Dragonetti 2: An Eye for an Eye (2015) Movie

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Dino Publishing JW [se]

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Release Date
(Sweden) - December 2016

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Full Cast

  1. Bjärsborn, Vargman as (rumored)
  2. Cunei, Aldo as [Claudio Dragonetti]
  3. Holmquist, Nick as (rumored) [Dieter]
  4. Jung, Danwoo as (rumored) [Captain Song]
  5. Koudal, Mads as (rumored) [Knut Mortensen]
  6. Lübeck, Jonas as (rumored) [Hans Buttgeritz]
  7. van Caine, Christian as (rumored) [Ivo]


  1. Action

Full Plot

Dragonetti, a former hitman stuck in a foreign country because of his former employer. He's now a drunk poor guy with gambling habits. One day his Fahret, a friend from the Balkan war comes for a visit. He's got a contract for Dragonetti and need him to sober up. Jonas Wolcher When a former mob hitman is offered a contract out of the blue he sees it as a way out of his gambling debt and drinking habits. His hideout in Seoul has become a living nightmare. As the hit goes wrong he suddenly realizes that things could get worse, a lot worse. A ghost from the past is slowly showing its face through the shadows. If misery loves company she sure has a crush on this particular Neapolitonian hitman. He has to dig deep within to find the only person who can help, the one that once was known as "The Neapolitonian", himself. Steven Trolin Plot not found

Film Editors

  1. Wolcher, Jonas