"DCI Banks" (2010) {Strange Affair - Part 1 (#3.1)} TV Season

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Overview "DCI Banks" Season 03 Episode 01 (S03E01)



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7.2/ 10 (23 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 10 October 2012
(Japan) - 9 February 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Barron, Keith as [Arthur Banks] <7>
  2. Birch, Jack as [Ben Morton]
  3. Birch, John Lewis as [MJ Morton]
  4. Birch, Kieron as [James Morton]
  5. Daly, Dermot (I) as [Soco] <16>
  6. Deam, Jack as [DC Ken Blackstone] <5>
  7. Delamere, Alexander as [Lambert's Solicitor] <24>
  8. Fox, William (XVII) as [Search Team Leader] <19>
  9. Gorman, Julian as [Football Coach] <23>
  10. Hassan, Moey as [Taxi Driver] <22>
  11. Lanigan, Matt as [Michael Morton] <18>
  12. McKenna, Alan (IV) as [Dr. Burns] <17>
  13. Newman, Matthew (VI) as [Stephen Morton]
  14. Park, Alan (III) as [Roy Banks] <14>
  15. Sajjid, Jay as [Petrol Station Attendant] <20>
  16. Sidi, Nicholas as (as Nick Sidi) [CS McLaughlin] <6>
  17. Tompkinson, Stephen as [DCI Alan Banks] <1>
  18. Westbrook, David as [Malcolm Farlow] <19>
  19. Westhead, David as [Gareth Lambert] <8>
  20. Briers, Lucy as [Dr. Janet Lucas] <11>
  21. Burroughs, Lorraine as [DS Winsome Jackman] <4>
  22. Catz, Caroline as [DI Helen Morton] <3>
  23. Hall, Vicky as [Linda] <15>
  24. Hemingway, Polly as [Ida Banks] <9>
  25. Kay, Lisa (I) as [Corinne] <12>
  26. Lowe, Andrea (I) as [DS Annie Cabbot] <2>
  27. Matheson, Eve as [Elise Lambert] <10>
  28. Reed, Heida as [Carmen] <13>
  29. Tither, Frances as [Receptionist] <21>

Full Plot

With Annie due for maternity leave icily efficient inspector Helen Morton joins Banks' team to investigate the murder of Jennifer Lewis,shot dead in her car,where Banks' address is also discovered on a scrap of paper. Banks himself disappears following an answer phone message for help from his wide boy brother Roy,but Roy is missing from home and neither Corinne,his girl-friend,or his father Arthur know of his whereabouts. His business partner Gareth Lambert tells Banks that Roy was having an affair with Jennifer and CCTV from the garage where she bought petrol an hour before her murder shows Jennifer with Roy. Whilst Helen Morton is questioning Banks the news comes in that Roy has been shot dead with the same gun that killed Jennifer Lewis. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Tongue, Sheridan


  1. McGuigan, Kieran (III) (director of photography)

Film Editors

  1. Finlay, Mary


  1. Christy, Anita (I) (script supervisor)
  2. Hepworth, Ben (location manager)
  3. Lambon, Nick (script editor)
  4. Marwood, Will (assistant production accountant)