94. Danvers-Walker, Michael as [Mr. Ollenshaw]
  95. Davis, Lee (VI) as [Cameron James]
  96. Dawkins, Paul (I) as [Matthew Kimbler]
  97. Dawson, John (III) as [Ernie Perkins]
  98. De Wolff, Francis as [Mr. Johnstone]
  99. Dean, Robert (I) as [Jack Simms]
  100. Delaney, Thom as [Tim O'Hara]
  101. Desmond, Robert (I) as [Tod Miller]
  102. Diamond, Arnold as [Mr. Hanford]
  103. Dolan, Leo as [Rupert Peake]
  104. Donnelly, James (II) as [Gerald Bailey]
  105. Douglas, Alton as [Mike]
  106. Downing, John (I) as [Larry Naylor]
  107. Doyle, Brian (V) as [Mr. Cheskin]
  108. Drake, John (I) as [Police inspector]
  109. Dreford, John as [John Mortimer]
  110. Duffy, Christopher (I) as [Jamie Maddingham (1987-1988)]
  111. Dunbar, John (I) as [Dr. Anderson]
  112. Dunk, Jim as [Gary Bristow (1985)]
  113. Dyer, Stephen (II) as [Mr. Benedict]
  114. Dysart, William as [Victor Barratt]
  115. Earl, Roy as [Norman Rice]
  116. Eaton, Michael (II) as [Ron Abbot]
  117. Edwards, Dennis (I) as [Frank Downend]
  118. Elkin, Clifford as [Det. Const. Crouch]
  119. Elliott, Peter (IX) as [Mr. Mauney]
  120. Elwyn, Michael as [Ted Roach]
  121. Elès, Sandor as [Paul Ross (1982-1986)] <11>
  122. Ettlinger, Norman as [Mr. Westerley]
  123. Evans, Gareth (III) as [Patrick Tull]
  124. Evans, Howell as [Dudley Scrivens]
  125. Faith, Gordon as [Vernon Halifax]
  126. Farquhar, Malcolm as [Insp. Lawson]
  127. Feast, Fred as [Mr. Philbeach]
  128. Finch, Bernard as [Roy Weatherby]
  129. Finch, Jon (I) as [Gareth Leyton]
  130. Forbes, Julian (I) as [Mr. Witton]
  131. Forsyth, Frank (I) as [Mr. Charlesworth]
  132. Foss, Alan as [Sir Hector Price]
  133. Fox, Lee as [Joseph Baker]
  134. Frances, Eric as [Mr. Billings]
  135. Franklin, Richard (II) as [Joe Townsend]
  136. Fraser, Kevin (I) as [Rex Drayton]
  137. Fraser, Roderick as [Father Andrew]
  138. Fredericks, Scott as [Jerry Mawling]
  139. Futcher, David as [Abdullah]
  140. Gardner, Anthony (I) as [Alf Carney]
  141. Gardner, Jimmy (I) as [Archibald Kelly]
  142. Garfield, David (II) as [Joe Shaw]
  143. Garrie, John as [Ben Banner]
  144. Gatcum, Sidney as [Mr. Schofield]
  145. Gatrell, John as [Cmdr. Boone]
  146. Gifford, Alan (I) as [Lloyd Munroe (1964-1966)]
  147. Gilbert, Kenneth (II) as [Oliver Banks]
  148. Gilmore, Denis as [Terry Lawton (1982-1984)]
  149. Graham, Peter (VIII) as [Tony Scott - 1974]
  150. Graham, Raymond (II) as [Mr. Haslett]
  151. Grange, Robert as [Dr. James Wilcox]
  152. Grant, Richard (III) as [Mr. Salinger]
  153. Grimshaw, Nicholas as [Father O'Connor]
  154. Gutteridge, Reg as [Boxing commentator]
  155. Haig, Jack as [Archie Gibbs (1967)]
  156. Haines, Alan (I) as [Mr. Bristow]
  157. Halliday, Hugh as ['Beeps' Donovan]
  158. Hancock, Stephen (I) as [Warren Haycroft]
  159. Hanley, Jimmy as [Jimmy Gudgeon (1964)]
  160. Harrison, Brian (I) as [Dr. Hardy]
  161. Harrison, Trevor (I) as [Terry Butterworth (1987-1988))]
  162. Hart, David (VII) as [Mr. White]
  163. Hay, Alan as [Gordon Jenkins]
  164. Haydon, Dick as [John Billinston]
  165. Henderson, John (II) as [Mr. Hepple]
  166. Henry, Paul (I) as [Benny Hawkins (1975-1988)] <10>
  167. Herbert, Ken as [Mr. Fourati]
  168. Higgins, Edward (I) as [Ken Stevenson]
  169. Higginson, Anthony as [Mr. Courtney]
  170. Hill, Peter (III) as [Arthur Brownlow (1976-1982)]
  171. Hillyard, Eric as [Maurice Kemble]
  172. Hobley, MacDonald as [Harold Furness]
  173. Hodgkinson, Paul (I) as [Colin Warboys]
  174. Holland, Jeffrey as [Mike Hawkins]
  175. Horsbrugh, Walter as [Mr. Allison]
  176. Howard, Anthony (I) as [Victor Amos]
  177. Howard, Arthur (III) as [Cecil Beecher-Blount (1984)]
  178. Howell, George (I) as [Eddie Swann]
  179. Hoye, Stephen as [Chris Hunter (1974-1978)]
  180. Huggett, Richard (II) as [Mr. Quayle]
  181. Hugh, Fred as [Cllr. Frank Williams]
  182. Illsley, Stanley as [Col Waterson]
  183. Ingram, Michael H. as (as Michael Ingram) [Mr. Ackroyd]
  184. Irving, Richard (V) as [Habib Ajadi]
  185. Isaac, Jeffrey as [Police agent Adaz]
  186. Jackman, Godfrey as [Mr. Crawford]
  187. James, Lawrence (I) as [Mr. Briggs]
  188. Jayes, Michael as [Pierre Rolfe]
  189. Jeayes, Hal as [Gary Simmons]
  190. Joblin, William as [Arthur Neville]
  191. Johnson, Sidney (I) as [Mr. Mouri]
  192. Jones, Hugh (II) as [Woody Woods]
  193. Jones, Norman (III) as [Ralph Palmer]
  194. Jones, Philip Gaston as [Mr. Gifford]
  195. Jones, Roger (II) as [Mr. Parker]
  196. Jordan, Desmond as [Mr. Meadows]
  197. Judd, Alan (I) as [Rupert Norden]
  198. Kay, Bernard (I) as [Harry Maguire (1985)]
  199. Keeling, Kenneth as [Mr. Clandon]
  200. Kelley, Jon (II) as [Frank Adam]
  201. Kendrick, Bryan as [William Flanagan]
  202. Kenyon, Tony as (as Anthony Kenyon) [Mr. Wilkinson]
  203. Khalil, Ahmed as [Arif Malik]
  204. King, Martin (III) as [Dr. Rees]
  205. Kum, Kristopher as [Mr. Osimoto]
  206. Kumar, Ashok (I) as [Ranjit Singh Rupal (1986-1987)]
  207. Lamb, Charles (I) as [Mr. Keeley]
  208. Lamble, Lloyd as [Jim Bartle]
  209. Lander, Eric (I) as [Gerald Marlowe]
  210. Large, Paul (I) as [Paul Tatum]
  211. Latimer, Max as [Mr. Tindall]
  212. Laurence, Peter (II) as [Mr. Shaw]
  213. Lawton, David (I) as [Bernard Booth (1968-1977)]
  214. Lawton, Ralph as [Police constable]
  215. Le White, Jack as [Mr. Candour]
  216. Lee, Benny (I) as [Mr. O'Neill]
  217. Leigh-Hunt, Ronald as [B.J. Thornton]
  218. Lester, Adrian as [Walk-on (1984-1988)]
  219. Lester, Harry as [Mr. Drury]
  220. Lewin, Mike (I) as [Peter Wells]
  221. Lill, Denis as [Adjutant White-Gibson]
  222. Lindon, Jack as [James Barton]
  223. Lindsay, Kevin (I) as [Old Luke]
  224. Line, John as [Stephen Fellowes (1985-1986)]
  225. Live, John as [Dr. Halliday]
  226. Llewellyn, Raymond as [Tom Harris]
  227. Lodge, David (I) as [The Walrus (1987)]
  228. Long, Graham (I) as [Mr. Fowler]
  229. Long, Reginald (I) as [Mr. Beechwood]
  230. Loutan, Lou as [Clive Hudson]
  231. Lowe, Simon (I) as [Jason Grice (1986-1987)]
  232. Lucas, Mike (I) as [Jake Seager]
  233. Lukas, Peter as [Stephen Bryant]
  234. Luton, Lew as [Geoffrey Steele (1967)]
  235. MacLean, Don (I) as [Cy Townsend]
  236. Maddern, Victor as [Bert Henderson]
  237. Malcolm, John (I) as [Ken Sands]
  238. Malpas, George as [Mr. Wainwright]
  239. Marklew, Paul as [Trevor Morrison]
  240. Marsh, Arthur as (as Arthur J. Marsh) [Mr. Prentice]
  241. Marsh, Reginald (I) as [Reg Lamont (1982-1984)]
  242. Marshall, Larry (I) as [Mr. Martin]
  243. Martin, John (XXIII) as [Dr. Quilley]
  244. May, John (VI) as [Alec Baines]
  245. McCabe, Leo as [Finn McKenna]
  246. McDowell, Malcolm as [Crispin Ryder]
  247. McKenna, Breffni as [Dave Gould (1987)]
  248. McLean, Bill as [Des Dean]
  249. McNally, Michael (I) as [Pete Maguire (1985)]
  250. McNaughton, Red as [Arthur Sykes]
