Dinosaur (2000) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.3/ 10 (23577 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG for intense images

Production Company
Walt Disney Feature Animation [us]
Walt Disney Pictures [us] - (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 13 May 2000
(USA) - 19 May 2000
(Singapore) - 25 May 2000
(Australia) - 15 June 2000
(Malaysia) - 15 June 2000

Running Time

You have never seen anything like this.

anthropomorphic-animal, anthropomorphic-dinosaur, anthropomorphism, beast-fable, blockbuster, cave, compassion, computer-animation, desert, dinosaur, dinosaur-as-dog, disaster, disney-animated-feature, egg, hope, iguanodon, lemur, meteor, monkey, nesting-grounds, no-opening-credits, prehistoric-times, raptor, triceratops, tyrannosaurus,

Technical Support
LAB:Technicolor, Hollywood (CA), USA - (prints)
MET:2227 m - (Sweden)
MET:2294 m - (Spain)
OFM:35 mm - (horizontal)
PFM:35 mm - (spherical)
PFM:70 mm - (blow-up) (one print: Seibu Dome, Japan)
PFM:Digital - (Texas Instruments DLP 1280 x 1024, 1.5 : 1 anamorphic)
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Adler, Matt as (voice) <11>
  2. Bostrom, Zachary as (voice) <14>
  3. Casella, Max as (voice) [Zini] <4>
  4. Davis, Ossie as (voice) [Yar] <3>
  5. Finley, Greg (I) as (voice) <17>
  6. Fischer, Jeff (I) as (voice) <18>
  7. McCharen, David as (voice) <22>
  8. Norris, Daran as (voice) <24>
  9. Sabara, Evan as (voice) <28>
  10. Siragusa, Peter as (voice) [Bruton] <8>
  11. Spann, Aaron as (voice) <29>
  12. Sweeney, D.B. as (voice) [Aladar] <1>
  13. Walcutt, John as (voice) <32>
  14. West, Billy (II) as (voice) <34>
  15. Wolverton, Jeff (I) as (uncredited) [Scratch Voice (Kron)]
  16. Wright, Samuel E. as (voice) [Kron] <6>
  17. Zyler, David as (voice) (as David Allen Kramer) <20>
  18. Bailo-Lape, Sandina as (voice) <12>
  19. Baker, Andrea (III) as (voice) (as Andrea Taylor) <31>
  20. Cavadini, Cathy as (voice) (as Catherine Cavadini) <15>
  21. Dorff, Holly as (voice) <16>
  22. Harmon, Linda (II) as (voice) (uncredited) [Singer]
  23. Harris, Barbara (II) as (voice) (as Barbara Iley) <19>
  24. Lehmann, Edie as (voice) (as Edie Lehmann Boddicker) <13>
  25. Margulies, Julianna as (voice) [Neera] <7>
  26. Metro, Tracy as (voice) <23>
  27. Page, Bobbi as (voice) <25>
  28. Panettiere, Hayden as (voice) [Suri] <5>
  29. Plowright, Joan as (voice) [Baylene] <9>
  30. Reardon, Noreen as (voice) <26>
  31. Reese, Della as (voice) [Eema] <10>
  32. Russo, Chelsea as (voice) <27>
  33. Spore, Melanie as (voice) <30>
  34. Stevens-Logan, Susie as (voice) (as Susan Stevens Logan) <21>
  35. Winbush, Camille as (voice) <33>
  36. Woodard, Alfre as (voice) [Plio] <2>


  1. Adventure
  2. Animation
  3. Family
  4. Thriller

Full Plot

During an attack on a pack of Iguanodon, an egg is separated and ends up with the possession of a group of lemurs. The lemurs care for this egg and the young creature born from it, which they call Aladar. When a meteor shower hits earth, Aladar and his family must leave their homeland. Away from home and as close to danger as they have ever been, they meet up with a huge group of dinosaurs, led by Kron and Bruton. All together they are trying to reach the nesting grounds, but it's not going to be easy. simon Long before humans appeared on the planet, dinosaurs ruled the earth. On a little off-coast island, a clan of lemurs finds a dinosaur egg, hatching. Since there are no parents, the lemurs take care of the newborn, Aladar. Years later, a medium meteor goes down close to the island and the shockwave forces its inhabitants to flee to the continent. There, Aladar and his family meet other dinosaurs for the first time as well as real dangers. The destruction caused by the meteor here has also forced a herd of different herbivores to move to a remote valley that can provide food and protection against the carnivorous predators following after. Since Aladar grew up with a different understanding of the ways of the world, his way of helping others first isn't accepted within the herd, but soon it is proven that reason may be better than panic. Julian Reischl Dinosaur is set in the twilight of the dinosaurs, when the killer comet arrives, and deals with the legacy they leave for the emerging mammals. One dinosaur who had been raised by Lemurs becomes a sort of saurian Moses and leads the Lemurs to safety after the comet ends the age when his own kind ruled the earth. Paolo Costabel Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 3,443,470 (Germany) (30 June 2001) AD: 572,969 (Netherlands) (31 December 2001) AD: 403,088 (Netherlands) (31 December 2000) AD: 2,283,135 (Spain) (10 August 2002) AD: 2,280,942 (Spain) (31 December 2001) AD: 2,242,900 (Spain) (25 June 2001) BT: USD 127,500,000 GR: USD 137,748,063 (USA) (1 January 2001) GR: USD 137,737,584 (USA) (25 December 2000) GR: USD 137,725,800 (USA) (17 December 2000) GR: USD 137,714,880 (USA) (10 December 2000) GR: USD 137,699,555 (USA) (3 December 2000) GR: USD 137,674,770 (USA) (26 November 2000) GR: USD 137,622,753 (USA) (19 November 2000) GR: USD 137,533,535 (USA) (12 November 2000) GR: USD 137,438,076 (USA) (5 November 2000) GR: USD 137,347,518 (USA) (29 October 2000) GR: USD 137,232,878 (USA) (22 October 2000) GR: USD 137,048,778 (USA) (15 October 2000) GR: USD 136,789,378 (USA) (8 October 2000) GR: USD 136,559,444 (USA) (1 October 2000) GR: USD 136,478,148 (USA) (24 September 2000) GR: USD 136,335,053 (USA) (17 September 2000) GR: USD 136,137,703 (USA) (10 September 2000) GR: USD 135,606,304 (USA) (3 September 2000) GR: USD 133,883,538 (USA) (27 August 2000) GR: USD 133,846,625 (USA) (20 August 2000) GR: USD 133,776,481 (USA) (13 August 2000) GR: USD 133,663,428 (USA) (6 August 2000) GR: USD 133,483,053 (USA) (30 July 2000) GR: USD 133,228,233 (USA) (23 July 2000) GR: USD 132,777,352 (USA) (16 July 2000) GR: USD 131,915,615 (USA) (9 July 2000) GR: USD 130,825,066 (USA) (4 July 2000) GR: USD 126,817,484 (USA) (25 June 2000) GR: USD 120,508,781 (USA) (18 June 2000) GR: USD 110,451,125 (USA) (11 June 2000) GR: USD 96,845,828 (USA) (4 June 2000) GR: USD 80,449,346 (USA) (28 May 2000) GR: USD 38,854,851 (USA) (21 May 2000) GR: GBP 13,193,994 (UK) (10 December 2000) GR: GBP 13,155,054 (UK) (3 December 2000) GR: GBP 13,030,188 (UK) (26 November 2000) GR: GBP 12,724,300 (UK) (19 November 2000) GR: GBP 12,275,935 (UK) (12 November 2000) GR: GBP 11,567,893 (UK) (5 November 2000) GR: GBP 10,193,215 (UK) (29 October 2000) GR: GBP 4,864,729 (UK) (22 October 2000) GR: GBP 2,197,063 (UK) (15 October 2000) GR: USD 354,248,063 (Worldwide) GR: AUD 7,902,408 (Australia) (14 December 2000) GR: USD 11,783,622 (France) (14 December 2000) GR: SGD 284,000 (Singapore) (21 May 2000) (sneak preview) GR: EUR 9,357,172 (Spain) (10 August 2002) GR: EUR 9,348,776 (Spain) (31 December 2001) GR: ESP 1,535,407,982 (Spain) (25 June 2001) OW: USD 38,854,851 (USA) (21 May 2000) (3,257 screens) OW: GBP 2,128,000 (UK) (15 October 2000) (374 screens) OW: USD 140,423 (Finland) (19 November 2000) OW: USD 704,976 (Sweden) (19 November 2000) (160 screens) WG: USD 3,591 (USA) (1 January 2001) (22 screens) WG: USD 1,773 (USA) (25 December 2000) (24 screens) WG: USD 6,852 (USA) (17 December 2000) (60 screens) WG: USD 9,504 (USA) (10 December 2000) (66 screens) WG: USD 16,799 (USA) (3 December 2000) (101 screens) WG: USD 34,794 (USA) (26 November 2000) (111 screens) WG: USD 66,122 (USA) (19 November 2000) (132 screens) WG: USD 74,268 (USA) (12 November 2000) (135 screens) WG: USD 67,649 (USA) (5 November 2000) (148 screens) WG: USD 75,861 (USA) (29 October 2000) (191 screens) WG: USD 121,682 (USA) (22 October 2000) (253 screens) WG: USD 160,562 (USA) (15 October 2000) (333 screens) WG: USD 211,950 (USA) (8 October 2000) (381 screens) WG: USD 61,092 (USA) (1 October 2000) (150 screens) WG: USD 110,451 (USA) (24 September 2000) (168 screens) WG: USD 107,012 (USA) (17 September 2000) (187 screens) WG: USD 256,349 (USA) (10 September 2000) (353 screens) WG: USD 1,711,794 (USA) (3 September 2000) (1,426 screens) WG: USD 17,585 (USA) (27 August 2000) (51 screens) WG: USD 25,012 (USA) (20 August 2000) (72 screens) WG: USD 59,042 (USA) (13 August 2000) (102 screens) WG: USD 69,126 (USA) (6 August 2000) (149 screens) WG: USD 124,029 (USA) (30 July 2000) (253 screens) WG: USD 176,839 (USA) (23 July 2000) (344 screens) WG: USD 462,243 (USA) (16 July 2000) (704 screens) WG: USD 664,371 (USA) (9 July 2000) (849 screens) WG: USD 1,404,282 (USA) (2 July 2000) (1,389 screens) WG: USD 3,258,118 (USA) (25 June 2000) (2,248 screens) WG: USD 5,863,092 (USA) (18 June 2000) (2,938 screens) WG: USD 8,829,956 (USA) (11 June 2000) (3,275 screens) WG: USD 12,035,617 (USA) (4 June 2000) (3,319 screens) WG: USD 32,038,631 (USA) (28 May 2000) (3,302 screens) WG: USD 38,854,851 (USA) (21 May 2000) (3,257 screens) WG: GBP 31,671 (UK) (10 December 2000) (228 screens) WG: GBP 95,235 (UK) (3 December 2000) (344 screens) WG: GBP 261,935 (UK) (26 November 2000) (424 screens) WG: GBP 373,722 (UK) (19 November 2000) (456 screens) WG: GBP 565,530 (UK) (12 November 2000) (476 screens) WG: GBP 820,419 (UK) (5 November 2000) (486 screens) WG: GBP 2,173,464 (UK) (29 October 2000) (495 screens) WG: GBP 2,016,209 (UK) (22 October 2000) (493 screens) WG: GBP 2,128,218 (UK) (15 October 2000) (374 screens)

