"Dark Angel" (2000) {Red (#1.9)} TV Season

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Overview "Dark Angel" Season 01 Episode 09 (S01E09)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.3/ 10 (125 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
20th Century Fox Television [us]
Cameron/Eglee Productions [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 16 January 2001

Running Time



Technical Support
LAB:Rainmaker Digital Pictures Group Ltd., Vancouver, Canada - (processing) (dailies telecine) (as Rainmaker Digital Pictures)
RAT:1.33 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aneke, Emy as [Waiter] <19>
  2. Ballard, Alimi as [Herbal Thought] <3>
  3. Bell, Jade C. as [Sebastian] <24>
  4. Bevine, Victor as (voice) (uncredited) [Sebastian]
  5. Bryant, Peter (I) as [Bling] <9>
  6. Deans, Christian as [Biker 3] <20>
  7. Gibbon, Mark (I) as [Red Six] <13>
  8. Gunn, Richard (I) as [Calvin 'Sketchy' Theodore] <5>
  9. Kelli, Dennis as (as Dennis P. Kelli) [Marshal Lionel Parsons] <27>
  10. Kilpatrick, Patrick as [Red Five] <10>
  11. Kostyuk, Taras as [Red Seven] <21>
  12. Le Bourveau, Brett as [Cop 2] <28>
  13. Livingstone, David (I) as [Man] <14>
  14. MacKenzie, J.C. as (as J.C. Mackenzie) [Reagan 'Normal' Ronald] <6>
  15. MacPherson, Keir as [Concierge] <17>
  16. O Keeffe, Douglas as [Bruno Anselmo] <11>
  17. Paroo, Zahf as (as Zahf Hagee) [TV News Anchor] <29>
  18. Savage, John (I) as (credit only) [Donald Lydecker] <8>
  19. Scoular, Peter as [Bellman] <18>
  20. Weatherly, Michael (I) as [Logan Cale] <2>
  21. Zahara, Alex as [Johanssen] <12>
  22. Alba, Jessica as [Max Guevera/X5-452] <1>
  23. Blanc, Jennifer as [Kendra Maibaum] <4>
  24. Ferland, Jodelle as [Annabelle] <22>
  25. Maxie, Judith as [Jeanne Breitel] <26>
  26. Miller, Valarie Rae as [Cynthia 'Original Cindy' McEachin] <7>
  27. Moore, Angela (I) as [Female Beat Cop] <25>
  28. Munroe, Odessa as (as Odessa Munro) [Ling Ling] <16>
  29. Saunders, Kendall as [Brittannica] <15>
  30. Sivak, Nancy as [Mary Jo] <23>

Full Plot

Logan asks Max to keep a vital witness to a case for 24 hours, which turns out to be a very long 24 hours for Max. What they did not know is that this witness is the person Logan is in his wheelchair. Killers are sent in to kill the witness and Max is able to overcome them. However, a second set of killers show up. They are unusually strong and their target is Max. Ploy P. Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Copyright 2001 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Music Composers

  1. McNeely, Joel (score by)


  1. Pearson, Brian (I) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. De Laval, Susan (as Susan de Laval)


Fox Network [us] - (2000-2002) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Polivka, Steve


  1. Astronomo, Rey (computer/video playback operator)
  2. Berbae, Kristin (assistant to the producers)
  3. Bevine, Victor (voice: Sebastian) (uncredited)
  4. Cappelletti, Joe (I) (additional voice)
  5. Carson (I) (location manager)
  6. Chesebrough Lowe, Wendy (production executive) (as Wendy Chesebrough)
  7. Davis Jr., Willie L. (assistant to writer) (uncredited)
  8. Dugdale, Rick (location scout)
  9. Egan, Doris (executive story editor)
  10. Egilsson, Vicki (cast and crew payroll) (uncredited)
  11. Finch, Chloe (daily production assistant) (uncredited)
  12. Framo, Ross (computer playback)
  13. Grossenbacher, Cindi (script coordinator)
  14. Henderson, Patti (I) (script supervisor)
  15. Hobson, Nancy (assistant to the producers)
  16. Kirland, Moira (story editor) (as Moira Kirland Dekker)
  17. Lomax, Nathan (production assistant) (uncredited)
  18. McKenzie, Nancy Elizabeth (production coordinator: second unit) (as Nancy McKenzie)
  19. Meacham, Colin (production assistant) (uncredited)
  20. Ochej, Josephine (assistant to the producers)
  21. Rochon, Mick (trainee assistant location manager) (uncredited)
  22. Rogers, Cara (production coordinator)
  23. Shackleton, Sarah (assistant to the producers)
  24. Steyns, Scott (playback coordinator) (uncredited)
  25. Sussman, Mark (I) (additional voice)
  26. Troy, Kim E.F. (assistant to the producers) (as Kim Troy)
  27. Turner, Kelli (medical advisor)
  28. Will, Angela (production accountant)
  29. Wilson, Shayne A. (assistant to the producers) (as Shayne Wilson)
  30. Wilson, Shayne A. (script and clearance coordinator) (uncredited)
  31. Zabel, David (story editor)


Max Guevera: Hey, Bruno... Bruno Anselmo: Oh. Oh, yes. I should have figured you for a little kinkster.Yeah, I'm game. Two people alone in a room for people just passing through, aren't we? It's me. It's you, looking hotter than you've ever looked. It's like deja freakin' vu, isn't it? Oh, that's not a turn-on! No,no. Ow!

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. British Columbia, Canada
  2. Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada