"Down to Earth" (2000) {My Kingdom for a Horse (#1.6)} TV Season

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Overview "Down to Earth" Season 01 Episode 06 (S01E06)



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(UK) - 10 September 2000

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Full Cast

  1. Ashford, David as [Mr. Haynes]
  2. Bearne, Matthew as [Mr. Geary]
  3. Braund, Paul as [School Boy]
  4. Clarke, Warren as [Brian Addis] <2>
  5. Evans, Neil (VII) as [Himself]
  6. Ham, Simon as (as The Huckleberries) [Himself]
  7. Huckleberries, The as [Himself]
  8. Hum, Dave as (as The Huckleberries) [Himself]
  9. Quarterman, Simon as [Duncan]
  10. Ross-Bryant, Toby as [Marcus Addis] <3>
  11. Sanchez, Ismael (I) as (as The Huckleberries) [Himself]
  12. Sax, Paul as (as The Huckleberries) [Himself]
  13. Shield, Andrew as (as Andy Shield) [Mr. Erskine]
  14. Sims, Julian as [Policeman]
  15. Sterne, David as [Bill Thompson]
  16. Ward-Lewis, Rupert (I) as [Alex]
  17. Beaven, Ellie as [Sarah Addis] <4>
  18. Conrad-Leigh, Ellie as [Lindsey]
  19. Cooper, Rowena (I) as [Mac]
  20. Fletcher, Natasha as [Jeannie]
  21. Quirke, Pauline as [Faith Addis]
  22. Stone, Alexandra (IV) as [Molly Addis] <5>


  1. Doherty, Natalie (rushes runner) (uncredited)
  2. Fyson, Susanna (production coordinator)
  3. Giroux, Adrienne (runner)
  4. Phillips, Kelly (II) (assistant production coordinator)
  5. Salmon, Hugh (consultant: veterinary)
  6. Taylor, Chris (XXIV) (animal handler)


- The title is based upon a quote from 'William Shakespeare (I)' (qv)'s play "King Richard III": (Act V, Scene IV): "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"