Movie Certificate

PG (USA)(certificate #37293)
L (Iceland)
U (Malaysia)
All (South Korea)
Atp (Argentina)
PG (Australia)
Livre (Brazil)
PG (Canada)
TE (Chile)
7 (Denmark)
K-8/6 (Finland)
U (France)
6 (Germany)
I (Hong Kong)
A (Mexico)
AL (Netherlands)
PG (New Zealand)
7 (Norway)
G (Philippines)
G (Singapore)
T (Spain)
7 (Sweden)
10 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
10 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
K (Greece)

Music Composers

  1. Howard, James Newton


  1. Hardberger, David R.
  2. Smith, Steven Douglas (as S. Douglas Smith)


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Audio Visual Enterprises [gr] - (2001) (Greece) (DVD)
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Film Editors

  1. Peterson, H. Lee


  1. Alvarez, Eric (I) (production assistant)
  2. Amir, H. Leah (production assistant)
  3. Arnold, Cindy Lee (first assistant accountant)
  4. Bambino, Lorenzo Russell (render i/o)
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[first lines] Plio: Some things start out big, and some things start out small, very small. But sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest changes of all. Yar: It's a cold-blooded monster from across the sea: vicious, flesh-eating! [baby Aladar burps] Eurgh... Plio: Looks like a baby to me. Yar: Babies grow up! You keep that thing, one day, we'll turn our backs, it'll be picking us out of its teeth! Things like THAT eat things like US as snacks! Zini: [about Aladar as a baby] This "monster"'s got no teeth! What's he gonna do? Gum us to death? Plio: Zini, come on: look at that sweet little face. Does that look like a monster to you? Zini: [rehearsing pickup lines alone] "Hey, sweetie. If you'll be my bride, I'll groom ya." That is good. Oh, that's good. "Girls, I'm known as the 'professor of love' and school's in session." Yeah, I still got it. Aladar: I hope it's not contagious. Zini: I'm a raging epidemic of romance. Eema: Walkin' backwards, huh? Well, let me know if that gets you there any faster. Aladar: [about Yar] He's my grandfather - couple of generations removed. Zini: Try a couple of species removed. Kron: [sarcastically] Hm. Let the weak set the pace? Now there's an idea. Zini: Hey, enough with the beauty sleep! You're ravishing already! Zini: I believe you left a wake-up call for the dawn of time. [about Aladar] Neera: That, children, is what's known as a jerkosaurus. Bruton: [Bruton has come back badly wounded] Kron! Carnotaurs! Kron: What! They never come this far north. Bruton: The Fireball must have driven them out... [in the distance, a roar sounds out] Kron: You led them right *to* us! Maybe we can feed them with your hide! Move the Herd out, *double-time*! Baylene: Oh, joy. Blisters! Eema: I got blisters ON my blisters. Yar: You don't wanna know where *I* got blisters... Plio: [Bruton is found wounded] We can't just leave him here! Eema: We can if we move fast enough. [They enter a cave] Aladar: It's dark, but at least it's dry. Eema: I like dry. It's the dark part I'm having trouble with. Yar: If I could sleep THAT deep, I'd be in paradise. Eema: If you could sleep THAT deep, honey, you'd be dead. Bruton: Why is he doing this? Pushing them on with false hope? Plio: It's hope that's gotten us this far. Bruton: But why doesn't he let them accept their fate? I've accepted mine. Plio: And what is your fate? Bruton: To die here. It's the way things are. Plio: Only if you give up, Bruton. It's your choice, not your fate. Aladar: [despairing] We're not meant to survive. Baylene: Oh, yes we were! We're *here*, aren't we? And how dare you waste that good fortune by simply giving up? Shame on you. Shame on you, shame on you! The worst of it is, you allowed an old fool like me to believe I was needed, that I still had a purpose... and do you know what? You were right. And I'm going to go on believing it. And I, for one, am not willing to die here! [the group reaches the Nesting Grounds, featuring a large lake] Plio: Our new home... Zini: AND IT COMES WITH A POOL! [Surrounded by female lemurs] Zini: Hey, look what I found! New neighbours! Any of you ladies up for a game of "monkey in the middle"? [last lines] Plio: None of knows what changes, big or small, lie ahead. One thing is certain - our journey's not over. We can only hope that in some small way our time here will be remembered. Neera: You like