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(UK) - 27 April 2011

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Full Cast

  1. Chambers, Matthew (I) as [Dr. Daniel Granger] <2>
  2. Dixon, Jon (IV) as (voice) [Radio DJ] <12>
  3. Morgan, Adrian Lewis as [Dr. Jimmi Clay] <1>
  4. Reilly, Chris (VI) as [Ed Harman] <9>
  5. Trinder, Richard as [Andrew Savage] <11>
  6. Woodman, Nicolas as [Jack Hollins] <8>
  7. Abelson, Sophie as [Cherry Malone] <5>
  8. Beaumont, Daisy as [Jill Prudence] <10>
  9. Dermot Walsh, Elisabeth as [Dr. Zara Carmichael] <3>
  10. Dibley, Janet as [Dr. Elaine Cassidy] <4>
  11. Keen, Diane as [Julia Parsons] <6>
  12. Pearson, Jan (I) as [Karen Hollins] <7>

Full Plot

Zara still hasn't responded after Daniel said those three little words to her: 'I Love You'. Daniel has now moved back into Jimmi's, so she must confront her feelings, especially when an old friend turns up wanting her help to organize her friend's wedding reception venue - as she's forgotten. It's the day of Ed's first therapy session, and he's a bit apprehensive. The surgery staff are giving out leaflets in the local shopping center - a perfect spot for Zara to finally declare her love for Daniel! Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Ames, Edward (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Thomas, Lesley (I)

Film Editors

  1. Dowell, Martin


  1. Boswell, Gemma (assistant script editor)
  2. Brittain, Caroline (script editor)
  3. Cassettari, Aimee (production secretary)
  4. Honeyghan, Paul (locations)
  5. Nicol, Leigh (continuity)
  6. Shortt, Sarah (production coordinator)
  7. Svanes, Anne (II) (runner)
  8. Ward, Thea (researcher)