  251. McStay, Michael (I) as [Steve Mitchell]
  252. Mellinger, Michael as [Mr. Hayter]
  253. Mikell, George as [Harry Warner]
  254. Mills, Royce (I) as [Gilbert Latham]
  255. Milton, Billy as [Mr. Cloud]
  256. Mitchell, Norman (I) as [Sgt. Tidmarsh]
  257. Molloy, Terry (I) as [Stan Harvey (1987)]
  258. Moran, David (I) as [Kevin Banks (1985)]
  259. Morgan, Charles (III) as [Martin Sidwell]
  260. Morhan, Charles as [Coroner]
  261. Morris, Ted (II) as [Willie Mayne]
  262. Morton, Anthony as [Chef Carlos Raphael (1964-1967)]
  263. Morton, William (VI) as [Mr. Anderson]
  264. Newman, John (VI) as [Ross Colman]
  265. Newman, Philip (I) as [Jack Carter]
  266. Nicholls, Guy as [Bernie Gower]
  267. Nielson, Gary (I) as [Billy Brown]
  268. Otoin, Bazil as [Colin Evans]
  269. Pairs, Kim as [John Gorham]
  270. Pallette, Henri as [Louis]
  271. Palmer, Valentine (I) as [Mr. Milton]
  272. Parker, David (XIII) as [Terence Lacey]
  273. Parkinson, Robin as [Mr. Henson]
  274. Parry, Ken as ['Dolly' Dolman (1984)]
  275. Patrick, Roy as [Mr. Saunders]
  276. Payne, John (VI) as [Carl Sprenger]
  277. Peck, Brian (II) as [Kevin Freeman]
  278. Peerzada, Salmaan as (as Salmaan Peer) [Jamil Ashruf]
  279. Pegge, Edmund as [Mr. Jessel]
  280. Pemberton, Charles as [Det. Sgt. Davis]
  281. Pemberton, Michael (II) as [Bert Farmer]
  282. Pentelow, Arthur as [The President]
  283. Peters, Arnold (I) as [Jean Barbier]
  284. Peters, Reginald as [Eric Davinci]
  285. Pinder, Steven as [Roy Lambert (1985-1987)]
  286. Pinney, Colin as [Mr. Cole]
  287. Platt, Ken as [Arthur Loomis]
  288. Platts, Stanley as [Mr. Ponder]
  289. Pollitt, Clyde as [George Miller]
  290. Porter-Davison, John as [Sam Redway]
  291. Preston, Duncan as [Ginger Parsons]
  292. Pritchard, Glyn as [Paul (1986-1987)]
  293. Procter, Christopher as [Danny Bryce]
  294. Pullen, John as [Mr. Finlay]
  295. Rae, John (II) as [Gaston Sorbell]
  296. Raglan, Robert as [Mr. Cooksey]
  297. Ramage, Alistair as [Mr. Hopkins]
  298. Rancher, Jeremy as [Roddy McTye]
  299. Rashleigh, Andy as [Chef (1987)]
  300. Rattenbury, Andrew as [Gary Corbett (1984)]
  301. Ray, Andrew as [Howard Coates]
  302. Raymonde, George as [Louis Bax]
  303. Rea, Stephen (I) as [Pepe Costa]
  304. Reagan, Peter as [Howard Lucifer]
  305. Redfern, Michael (I) as [PC Barrow]
  306. Redmond, William (I) as [Mr. Wragg]
  307. Reed, Geoffrey (I) as [George Hunter]
  308. Rees, Graham as [Tom Peterson]
  309. Reilly, Andrew (I) as [Buzz Dawkins]
  310. Reubens, Michael as [Robin Fellows]
  311. Rhodes, Edward as [Edward Nash]
  312. Rhys-Davies, John as [Gareth]
  313. Ridgeway, Michael as [Greg Owen]
  314. Ridley, Arnold as [Rev. Guy Atkins (1964)]
  315. Rigby, Terence as [Tommy 'Bomber' Lancaster (1986-1988)] <8>
  316. Riley, Andrew (I) as [Griff Ellis]
  317. Ritchie, Joe (I) as [George Ogilvy]
  318. Rix, Colin as [Petty Officer Sterham]
  319. Rose, Geoffrey as [Keith Dempsey]
  320. Ross, Phillip as [Jacques Duclos]
  321. Roughead, Hamish as [Mr. Barraclough]
  322. Russell, Billy (I) as [Harris]
  323. Russell, Geoffrey (I) as [Air Vice Marshal Roland Greville]
  324. Russell, Ronald (I) as [Mr. Lomax]
  325. Sarony, Leslie as [Arthur Giles]
  326. Scholes, John as [Don Westbury (1974)]
  327. Scott, Martin (III) as [Patrick Lewin]
  328. Seed, Graham as [Charlie Mycroft (1986-1987)]
  329. Seth, Roshan as [Dr. Ahmed]
  330. Shaw, Richard (I) as [Mr. Hunt Q.C.]
