"Detroit 1-8-7" (2010) {Motor City Blues (#1.17)} TV Season

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Overview "Detroit 1-8-7" Season 01 Episode 17 (S01E17)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.9/ 10 (30 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
ABC Studios [us]
Mandeville Television [us]
Remainder Men [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 15 March 2011
(Finland) - 19 October 2011
(Japan) - 22 October 2012

Running Time


multiracial, police-procedural,

Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Beamon, Rick as [Mel] <20>
  2. Carroll, Kevin (I) as [Reuben Davis] <13>
  3. Dickerson, John (II) as (uncredited) [Suspect/Perp]
  4. Ezell, Shahine as [Nuke5] <12>
  5. Flanagan, Tommy (I) as [Albert Stram] <9>
  6. Hauptman, Steven as (uncredited) [Uniformed Police Officer]
  7. Hill, Jon Michael as [Detective Damon Washington] <4>
  8. Imperioli, Michael as [Detective Louis Fitch] <1>
  9. Imperioli, Vadim as [Bobby Fitch] <14>
  10. Jhames, Tiren as [Bertini] <17>
  11. Lushi, Joseph as (as Joseph Mark Lushi) [Man] <18>
  12. Majumder, Shaun as [Detective Vikram Mahajan] <5>
  13. McDaniel, James (I) as [Sergeant Jesse Longford] <2>
  14. Tremblay, Tiffany as (uncredited) [Office Worker]
  15. Vlassopoulos, Nick as [Coney Vendor] <21>
  16. Williams, Royce as [MK] <16>
  17. Coppola, Alicia as [Linda Garrety] <10>
  18. Cummings, Erin as [Dr. Abbey Ward] <7>
  19. Dodds, Megan as [Jess Harkins] <8>
  20. Hawkins, Pennie-Marie as (uncredited) [Uniform Cop]
  21. Hinds, Aisha as [Lieutenant Maureen Mason] <3>
  22. Johanningmeier, Heidi as [Margie Parker] <15>
  23. Keeble, Anne as [Mason's Assistant]
  24. Martinez, Natalie (I) as [Detective Ariana Sanchez] <6>
  25. Peace, Krishawn as (uncredited) [Re-Occuring]
  26. Smith, Nikki (VII) as (uncredited) [Coney Island Waitress]
  27. Way, Erin (I) as [Wendy Chapin-Lomeister] <11>
  28. Whitfield, Jenenne as [Woman] <19>

Full Plot

An explosive event sets the stage for emotional shifts in the lives of the detectives: Fitch tries to rebuild his relationship with his 12-year-old son, Bobby; Longford begins the paperwork needed for his retirement; Washington focuses on his newborn son; Mahajan retreats further from an arranged marriage, and Sanchez may be contemplating a new relationship. But their plans are interrupted when Longford and Mahajan investigate the murder of a young graffiti artist, Jordan Loney. There seems to be a clear suspect in the case, but Fitch is intrigued by some artistic doodles that eventually lead to a suspect with a disturbing history and a darker motive. Finally, when Fitch's ex-wife flies to Detroit to leave their son for a planned visit, she drops some shocking news on her ex. Little does Fitch know that he, his son and the other detectives will soon all be in great jeopardy. ABC Publicity Plot not found

Total Business

CP: ABC Studios


  1. Wiegand, Lisa (I) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Maszkiewicz, Agata


ABC Studios [us] - (2011) (USA) (DVD)
American Broadcasting Company (ABC) [us] - (2011) (USA) (TV)
Nelonen [fi] - (2011) (Finland) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Toberen, Jacque Elaine (as Jacque Toberen)


  1. Allen, Renee (stand-in: Erin Cummings) (uncredited)
  2. Allen, Tamara (production coordinator)
  3. Amato, Andrew (office production assistant) (uncredited)
  4. Andrews, Sara (II) (travel coordinator) (uncredited)
  5. Bachner, Alissa (production staff)
  6. Carlson, Mary J. (script supervisor) (as Mary Carlson)
  7. D'Alessandro, Amy (titles by) (uncredited)
  8. Demski, Ted (location assistant) (uncredited)
  9. Elias, Raffi (stand-in: Michael Imperioli) (uncredited)
  10. Etheridge, Bradley Charles (production assistant) (uncredited)
  11. Etheridge, Julie Sifuentes (production assistant) (uncredited)
  12. Fash, Andrew (production staff)
  13. Fields, Jacob (production assistant) (uncredited)
  14. Flavin, Mike (office production assistant)
  15. Gaines, Andy (production staff)
  16. Garvin, Gregory (script coordinator)
  17. Gazazyan, Gohar (production staff)
  18. Gibbons, Corey (production assistant) (uncredited)
  19. Hauptman, Steven (stand-in) (uncredited)
  20. Hoffman, Alexander E. (key assistant production office coordinator) (uncredited)
  21. Jennings, Derek (production staff)
  22. Johnson, Kellin (production assistant) (uncredited)
  23. Johnson, Sheryl (production accountant) (as Sheryl Johnson-Poelking)
  24. Karp, Paul (II) (writers assistant) (uncredited)
  25. Lebovic, Aaron (assistant production coordinator) (uncredited)
  26. Lowe, John (XIII) (production staff)
  27. Mansalis, Elenie (production staff)
  28. Martinez, Emanuel (consultant)
  29. Nilan, Larry (production assistant: uncredited) (uncredited)
  30. Pearson, Ryan (IV) (production assistant) (uncredited)
  31. Rumble, David (location manager)
  32. Schlick, Steven (assistant location manager) (uncredited)
  33. Tremblay, Bob (assistant location manager) (uncredited)


Detective Ariana Sanchez: Hey, do you think most people know who they are? Detective Louis Fitch: I think most people know exactly who they are. They just don't want anybody to find out.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Detroit, Michigan, USA - (studio)
  2. Michigan, USA