"Doctor Who" (1963) {Paradise Towers: Part One (#24.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Doctor Who" Season 24 Episode 05) (S24E05))



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6.0/ 10 (73 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 5 October 1987

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Technical Support
RAT:1.33 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Briers, Richard as [Chief Caretaker] <3>
  2. Clive, Rupert as (uncredited) [Caretaker]
  3. Cooke, Howard as [Pex] <9>
  4. McCoy, Sylvester as [The Doctor] <1>
  5. Merrison, Clive as [Deputy Chief Caretaker] <4>
  6. Perrie, William (I) as (uncredited) [Caretaker]
  7. Weinstein, Don as (uncredited) [Caretaker]
  8. Young, Joseph (IV) as [Young Caretaker] <11>
  9. Brennon, Julie as [Fire Escape] <7>
  10. Bruce, Brenda as [Tilda] <5>
  11. Cardash, Suzanna as (uncredited) [Blue Kang]
  12. Clark, Chrissie as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  13. Clifford, Louise as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  14. Cusack, Catherine as [Blue Kang Leader] <10>
  15. Davidson-Jones, Tanya as (uncredited) [Blue Kang]
  16. Dean, Iona as (uncredited) [Blue Kang]
  17. Eedle, Harriet as (uncredited) [Blue Kang]
  18. Fung, Helen as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  19. Funnell, Leigh as (uncredited) [Blue Kang]
  20. Gardner, Elizabeth (VII) as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  21. Langford, Bonnie as [Melanie Bush] <2>
  22. Mair Thomas, Heather as (uncredited) [Blue Kang]
  23. Nayar, Nisha as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  24. Norde, Julietta as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  25. Sheridan, Astra as [Yellow Kang] <12>
  26. Slade, Jennie as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  27. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Tabby] <6>
  28. Stylianu, Martha as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  29. Wells, Roberta (II) as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  30. Winter, Lottie as (uncredited) [Red Kang]
  31. Wood, Liz (II) as (uncredited) [Blue Kang]
  32. Yuresha, Annabel as [Bin Liner] <8>

Full Plot

The Doctor and Mel visit Paradise Towers, a apartment complex in the 21st century, only to find it rat-infested and ruined. Paradise Towers is inhabited by Rezzies (elderly women, at least some of whom are cannibals), Kangs (roving gangs of teenage girls), Pex (a cowardly young warrior who proclaims himself the local hero) and Caretakers led by a Chief whose job is to keep the apartment complex in order. But the Doctor and Mel find that robotic cleaners are killing off everyone in Paradise Towers, one-by-one. The culprit is Kroagnon, the building's award-winning architect, who plots to rid Paradise Towers of all those who live within it. Daniel Williamson Plot not found

Movie Certificate

PG (New Zealand)(VHS release)

Dress Designers

  1. Tharby, Janet

Film Editors

  1. Parson, Hugh (videotape editor)


  1. Cartmel, Andrew (script editor)
  2. Faggetter, Ann (production associate)
  3. Graham, Frances (production assistant)
  4. McCrimmon, Val (assistant floor manager)
  5. Wilson, Richard (XXXVI) (technical coordinator)


Fire Escape: Red Kang eye-spy says we can't go through usual carrydor. Blue Kangs out and lurking. Bin Liner: And the yellow? Fire Escape: No yellows. All unalive now. Pex: Are these old ladies annoying you? Melanie 'Mel' Bush: No. Pex: Are you annoying these old ladies? The Doctor: That's the problem with young people today - no spirit of adventure. The Doctor: Nothing's just "rubbish" if you have an inquiring mind. Pex: I'm Pex. I put the world of Paradise Towers to rights.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Elmswell House, Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire, England, UK


- 'Richard Briers' (qv) was third choice for The Chief Caretaker

- Judy Cornwell was 3rd choice for Maddy.

- Producer John Nathan -Turner was displeased with Richard Briers performance thinking it was over the top

- Cilve Merrison was 4th choice for The Deptuy Cheif Caretaker

- Clive Merrison replaced Edward Hardwicke

- T.P McKenna was considered for The Chief Caretaker.

- This serial was released by the BBC on video cassette in the UK in October 1995.

- This episode was watched by 4.5 million viewers on its original transmission.

- Writer 'Stephen Wyatt' (qv) thought many of performers playing The Caretakers were too young.