  331. Sheard, Michael as [Albert Ede]
  332. Shearer, Andrew (I) as [Dennis Lipton]
  333. Sheratt, John as [Mr. Jenks]
  334. Sherwin, Stuart as [Det. Sgt. Collins]
  335. Sherwood, William (IV) as [Rev. Atkins]
  336. Sim, Gerald as [Philip Reece (1984)]
  337. Sims, Warwick as [Michael Hunt]
  338. Sinden, Marc as [Desmond Elliott]
  339. Skillan, George as [Owen Webb]
  340. Skinner, Arthur as [Robby Strokes]
  341. Skinner, Martin (I) as [Micky Briggs]
  342. Slavid, John as [Croupier]
  343. Smee, Derek as [Ken Laurie]
  344. Smith, Martin (XVI) as [Mickey Doyle (1985-1986)]
  345. Somers, Julian as [Mr. Sinclair]
  346. Soper, Robin (I) as [Phil Blythe]
  347. Spaull, Colin as [Jack Gregg]
  348. Spencer, Dennis (I) as [Dr. MacIntyre]
  349. Spreckley, Arthur as [Mr. Dingwall]
  350. Squire, David (I) as [Len Morten]
  351. Squires, Roger as [Harold Bracket]
  352. Stafford, Robert (II) as [Mr. Nicholson]
  353. Starkey, Colin as [Alan Rogers]
  354. Sterne, David as [Brian Hobbs (1985)]
  355. Stevens, Dudley as [John Sackville]
  356. Stewart, Gavin (I) as [Ben MacDonald]
  357. Stokes, Barry (I) as [Reg Hales]
  358. Stuart, Glenn as [Dennis Hicks]
  359. Sullivan, Chris (I) as [Jim Davis (1971/2)]
  360. Sutton, Eric (I) as [Mr. Wright]
  361. Taylor, Mel (I) as [Gregory Collins]
  362. Teasdale, Lewis as [Oliver Walker]
  363. Thomas, Talfryn as [Mr. Wagstaffe]
  364. Thorndike, Daniel as [William Fothergill]
  365. Tonge, Roger (II) as [Sandy Richardson (1964-1981)] <9>
  366. Townsend, Patrick (I) as [Mr. Tweedale]
  367. Tucker, Burnell as [Ross Maller]
  368. Tull, Patrick as [Nick Tully]
  369. Turner, Aiden as [Iris Jamieson]
  370. Turner, Gerald (I) as [PC Frampton]
  371. Tynnsley, Dennis as [Mr. Thomas]
  372. Unwin, Stanley as [Patrick Killin]
  373. Valla, David as [Bill Warren (1973-1976)]
  374. Vaughan, Brian (I) as [Martin Press]
  375. Verma, Varinder as [Amor]
  376. Verney, Adam as [Kenneth Borelli]
  377. Viccars, Antony as [Mr. Jacobson]
  378. Vicker, William as [Jacky Dragg]
  379. Vivian, Stanley as [Alderman Boffey]
  380. Wade, Johnnie as (as John Wade) [Mr. Jones]
  381. Walder, Ernest as [Mr. Lautrec]
  382. Wall, Max as [Walter Soper]
  383. Waller, Kenneth as [Mr. Hardgreaves]
  384. Ward, Michael (I) as [Mr. Penfold]
  385. Watling, Giles as [Larry]
  386. Watts, James (V) as [Max Herbert]
  387. Waugh, Michael (I) as [Len Norris]
  388. Webb, David (III) as [Mr. Lang]
  389. Webster, Harry as [Paul Harkness]
  390. Wentworth, John (I) as [Roland Hislop]
  391. Whitby, Martyn as [Ashley Lamont (1982-1983)]
  392. White, Arthur (II) as [John Latchford (1984-1986)]
  393. Whitrow, Benjamin as [Mr. Ross]
  394. Whittaker, Stephen (III) as [Tony Mortimer]
  395. Williams, Nigel (III) as [Douglas Brady (1985)]
  396. Wontner, Hilary as [Sir Geoffrey Yuillw]
  397. Woodfield, Frank as [Chief Magistrate]
  398. Woodruff, Anthony as [Percy Dobson (1982-1984)]
  399. Woolf, Victor as [Mr. Gates]
  400. Wynne, Ken as [Horace Jackman]
  401. Young, Jeremy (I) as [Prof. Angrave]
  402. Abbott, June as [Lorna Keating]
  403. Adare, Elizabeth as [Linda James]
  404. Adcock, Sally as [Jane Smith (1964-1978)]
  405. Afrique, Jacqueline as (as Jackie Afrique) [Jean Bates]
  406. Alger, Frances as [Linda Conway]
  407. Allen, Carol (I) as [Lorna James]
  408. Andre, Annette as [Sarah Alexander (1984)]
  409. Andrews, Joy (I) as [Tish Hope (1967-1980), Woman (1965)]
