Curio Shop (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Blu Haus Films [us]

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A post-apocalyptic acid western

abuse, acid-western, adultery, albert-hofmann, aleister-crowley, anton-lavey, arson, arthur-stoll, belladonna, black-comedy, burning-man, cain-and-abel, candy-jones, charles-manson, claviceps-purpurea, cougar-as-older-woman, dancing-mania, dancing-plague, dark-comedy, deadly-nightshade, desert, electroshock-therapy, epic, ergot-poisoning, ergotism,

Technical Support
CAM:Canon 514xls
CAM:Canon GL-2
CAM:Canon Vixia HF S20
CAM:Contour Plus
CAM:Fisher-Price PXL 2000 "PixelVision"
CAM:Nikon D700
CAM:Super 8
CAM:iPad 2
CAM:iPhone 4S

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Full Cast

  1. Albert, Dylan as [John Jefferson young] <6>
  2. Crane, Jack Brando as [Oliver Randall young] <7>
  3. Crane, Max William as [Oliver Randall infant] <9>
  4. Crane, Robert Scott as [Oliver/Randall] <1>
  5. Murray, James (II) as [William Jefferson] <3>
  6. Spillman, Sam as [Oliver Randall teenage] <8>
  7. Sweeney, Christopher as [John Jefferson] <2>
  8. Tribble, Kipp as [Bill Blythe] <10>
  9. Unit, Reverend Moon as [Reverend Moon Unit] <11>
  10. Slattery, Brittany as [Cassandra A. Prynne - Jefferson] <4>
  11. Taylor, Zoe (I) as [Francisca Randall - Jefferson] <5>


  1. Drama
  2. Fantasy
  3. Mystery
  4. Thriller
  5. Western


  1. Stump, David (I) (director of photography)

Film Editors

  1. Anderson, Eric S.


  1. Anderson, Eric S. (title designer)
  2. Ballentine, Marjorie (acting coach)
  3. Crane, Jack Brando (plot device: script)
  4. Kimura, Dan (ocular prosthetics)
  5. McWilliams, George (titles design)
  6. Nagjee, P.J. (dental prosthetics)
  7. Ockenfuss, Crystal (german translator)
  8. Strickland, Daniel (publicist)
  9. Tribble, Kipp (script editor)


William Jefferson: Never forget, but hardly remember. Cassandra Jefferson: Come on John. John Jefferson: What do you want? Oliver: Your time. Oliver: West of here. That's where we was born. Horsville. John Jefferson: Festina Lente. Oliver: You know he's crazy right? Oliver: Cougars.

Other Titles

  1. Thëe Ramschladen (2013) (ENG)
    (Switzerland: German title) (imdb display title)

  2. Yë' Oldë Ramschladen (2013) (ENG)
    (East Germany) (imdb display title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA
  2. Blue Cloud Movie Ranch - 20000 Blue Cloud Road, Santa Clarita, California, USA
  3. Santa Monica, California, USA
  4. Paramount Ranch - 2813 Cornell Road, Agoura, California, USA
  5. Mojave Desert, California, USA
  6. Spahn Movie Ranch, Simi Valley, California, USA
  7. Death Valley, California, USA
  8. Barker Ranch, Ballarat, California, USA