"DCI Banks" (2010) {Strange Affair - Part 2 (#3.2)} TV Season

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Overview "DCI Banks" Season 03 Episode 02 (S03E02)



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7.1/ 10 (20 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 17 October 2012
(Japan) - 9 February 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Barron, Keith as [Arthur Banks] <7>
  2. Deam, Jack as [DC Ken Blackstone] <5>
  3. Delamere, Alexander as [Lambert's Solicitor] <16>
  4. Gorman, Julian as [Football Coach] <15>
  5. Park, Alan (III) as [Roy Banks] <14>
  6. Sidi, Nicholas as (as Nick Sidi) [CS McLaughlin] <6>
  7. Tompkinson, Stephen as [DCI Banks] <1>
  8. Westhead, David as [Gareth Lambert] <9>
  9. Briers, Lucy as [Dr. Janet Lucas] <11>
  10. Burroughs, Lorraine as [DS Winsome Jackman] <4>
  11. Catz, Caroline as [DI Helen Morton] <3>
  12. Hemingway, Polly as [Ida Banks] <8>
  13. Kay, Lisa (I) as [Corinne] <12>
  14. Lowe, Andrea (I) as [DS Annie Cabbot] <2>
  15. Matheson, Eve as [Elise Lambert] <10>
  16. Reed, Heida as [Carmen] <13>

Full Plot

The police discover that Jennifer and Roy were involved in a prostitution ring,Roy importing women through his travel agency,though business partner Lambert claims ignorance. Because he is related to a victim Banks is taken off the case but D.I. Morton agrees to let him help in an advisory role,warning him he may be in danger. He seeks out Carmen,the face of the escort agency fronting the prostitution racket and finds that she is pregnant.That pregnancy,linked to a baby-selling arrangement,holds the key to the double murders. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found


  1. McGuigan, Kieran (III) (director of photography)

Film Editors

  1. Finlay, Mary


  1. Christy, Anita (I) (script supervisor)
  2. Hepworth, Ben (location manager)
  3. Lambon, Nick (script editor)
  4. Marwood, Will (assistant production accountant)