  410. Anthony, Lysette as [Roxanne Doyle-Wells]
  411. Armstrong, Bridget as [Miriam Brooks]
  412. Ashley, Diana (I) as [Mrs. Warburton]
  413. Ashley, Rosalie as [Jane Templeton (1968)]
  414. Baker, Carrie Lee as [Garda Trethowan]
  415. Barbour, Heather as [Rosalie]
  416. Barclay, Mary (I) as [Stella Dane]
  417. Barker, Colette as [Tracey Hobbs (1985)]
  418. Barker, Judith as [Constance Dory]
  419. Barker, Pauline as [Brekkie Bebe]
  420. Barry, Eileen as [Dora Rutlidge]
  421. Baxter, Lorraine as [Avril Clandon]
  422. Beach, Bonnie as [Margaret Swann]
  423. Beckett, Pat as [Mrs. Marauley]
  424. Bell-Hartley, Sylvia as [Maureen Bryce]
  425. Bentis, Tania as [Sister Tillett]
  426. Beough, Barbara as [Hester Van Ryn]
  427. Betts, Gillian as [Josephina Rafael (1968-????)]
  428. Bidmead, Sylvia as [Jenny Clint]
  429. Binchy, Kate as [Gloria Tilling (1985)]
  430. Blaney, Norah as [Miss. Leopold]
  431. Bloom, Judy as [Lydia Ashley]
  432. Blower, Patsy as [Lynn Hope]
  433. Blunt, Gabrielle as [Penelope Farrar (1984)]
  434. Bolton, Barbara as [Prison Officer Dunne]
  435. Booth, Helen (I) as [Mrs. Peterson]
  436. Booth, Julie as [Mandy Bradshaw]
  437. Boothman, Val as [Rose Scott]
  438. Braid, Hilda as [Winnie Plumtree]
  439. Brennan, Nell as [Annette Halls]
  440. Brooke, Jill as [Doris Burnaby]
  441. Brooks, Nikki (I) as [Rosie Harding (1987)]
  442. Brown, Dorothy (II) as [Lorraine Baker (1982-1986)]
  443. Brown, Kate (V) as [Maureen O'Rourke]
  444. Buckley, Christine (I) as [Agnes Bickley]
  445. Burgess, Vivienne as [Ethel Wilsby]
  446. Burnell, Janet as [Mrs. Meddows]
  447. Campbell-Dallas, Jean as [Sybil]
  448. Campbell-Russell, Hilda as [Peggy Leonard]
  449. Carby, Fanny as [Rene Haines]
  450. Carter, Beatrix as [Baroness Von Burg]
  451. Castle, Ann as [Angela Reece (1984)]
  452. Charles, Maria as [Lorelei Macefield]
  453. Chasen, Heather as [Valerie Pollard]
  454. Christensen, Margaret (I) as [Sally Morrison]
  455. Churchman, Ysanne as [Mrs. Wallace]
  456. Cobalt, Gillian as [Grace Corbett]
  457. Collins, Gerri as [Veronica Lewin]
  458. Cook, Sophie (I) as [Sarah Jane Harvey (1987)]
  459. Cooper, Margo as [Beth O'Brien]
  460. Cooper, Rissa as [Paula Crane]
  461. Coyne, Maria as [April Ford]
  462. Cranmer, Sarah (I) as [Carol Green]
  463. Crosbee, Sonia as [Brenda Brown]
  464. Cuka, Frances as [Mary Lancaster (1987)]
  465. Dalby, Lynn as [Rita Hughes]
  466. Dalton, Patty as [Dolly Blanchard]
  467. Daniels, Beau (II) as [Gladys Downend]
  468. Darke, Dorothy as [Lady Barker]
  469. Davenport, Claire (I) as [Miss. Montgomery]
  470. Davies, Nicola (I) as [Angela Davy]
  471. Davies, Rachel (I) as [Elaine Winters (1985)]
  472. De Sykes, Stephanie as [Holly Brown (1974)]
  473. Denny, Susan (I) as [Mavis Butler]
  474. Denys, Patricia as [Carole Hewson]
  475. Dickie, Olga as [Mrs. Elgin]
  476. Dixon, Shirley as [Helga Dorfman]
  477. Doone, Holly as [Trisha Coburn]
  478. Doran, Veronica as [Christine Greaves]
  479. Dorwood, Helen as [Avis Tennyson]
  480. Dove, Diane as [Mrs. Gough]
  481. Dowling, Alison as [Lisa Lancaster (1987-1988)]
  482. Dowling, Annette as [Debbie Winters]
  483. Drake, Gabrielle as [Nicola Freeman (1985-1988)] <6>
  484. Duncan, Pamela (II) as [Dr. Aspinall]
  485. Edwards, Dorothy (II) as [Mrs. Oakley]
  486. Ellis, Beth as [Helen Walker (1984)]
  487. England, Betty as [Mrs. Aspinall]