kids, I see. Aladar: Well, the skinny ones are a bit chewy. [Aladar has male courting monkey's on his back] Aladar: Hey ladies, look at what just pulled into town! Your buffet table of love! Yar: Oh, well. Poor Zini. The clan still has one bachelor. [Plio looks at Aladar] Plio: No, we have two. [after a meteor devastates Lemur Island] Suri: [crying] They're all gone. [Suri watches the massive herd of varied dinosaurs] Suri: Look at all the Aladars! Yar: Hey, old girl, you're wandering off a bit. Eema: [panting] That's all I need: a monkey on my back. Aladar: [waking up the others] Let's go, let's go! Carnotaurs! Yar: Carno-what? Eema: Carnotaur! A mouthful of teeth with a bad attitude, let's go! [Aladar dashes off to warn of the landslide] Eema: Aladar, wait, wait! Kron'll eat you alive! Aladar: Let him try. [Aladar dashes off] Eema: [sighing] I hope Kron's in a listening mood... Eema: Move over, everybody. Bringin' in babies is what *I* do best! Yar: I'd say it's been a few years since you've hatched an egg. Eema: [laughing] You're right - [stops, serious] so let me practice on your head! [Aladar's baby urinates on Yar] Yar: Yep. You're your father's son, all right. [about his newborn son] Aladar: Hey, little guy! He looks just like me! Neera: Meet your dad. He's not as crazy as he looks. [as he is pushed and shoved by the thirsty herd trying to make their way to the water] Aladar: [sarcastically] That's it! Keep pushing and... [he gets shoved] Aladar: Shoving! That's very helpful. [after the lemur children hop away after playing with Aladar] Plio: [sarcastically] Heh. It's a shame you don't like kids. Aladar: [sarcastically] Ugh. Nasty little vermin. Aladar: Look, Neera, if we watch out for each other, we all stand a chance of reaching your nesting grounds. Neera: You sound so sure. Aladar: I'm not. But, it's all I know. Zini: [whilst combing his hair back with his hand] What you need is a little help from the "love monkey". Aladar: [before the courtship] Let's get going: you don't want to miss Yar's annual pep talk. Zini: Oh goody: I can't wait to hear the mating advice of an old monkey. Aladar: Hey-hey-hey, I heard that in his day, that old monkey was quite a swinger. Zini: You talkin' about *Yar*? Aladar: Yeah, to hear him tell it, he put the "prime" in '"primate". Zini: [sarcastically] Really? [Frantically after the asteroid strikes] Plio: Run, Aladar! Run! Run! Baylene: Oh, Eema! I wish we were at your nesting grounds now! All this pushing and shoving about, just for a place to sleep! I'm not used to this kind of behavior. Eema: Baylene, you've got big feet, just give 'em a kick! [Shoves a smaller animal] GET! Baylene: Oh, I couldn't possibly... eh, shoo! Shoo! Eema: Would you come on, Baylene? If you wanna get to the nesting grounds alive, show some backbone! Aladar: Hey there! Eema: Ahhh! Aladar: [after spooking Eema] Oh... sorry about that. It's just that, we overheard you talking and, um... [Url drops a rock enthusiastically at his feet, Aladar looks confused] Eema: Well, my word. Look at Url. He doesn't normally warm up to strangers so fast. Baylene: [Sniffing the lemurs on Aladar's back] What an unfortunate blemish. Eema: A good mud bath'll clear those right up. Yar: *Excuse* me? [Eema jumps back, appalled] Kron: We've got a lot of first timers here, make sure they get it: we stop for nothing, and no one. Bruton: [Turns to herd] If this is your first crossing, listen up! There is no water until we reach the other side. And you'd better keep up, because if a predator catches you, you're on your own. Move out! Baylene: Oh, my goodness. It looks like a very long walk. Eema: And hot! If you smell somethin' sizzlin', could be me! [Baylene's titanic size has unearthed the water] Zini: I always did like big girls! Neera: Kron, we've never gone this far without water: if we keep going like this, we'll lose half the Herd. Kron: Then we save the half that deserves to live. Yar: [both are giving mating advice, Yar to the males, Plio to the females] Okay boys, gather round: listen and learn from the Master. Plio: Now girls, don't jump into the trees after the first boy with a cute back-flip: it's more fun if you keep them guessing. Yar: And if a cute back-flip doesn't work, guess. Plio: You're never going to forget this day, so make it one to remember. Yar: But if you mess up, don't worry: they'll never remember.

