"Down to Earth" (2000) {Gone But Not Forgotten (#2.8)} TV Season

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Overview "Down to Earth" Season 02 Episode 08 (S02E08)



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(UK) - 21 October 2001

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Full Cast

  1. Beesley, Terence as [Jack]
  2. Brignal, Mark as (as Mark Brignall) [Pauline's Husband]
  3. Brimble, Nick as [Ray Birch]
  4. Brown, David (XLIII) as (as Swervy World) [Himself]
  5. Clarke, Warren as [Brian Addis] <2>
  6. du Beke, Anton as [Ballroom Dancer #2]
  7. Hadley, Tony as [Tom Marshall]
  8. Rawlings, Steve as [Juggler]
  9. Ross-Bryant, Toby as [Marcus Addis] <3>
  10. Spaull, Colin as [Bob Bailey]
  11. Sterne, David as [Bill Thompson]
  12. Ward-Lewis, Rupert (I) as [Alex]
  13. Beaven, Ellie as [Sarah Addis] <4>
  14. Boag, Erin as [Ballroom Dancer #1]
  15. Cadell, Selina as [Pauline]
  16. Costa, Lara as [Salsa Dancer #1]
  17. Ferguson, Emma (II) as [Cathy Slater]
  18. Kline, Beverly (I) as [Mary]
  19. Pollard, Laura as [Adult Tap Dancer #4]
  20. Quirke, Pauline as [Faith Addis] <1>
  21. Reeves, Katy as [Celeste Addis] <6>
  22. Stone, Alexandra (IV) as [Molly Addis] <5>
  23. Woodvine, Mary as [Michelle]


  1. Gardiner, Sarah (II) (production runner) (uncredited)
  2. Home, Manus (location manager)
  3. Lean, John Tangye (advisor: agriculture)
  4. Liddle, Alison (production coordinator)
  5. Parker, Claire (IV) (script editor)
  6. Parsons, Jay (floor runner) (uncredited)
  7. Prudden, Kate (researcher)
  8. Reynolds, Thalia (artists contracts)
  9. Robinson, Vicky (production secretary)
  10. Walton, Marion (animal handler)
  11. Williams, Emma (IV) (unit nurse)