  488. Enshawe, Jane as [Serena Gray]
  489. Eourlet, Gretta as [April Dawn]
  490. Evans, Caroline (I) as [Fiona Harding (1986-1988)]
  491. Eyre, Charmian as [Mavis Hooper (1982-1985)]
  492. Feldwick, Cyma as [Annette Cookson]
  493. Fellows, Judith as [Miss. Milner]
  494. Fergusson, Jean as [Caroline Herbert]
  495. Field, Margery as [Hilda Duvene]
  496. Field, Margo as [Mrs. Prewett]
  497. Field, Susan (I) as [Rose Cullen]
  498. Fisher, Wendy (II) as [Michelle Archer]
  499. Flint, Margaret as [Mrs. Porter]
  500. Ford, Helen as [Minnie]
  501. Ford, Karen (I) as [Mandy Scott]
  502. Foreman, Daphne as [Kate Warboys]
  503. Fox, Sonia as [Sheila Harvey/Mollison (1970-????)]
  504. Francis, Nina as [Daphne Press]
  505. Fraser, Alice (I) as [Yvonne Duclos]
  506. Freeman, Jane (I) as [Emily Burrell]
  507. Gardner, Caron as [June Mander]
  508. Garner, Pauline as [Bernice Burrows]
  509. George, Ann (II) as [Amy Turtle (1965-1975, 1987)]
  510. Gilmore, Margaret as [Rosie Gouch]
  511. Gleeson, Colette as [Marie Massinet]
  512. Goddard, Penelope as [Joyce Wood]
  513. Gonshaw, Francesca as [Lisa Walters (1982-1985)]
  514. Good, Joanne as (as Jo-Anne Good) [Carole Sands (1982-1984)]
  515. Gordon, Elizabeth (I) as [Mrs. Jones]
  516. Gordon, Felicity (II) as [Miss. Greer]
  517. Gordon, Felicity (III) as [Mrs. Audley]
  518. Gordon, Maxine (I) as [Becky Foster]
  519. Gower, Nancy as [Nancy Rigby]
  520. Graham, Anita (II) as [Margie Gibbons]
  521. Graham, Sonia as [Alma Furness]
  522. Grant, Barbara (I) as [Claudia Price]
  523. Grayson, Diane (I) as [Penny Richardson (1968)]
  524. Green, Patricia (III) as [Margaret Robbins]
  525. Griller, Catherine as [Pauline Lloyd]
  526. Grundy, Joyce as [Florence Bunkin]
  527. Guest, Yvonne as [Julia Fleming]
  528. Gunn, Madge as [Mrs. Stoker]
  529. Gupta, Sneh (I) as [Rashida Malik]
  530. Gwyther, Geraldine as [Miss. Bristow]
  531. Hadwin, Caroline as [Jennifer Maynard]
  532. Hampton, Meryl as [Margaret Grice (1986-1988)]
  533. Hampton, Miranda as [Norma Lee]
  534. Hanley, Maggie as [Lisa Blake]
  535. Hanson, Susan (I) as [Diane Lawton/Parker/Hunter (1966-1987)] <7>
  536. Hanwell, Nadine as [Marilyn Gates/Hope (1968)]
  537. Hardiman, Marguerite as [Eileen Webber]
  538. Harding, Kim (II) as [Eleanor Cunningham]
  539. Harte, Judith as [Joan Hillary]
  540. Hayman, Damaris as [Alice Jenkins]
  541. Hicks, Kim (I) as [Penny Banks]
  542. Hodge, Briony as [WPC Wingate]
  543. Hodgson, Gaynor as [Nola Marsh]
  544. Holden, Ruth (I) as [Patricia Gardner]
  545. Hole, Shelly as [Delia Darlow]
  546. Holliman, Valerie as [Eve Maddingham (1987)]
  547. Holloway, Anthea as [Mrs. Naylor]
  548. Holt, Sheila as [Sister Gabrielle]
  549. Hughes, Peggy (II) as [Miss. Tranter]
  550. Hunt, Helene as [Pippa Wade]
  551. Hurlbutt, Kathryn as [Debbie Lancaster (1986-1988)]
  552. Ingram, Joan as [Mrs. Adam]
  553. Irvin, Enid as [Mrs. Cooper]
  554. Jameson, Susan as (as Sue Jameson) [Pat Walker]
  555. Jenkins, Clare as [Pauline Carr]
  556. Jones, Mary (I) as [Mrs. Johnson]
  557. Jordine, Merdelle as [Trina MacDonald (1978-1982)]
  558. Kane, Paddy as [Kathy Stokes]
  559. Keith, Sheila as [Mrs. Cornet (1967)]
  560. Kent, Jean as [Jennifer Lamont (1982)]
  561. Kenton, Mary as [Edna Tilling (1985)]
  562. Keogh, Doreen as [Mrs. Candour]
  563. Kerr, Annette as [Freda Sefton]
  564. Keys, Karl as [Kim Hudson]
  565. King, Diana (I) as [Rachael Fisher]
