Door 10 (2013) Movie

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Yex Digital [gb]

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Release Date
(UK) - 6 June 2013

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The Untold Story Tap tap tap... Scratch scratch scratch can sometimes be heard within the walls of the entire house.. A Thriller laced with losses and insanity.


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RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Jimenez, Yezid as [Roy]
  2. Sohle, Alfonso as (rumored) [Salvador]
  3. Fiertag, Anna as [Market Lady]
  4. Hoppe, Canelle as [Petra]
  5. Jimenez, Paula as (rumored) [Misty]


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

'Door 10' is a full length feature film Psychological Thriller. Roy's mother Elvira lives in London where she suddenly disappears without a trace. Roy is an Army Intelligence Officer who flew from Latin America where he lives, in search of his missing mother. In the course of his investigations, Roy will meet and find love with a young English woman. Roy is led to Dolores, his mother's best friend. Upon leaving her, he by chance bumps into Petra, a former nurse living in the same property. Petra insists in inviting him into her home for tea. A few days later, Roy becomes suspicious after realising she had been following him to the park. From then on, his enquiries are going to be concentrated on Petra who is an exotic, eccentric and mysterious woman living in the company of mannequins. Although she appears being 'strange' Petra is perceived as being a kind woman and a dedicated carer within her community, attracting people by her gentleness. However, unknown to anyone, she has become mentally disturbed and obsessional following rejection and abandonment by her three children who became scared by her antics. Petra's sick mind has now developed a fine technic to lure people into her home and abducting them. There, she holds them clandestinely captive and incapacitated, sedated and kept in claustrophobic spaces. The victims are confined into air conducts, cupboards, and hollow walls. Each trap is cleverly sound proof, enough airflow to keep them alive. She loves them all as her own children and fills the void left from her missing kids by keeping them well fed, washed and entertained, moving them around between her two homes. Misty, Dolores's young daughter who has witnessed some of Petra's activities, believes Roy is going to be the next... Tap tap tap... Scratch scratch scratch can sometimes be heard within the entire house.. Yezid Jimenez Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Yezid Jimenez

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. London, England, UK