Dreamworld (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Full Cast

  1. Alpern, August as [Seb]
  2. Amenta, Stephan as [Jeffery Rodriguez]
  3. Balla, Aaron as [Vasilia]
  4. Blankenfeld, James as [God of Hope]
  5. Brooks Jr., Jimmy as [Bryce]
  6. Burgin, Kenneth as (as Ken Burgin) [Sherwood]
  7. Celestin, Max as [Cam]
  8. Chwee, Christopher as [Abrie]
  9. Cox, Tyler (I) as [Stefan]
  10. D Souza, Velson as [Zano]
  11. de Rond, Andreas as [Than]
  12. DeCoster, Matt as [Jared]
  13. Ferrando, Mark as [Kali]
  14. Frizzelle, Osaiah as [Rod]
  15. Gullberg, Erik as [Mateo]
  16. Halderman, Curtis as [God of Death]
  17. Marriott, Tim as [Dapton]
  18. Maskati, Omar as [Jude]
  19. O Connell, Grant Austin as [God of Truth]
  20. Robles, Luis (IV) as [God of Peace]
  21. Shane, Patrick as [Christian Mitchell]
  22. Tunison, Wesley as [Daniel Mitchell]
  23. West, Russell as [Sean]
  24. Berman, Kate as [Goddess Vie]
  25. Coulson, Ashley Londyn as (as Ashley Carlson) [Goddess Afar]
  26. Currier, Ocean Elizabeth as [Young Jill]
  27. Hurley, Meghan as [Samantha Rodriguez]
  28. Hurst, Chloe as [Layla]
  29. Kurzner, Jill as [Sera Mitchell]
  30. Lerman, Rebecca Lee as [Caint]
  31. Letourneau, Mariel as [Goddes Lily]
  32. Loch, Lizzie as [Bianca]
  33. Lousianne, Aimee as [Goddess Azoule]
  34. McCartan, Thea as [Lassa]
  35. Medellin, Lydiana as [Jennifer]
  36. Mermelstein, Molly as [Jill]
  37. Parr, Sarah as [Gariela Rodriguez]
  38. Stamberg, Rachel as [Sophia]


  1. Sci-Fi