Down Home (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Kerry Kimmel & Pollack [us]
Ridge Pictures [us]

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  1. Drama

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In the wake of his mother's funeral, Chris revisits his hometown and collides with his abusive father over custody of his younger brother. You can try and run from your past, but it don't matter how far or how long you run, because the's always right there waiting for you. Chris Green knows all too well that this is true, because a cracker jack financial career in the big city, and the life of a made man can't hide the shame of a small-town secret he left behind. A dark past he's tried to make good on comes colliding back down like a hard rain when the sudden death of his mother forces a return home, and a face off with the abusive father he'd hoped to ne'er see again. kerry kimmel & pollack Plot not found