  566. L Esty, Jeanna as [Inez Purlis]
  567. Laine, Mary as [Clara Cannington]
  568. Lane, Bea as [Miss, Dary]
  569. Latham, Joyce as [Mrs. Giddings]
  570. Laurence, Toba as [Claudie Metcalfe]
  571. Lawrence, Maggie (II) as [Linda Nolan]
  572. Lee Wright, Jenny as [Vicky Wade]
  573. Lee, Jane (VIII) as [Rose Hill]
  574. Lenore, Fay as [Elaine MacIntyre]
  575. Leslie, Patricia as [Vi Carstairs]
  576. Lewington, Jeanne as [Miss. Pinkerton]
  577. Lewis, June (II) as [Paula Randall]
  578. Lewis, Monica (I) as [Ada Fairweather]
  579. Lincoln, Mary as [Joanna Freeman (1984-1985)]
  580. Linden, Patricia as [Nurse Glebe]
  581. Lindsay, Shona as [Sara Briggs (1985-1988)]
  582. Llewellin, Mary as [Mrs. Hammond]
  583. Lloyd, Sue (I) as [Barbara Brady/Hunter (1975-1985)] <4>
  584. Lord, Justine as [Angela Kelly (1975)]
  585. Lovering, Frances as [Mrs. Benson]
  586. Lowe, Jane (I) as [Mrs. Coburn]
  587. Lucius, Olive as [Hester Fields]
  588. Lyle, Lydia as [Angela Sutcliffe]
  589. Maher, Gina as [Patsy Harris (1984-1985)]
  590. Manners, Yvonne as [Celia Warren]
  591. Marriott-Watson, Nan as (as Marriot Watson) [Norah Gillingham]
  592. Mason, Beryl as [Flora Delisle]
  593. Mathews, Sheila as [Laura Marshall]
  594. Maude, Mary as [Joanne Durvand]
  595. Maureen, Mollie as [Granny Fraser (1964-1975)]
  596. Maxwell, Venetia as [Sister Catherine]
  597. McConnell, Marina as [Mrs. Fairweather]
  598. McCracken, Jenny as [Angela Gale]
  599. McDonald, Joan as [Mrs. Stokes]
  600. Meers, Jill as [Maggie Bristow (1985)]
  601. Mercer, Olive as [Alison Forsdyke]
  602. Miles, Pamela (I) as [Shirley Tripp]
  603. Mirza, Katya as [Shaheen Kazmi]
  604. Mitchell, Mary (V) as [Philippa Gray]
  605. Montgomerie, Elaine as [Mary Ashley]
  606. Moon, Jacqueline as [Doreen Holihan]
  607. Morgan, Jacqueline (I) as [Mrs. Jackson]
  608. Morgan, Linda (I) as [Sarah Payne]
  609. Morris, Edna as [Mother Superior]
  610. Murden, Karen as [Beverley Grice (1986-1988)]
  611. Muspratt, Gwen as [Mrs. Gifford]
  612. Neubert, Julie as [Lila]
  613. Neville, Daphne as [Mrs. Maclin]
  614. Nicholls, Sue as [Marilyn Gates (1964-1968)]
  615. Nicholson, Frances as [Miss. Swift]
  616. Nolan, Margaret (I) as [Denise Paget (1983)]
  617. O Brien, Glenys as [Jena Atkins]
  618. Oscard, Jennifer as [Natalie Carrington]
  619. Owen, Clare as [Louise Borelli]
  620. Padbury, Wendy as [Stevie Harris (1964)]
  621. Paige, Elaine as [Caroline Winthrop (1978)]
  622. Perriman, Dawn as [Angie]
  623. Philpin, Harriet as [Isobel Zola]
  624. Pirie, Ann as [Mrs. Hardgreaves]
  625. Pitchford, Pamela as [Beryl Thomas]
  626. Pritchard, Hilary (II) as [Zelda Haye]
  627. Raymond, Aileen as [Mrs. Conway]
  628. Richards, Susan (I) as [Gwennie Webb]
  629. Richmond, Eileen as [Mrs. Busby]
  630. Richmond, Irene as [Dr. McDonald]
  631. Robbins, Kate (I) as [Kate Loring (1980)]
  632. Rogers, Doris as [Lady Brampton]
  633. Rogers, Jean (II) as [Julie Shepherd (1976-????)]
  634. Rourke, Gaye as [Staff Nurse Johns]
  635. Russell, Jenny (I) as [Melanie Straker]
  636. Russell, Sue (III) as [Mrs. Todpowell]
  637. Sadler, Iris as [Mrs. Fazackerley]
  638. Salt, Chrys as [Sue Bates]
  639. Schickle, Eve as [Dorothy Glenn]
  640. Seely, Wendy as [Sheila Maguire (1985)]
  641. Seldon, Pamela as [Miss. Forbes]
  642. Sewell, Phillida as [Mrs. Addy]
  643. Shaw, Bea as [Pamela Willis]
