"Cupid" (2009) {My Fair Masseuse (#1.7)} TV Season

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Overview "Cupid" Season 01 Episode 07 (S01E07)



Ratings / Votes
7.1/ 10 (8 Votes)

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Production Company
Rob Thomas Productions [us]
Sony Pictures Television International [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 16 June 2009
(Ireland) - 18 July 2009
(Hungary) - 30 March 2010

Running Time
Ireland:47 (including commercials)



Technical Support

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Full Cast

  1. Aloi, George as (uncredited) [Formal Party Guest]
  2. Bulaon Jr., Fernando as (uncredited) [Party Goer]
  3. Cannavale, Bobby as [Trevor Pierce] <1>
  4. Conboy, Peter as (uncredited) [Chef]
  5. Cox, Timothy J. as (uncredited) [Bar Patron]
  6. Darragh, Patch as [Walter Blackstock]
  7. Farrell, Joe (II) as [Wall Street Guy]
  8. Fitzgerald, Paul (II) as [Lance Stillwell]
  9. Forlidas, Evans as (uncredited) [Bookstore Customer]
  10. Gomez, Rick (II) as [Felix] <3>
  11. Hopkins, Johnny as [Irish Guy]
  12. Johnson, Royce (I) as [Head Waiter]
  13. Mangano, Anthony as [Anthony Russo]
  14. Rathburn, Roger as [Mr. Stillwell]
  15. Stewart, Jonathan (III) as [Well-Heeled Friend]
  16. Butler, Kerry as [Debbie]
  17. Cardellini, Linda as (uncredited) [Masseuse]
  18. Chlumsky, Anna as [Josie]
  19. DiMaggio, Stephanie as [Francine]
  20. Flanagan, Kit as [Mrs. Stillwell]
  21. Guaty, Camille as [Lita] <4>
  22. Leemans, Kimberly as (uncredited) [Formal Party Guest/Student]
  23. Norige, Sherri as [Waitress]
  24. Paulson, Sarah as [Claire McCrae] <2>
  25. Preston, Nikki as (uncredited) [Prom Date]
  26. Simses, Kate as [Young Ingénue]
  27. Watson, Rebecca (V) as [Real Francine]

Full Plot

Trevor tries to reunite young New York masseuse Debbie and her ex-boyfriend Lance who comes from an upper class family. He recruits dialect coach Walter Blackstock to help her elocution but they end up falling for each other. Meanwhile, Claire thinks she's on to a winner when she gets information leading to Trevor's past life but is it a smokescreen? Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Kramon, Josh


  1. Georgevich, Dejan (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Maslansky, Stephanie (uncredited)
  2. Stofsky, Amy


Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ) [ie] - (2009) (Ireland) (TV)
Viasat3 [hu] - (2010) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Crabtree, David (II)


  1. Bracey, Patrick M. (office production assistant) (uncredited)
  2. Brownstein, Aaron (production assistant)
  3. Brundage, Lauren (production staff)
  4. Coker, James (production assistant) (uncredited)
  5. Cole, Beverly (I) (production staff)
  6. Cossaboom, Jeff (accounting clerk) (uncredited)
  7. Craig, Benjamin A. (production assistant)
  8. Daniels, Kenneth (production secretary) (uncredited)
  9. Dauro, Frank (location assistant) (uncredited)
  10. Gelernter, Melissa (production supervisor)
  11. Greer, Andrea (script supervisor)
  12. Holloman, Takina (production staff)
  13. Koski, Rich (production assistant) (uncredited)
  14. Madigan, Casey (background production assistant) (uncredited)
  15. Morrison, James (XV) (assistant: Margo Myers & Dan Etheridge) (uncredited)
  16. Morrison, Kellie (location manager)
  17. O'Brien, Kerry (III) (production assistant) (uncredited)
  18. Peterson, Derek (I) (set staff assistant) (uncredited)
  19. Rosini, Justin (assistant location manager) (uncredited)
  20. Sabat, Peter (production staff) (as Peter I. Sabat)
  21. Schrowang, Deidre (production accountant)
  22. Sexton, Tom (I) (location assistant) (uncredited)
  23. Taylor, Abbey (production assistant) (uncredited)
  24. Trail, Maura (office production assistant) (uncredited)
  25. Williams, Joshua (III) (production assistant) (uncredited)
  26. Wolkoff, Bill (script coordinator) (uncredited)
  27. Woody, Michael (I) (production staff)
  28. Zullo, Will (production assistant)