"Dungeons & Dragons" (1983) TV Season

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.7/ 10 (1547 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Dungeons & Dragons Entertainment Corporation [us]
Marvel Productions [us]
TSR [us]
Toei Animation Company [jp] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 17 September 1983
(France) - January 1987
(Netherlands) - 5 October 1987

Running Time
30 (27 episodes)


1980s, acrobat, alternative-reality, another-dimension, arrogance, barbarian, based-on-game, beast, blond, blue-skin, bow, bravery, brother-sister-relationship, cavalier, chavalier, child-hero, child-in-peril, club, comic-relief, courage, coward, cult-tv, cult-tv, demon, dragon,

Technical Support
RAT:1.33 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Goren, Gary as [Miscellaneous Voices]
  2. Saroyan, Hank as [Miscellaneous Voices]
  3. Darling, Jennifer as [Miscellaneous Voices]
  4. Irene, Georgi as [Terry]
  5. Mattisse, Maia as [Miscellaneous Voices]
  6. O Brien, Laurie as [Miscellaneous Voices]
  7. Pershing, Diane as [Miscellaneous Voices]


  1. Adventure
  2. Animation
  3. Comedy
  4. Fantasy

Full Plot

Six kids enter the Dungeons & Dragons ride at a local amusement park and are transported into the world of swords and sorcery, where, with the help of the Dungeonmaster and the unicorn Uni, try to find their way back home. Michael Silva Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Marvel Productions Ltd./Dungeons & Dragons Entertainment Corp.

Movie Certificate

PG (UK)(some episodes)
U (UK)(some episodes)


AVRO Television [nl] - (1987-1988) (Netherlands) (TV)
BCI Eclipse [us] - (2006) (USA) (DVD) (complete series)
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) [us] - (1983-1987)
Fox Television [us] - (2000)
Genesis Entertainment
Mill Creek Entertainment [us] - (2009) (USA) (DVD) (complete series)
Saban Entertainment [us]


  1. Arneson, Dave (game writer) <1>
  2. Gygax, E. Gary (game writer) <1>


[the kids have had enough of Venger foiling their attempts to get home] Eric: It's all Venger's fault! We oughtta do something about that guy. Hank: Eric's right! Eric: I am? Hank: Yeah, and we ARE going to do something about him! Eric: We are? Hank: That's right. The only chance we have of getting out of this world is if we take care of Venger once and for all. Shiela: But how? Nobody can stop Venger. Not even Dungeon Master! Hank: Wrong. There's one thing that can. A dragon: Tiamat. Eric: [shocked] You're crazy... [Kelek has just been busted for trying to usurp Venger's power] Bobby: [sing-song] Somebody's gettin' in trou-ble! Presto: Sorry Eric... my hat doesn't work that well when it's wet. Eric: Or any other time! [Bobby is walking with Sogor, both appear to be the same age] Sogor: How old are you Bobby? Bobby: Almost ten Sogor: And you're allowed to go out on your own? I wasn't allowed to go out on my own till I was 55! Bobby: Fifty-five? How old are you now? Sogor: Seventy-four. [Bobby drops his firewood and takes off running] Presto: My hocus-pocus is out of focus. Eric: Now what? Presto: Now we find Tiamat. Eric: How do we know which one is her? Presto: Easy, dummy. She'll be the one who attacks us. Eric: We're outnumbered ten to one! Diana the Acrobat: Alright then. You take two, I'll take eighteen. Shiela: We're trapped in another world. Eric: What else is new. Hank: The orcs took Bobby and me to their camp. I managed to escape, but Bobby couldn't. Shiela: That's a lie! Diana the Acrobat: Sheila! What's the matter? Shiela: I went to the orc camp. I saw Hank talking to the orcs. They were planning our capture. He's working for them now! Shiela: Make him tell what he did to Bobby! Where's my brother? Diana the Acrobat: Take it easy, Sheila. Shiela: But what if treason isn't the only thing he's guilty of? What if he's guilty of... Venger: Beware what you say when you speak of magic, wizard, or you shall see who has the greater power. Dungeon Master: Evil energy is like evil force. Change its direction, and it changes to good! Venger: I will use the magic of your hat to add to my power! Eric: Y-you guys grow up to be wookies? Diana the Acrobat: Obi-Wan Kenobi he's not! Eric: [speaking to Presto] Did you hear what he said? No telling *what* we may run into. Dungeon Master: [appearing from nowhere] No telling? Eric: [shouts in startlement] Dungeon Master! Do you always have to do that? Dungeon Master: No. Not always. Eric: Huh? [The Young Ones are trapped by a pack of wolves; a howl in the distance makes them suddenly leave] Shiela: What do you think scared them off? Eric: Simple Sheila, they took one look at my great strength; one look at my grim weapon. Diana the Acrobat: And one look at your grody face. [Bobby laughs loudly] Hank: [addressing some Bullywugs] Hello. We come in peace. Eric: A lot of good *that's* gonna do. Hank: It always works in the movies. Dungeon Master: Just follow that path. But beware. You must never touch - the beauty - that breathes the beast. Eric: Beauty that breathes the beast? What is that, Cinderella with bad breath? Golem: Golem destroy intruders. Bobby: Oh yeah? Not before I do a Steve Garvey number on your nose! [Bobby has been bitten by a dragon turtle and is sick] Diana the Acrobat: There must be something we can do. We can't just let him get worse. Dungeon Master: The only cure - is the foot of a Yellowdragon. Eric: Oh great. What are we supposed to do? Waltz up to a yellow dragon and ask to borrow his foot? Shiela: I think we're lost. Presto: I think we're exhausted. Eric: I think we're stupid. Eric: [sarcastically] This is great. Now we're looking for a bunch of crybabies and a yacht club. Hank: I wonder why there are no guards around here. Eric: Because nobody is stupid enough to ever try to come here, that's why. Dungeon Master: However, through defeat you shall find victory. Diana the Acrobat: What's that supposed to mean? Eric: It means the warranty has run out on Dungeon Master's brain. Bobby: The giant's gaining on us. Shiela: He'll be dancing on us if we don't hurry. Presto: I'll fiddle with my twiddle and diddle with the middle and make a magic riddle that'll turn the giant little. Eric: Oh great. Now he's doing nursery rhymes. Presto: Sheesh Eric, enough with the spit and polish, huh? Eric: You can never have too much polish, Presto. [mumbling to himself] Cause I ran outta spit an hour ago.


- Although many people claim there is a final episode, it was never filmed. The script, "Requiem", was finished and it is available on line courtesy of writer 'Michael Reaves (I)' (qv). In addition, the DVD box set release of the series includes a performance of the script as a radio play style production.

- The production company referenced the role playing game's official source books for many of the various monsters the heroes faced.

- The character of Sheila is referred to as "Thief" only in the show's opening credits. She is never called "Thief" in any of the episodes, even by Dungeon Master (who prefers to call the kids by their titles, yet refers to Sheila by name).

- One of the pieces of library music that often appears in action sequences is taken from the 1964 British comedy _Carry on Spying (1964)_ (qv).

- Voice actors Adam Rich and Willie Aames also co-stared as brother Nicholas and Tommy Bradford in the 1977-1981 sitcom "Eight is enough"