  644. Shaw, Tara (I) as [Tara James (1986-1987)]
  645. Shinnell, Karen as [Lily Harris]
  646. Simcox, Jill as [Linda Ash]
  647. Sinclair, Toni as [Eve Baker]
  648. Smith, Dorothy (II) as [Mrs. Leyton]
  649. Soiron, Elma as [Coral Lasonne]
  650. Soper, Gilly as [Sister Margaret]
  651. Spencer, Penny (I) as [Muriel Pawcett]
  652. St. John, Kathleen (I) as [Mrs. Ash]
  653. Staff, Kathy as [Doris Luke (1978-1985)]
  654. Stallard, Margaret as [Mrs. Babbitt (1986-1987)]
  655. Stanford, Jill as [Miss. Jones]
  656. Stelfox, Shirley as [WPC]
  657. Stewart, Joyce as [Theresa Cummings]
  658. Stewart, Monica (II) as [Miss. Moffatt]
  659. Stribling, Melissa as [Irene Summers]
  660. Strong, Adele as [Mrs. Keeley]
  661. Sylvestre, Cleo as [Melanie Harper]
  662. Taylor Smith, Jean as [Mrs. McFee]
  663. Taylor, Shirin as [Sue Kirk (1985)]
  664. Thomas, Varley as [Madame Durand]
  665. Thorpe, Sarah (I) as [Jackie Bryce]
  666. Travers, Susan as [Eleanor Brandt]
  667. Trench, Patsy as [Heather Jones]
  668. Vargas, Gaby (I) as [Vivian Miller]
  669. Vezey, Pamela as [Kath Brownlow/Fellowes (1976-1987)] <12>
  670. Wagstaff, Elsie as [Miss. Hathaway]
  671. Walker, April (I) as [Annabelle]
  672. Walker, Jane (I) as [Gina Perryman]
  673. Ware, Janet as [Dawn Ashford]
  674. Watson, Theresa as [Linda Welch (1979)]
  675. Way, Ann as [Emily Vinson]
  676. Webb, Angela (I) as [Iris Scott (1984-1986)]
  677. Weill, Nina as [Nina Paget (1983)]
  678. Wellings, Doris as [Amelia Grimble]
  679. Wells, Elaine (I) as [Doris Tidmarsh]
  680. Wetherell, Virginia as [Heather Gurney]
  681. White, Frances (II) as [Kate Hamilton (1982)]
  682. Whitman, Susan (I) as [Betty Watts]
  683. Whyte, Julie as [Thais]
  684. Williams, Wendy (II) as [Sally Banks]
  685. Wilshaw, Eva as [Tessa Wyvern]
  686. Wood, Jane (II) as [Judith Bradley]
  687. Woodward, Clare (I) as [Dorrie Stewart]
  688. Woolf, Malya as [Nita Pelengro]
  689. Woolf, Vicki as [Anne Robbins]
  690. Woolfe, Betty as [Mother Veronica]
  691. Wray, Gillian as [Eleanor Chase]
  692. Wrigg, Ann as [Miss. Delaware]
  693. Yorke, Erica as [Lois Waters]


  1. Drama


Independent Television (ITV) [gb]

Other Titles

  1. "The Midland Road" (1964) (ENG)
    (UK) (working title)


- For many years, each 25 minute episode was recorded in one take without editing. If mistakes were made towards the end of a shoot, they would be left in rather than redoing the entire scene.

- Originally titled "The Midland Road", but the original producer 'Reg Watson' (qv) disliked the title so much that he renamed it "Crossroads".

- Occasionally, at cliffhangers of great impact, Wings' cover of the theme tune (the closing track on their 1975 album "Venus and Mars") would end the programme instead of the usual arrangement.

- The survival rate of episodes is very hit-and-miss: the first edition currently known to exist in the archives is episode 126 from April 1965, with the next, sequential, run of installments comprising 496-500, aired over one week in November 1966. Thereafter some years are represented by no editions (or merely one), with some surviving only as edited compilations, monochrome film copies or off-air audio/home video recordings. A complete run only appears to exist from October 1980. Additionally, some pre-transmission trailers from 1964 were kept, as were sections of '60s film inserts discovered in early 2008.

- As the series progressed, a small team