Other Titles

  1. Dinosauri (2000) (ENG)

  2. Dinosaurier (2000) (ENG)

  3. Dinosauri (2000) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Santa Clarita, California, USA
  2. Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
  3. Baker, California, USA - (surrounding desert areas)
  4. Trona Pinnacles - 300 S. Richmond Road, Ridgecrest, California, USA


- The backgrounds in the movie are actually superimposed photos of exotic tropical locations such as Tahiti and Hawaii.

- In order to separate this from the similar movie _The Land Before Time (1988)_ (qv), the film was intended not to have any dialogue at all, but 'Michael Eisner (I)' (qv) of Disney insisted they include it.

- The attraction called Dinosaur (previously called Countdown to Extinction) at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park was originally to be created/opened at the same time as the movie's release as part of the company's "synchronicity" between branches of the WDC, but due to the overwhelming technology development required to begin production, the film's opening was delayed. Even though it was started after the film was in-production, the theme park ride opened first (by almost 18 months) before the movie's release; hence, the ride's name change later.

- At an official $130 million (unoffically $200 million) it is the most expensive movie released in 2000.

- Originally, Aladar's name was Noah.

- The original planned opening shot, showing the meteor moving through space, was cut when an identical opening shot was used in _Armageddon (1998)_ (qv).

- The