"Durham County" (2007) {The Lady of the Lake (#1.2)} TV Season

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Overview "Durham County" Season 01 Episode 02 (S01E02)



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7.3/ 10 (30 Votes)

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Release Date
(Canada) - 14 May 2007

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female-nudity, strip-club, stripper, title-directed-by-female, topless-dancing, used-condom,

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Full Cast

  1. Bisping, Alexander as (as Alex Bisping) [Bill Willows] <16>
  2. Dillon, Hugh as [Mike Sweeney] <1>
  3. Ferreira, Louis as (as Justin Louis) [Ray Prager] <6>
  4. Holt, Greyston as [Ray Prager Jr] <5>
  5. Keller, Joel S. as [Jake Sharpe] <10>
  6. Labbé, Patrick as [Tom Bykovski] <7>
  7. Murphy, Michael Daniel as [Dean Bolsch] <14>
  8. Raudsepp, Matthew as [Trey] <19>
  9. Schorpion, Frank as [Superintendent Palmer] <12>
  10. Verreault, Jean-Nicolas as [Big Guy] <8>
  11. Austin, Cicely as [Maddie Sweeney] <13>
  12. Busby, Cindy as [Trisha] <18>
  13. Doucet, Kim as [Annie O] <20>
  14. Ferri, Claudia (I) as [Roxy Calvert] <11>
  15. Joy, Helene as [Audrey Sweeney] <2>
  16. Leboeuf, Laurence as [Sadie Sweeney] <4>
  17. Munroe, Kathleen as [Nathalie Lacroix] <9>
  18. Salomaa, Sonya as [Traci Prager] <3>
  19. Tresierra, Millie as [Coroner] <17>
  20. Yao, Vanessa as [Toyota] <15>

Full Plot

Mike Sweeney is drawn into a web of his own deceptions as he confronts the murder of his lover, Nathalie Lacroix. His daughter Sadie navigates the dangerous waters of teen sexuality. Ray Pragar is thrown into chaos when his wife leaves him. Janis Lundman Everyone is reeling over the death of Natalie Lacroix after her body is discovered on the edge of the lake. Mike Sweeney was downtown taking care of old business and missed meeting his lover the previous evening. With little time to grieve, he leads the investigation into her death. His first order of business is to remove any evidence of his presence in the dead woman's apartment. Ray Prager Jr. is devastated by the loss of his mentor. At home Ray and Traci Prager's marriage continues to fall apart leading her to pack her bags and leave. Sweeney's daughter Sadie is cuts classes to spend the afternoon after she is invited to meet a group of friends. She arrives to find that she is the only girls among a group of rather hormonal boys. garykmcd Plot not found

Movie Certificate

M (Australia)

Music Composers

  1. Third, Tom


  1. Cosens, Steve

Dress Designers

  1. Campbell, Janet (I)

Film Editors

  1. Ilkow, Annie


  1. Banchand, Michel (craft service)
  2. Barlow, David (III) (story consultant)
  3. Bernier, Eric (II) (location scout)
  4. Bouchard, Martin (III) (production assistant)
  5. Brown, Stephanie (IX) (assistant to executive producers)
  6. Campbell, Breck (title designer)
  7. Deir, Puelo (unit publicist)
  8. Falardeau, Benoit (location manager)
  9. Faughnan, Lorri (business affairs)
  10. Giard, Anne-Marie (location researcher)
  11. Guérard, Benoit (production assistant)
  12. Hammadi, Nadia (assistant to executive producer)
  13. Jesion, Alexander Sandy (chief financial officer)
  14. Joyal, Amélie (production assistant)
  15. Knight, Cynthia (script coordinator)
  16. Lance, Dominique (assistant location manager)
  17. Lebrun-Lacouvée, Mélanie (production secretary)
  18. Michaud, Stéphanie (office runner)
  19. Mollenthiel, Daphné (assistant accountant)
  20. Mondello, Lino (production assistant)
  21. Palik, Betty (unit publicist) (uncredited)
  22. Tremblay, Elizabeth (script supervisor)
  23. Woloshen, Annette (stand-in)
  24. Yoselevitz, Diandra (production coordinator)


[first lines] Audrey Sweeney: Rise and shine. You were out late last night. Mike Sweeney: Yeah, work. Nathalie Lacriox: You've reached the home of Nathalie Lacroix. Leave a message. Ray Prager Jr: Dad? Ray Prager: Yeah? Ray Prager Jr: Did you talk to Miss Lacroix about that scholarship? Ray Prager: Miss who? Ray Prager Jr: Miss Lacroix. Ray Prager: The English teacher? Yeah, I was supposed to have a meeting with her yesterday morning. She didn't show up. Jake Sharpe: [to Ray Jr.] Your teacher, Miss Lacroix. Look, kid, she was murdered. [repeated line] Answering Machine: Message erased. Tom Bykovski: [to Mike] Look, whoever this was for. My bet's on him. Traci Prager: I am hysterical and I am leaving. Ray Prager: What about me? Traci Prager: [to Ray Sr.] I am not gonna stand by and let you do to him what you did to me. Ray Prager: Tracy? Tracy? Tracy? Ray Prager Jr: She's not here. Ray Prager Jr: [to Ray Sr.] Dad, are you okay? [last lines] Mike Sweeney: [on the phone] We're gonna find him. I promise you. Tom Bykovski: [to Mike] I'm just waiting for the coroner before we roll her. Mike Sweeney: [to Tom about Nathalie] I know her. She's my daughter's teacher. Ray Prager: [to Traci] No, you've never been on your own, Traci. Mike Sweeney: [to Nathalie, giving her a ring] You keep this. I'm losing everything. Audrey Sweeney: Thanks for the C.D. Ray Prager: And don't forget to stop and smell the roses. Audrey Sweeney: Goodbye. Mike Sweeney: You too have a whole life together. Audrey Sweeney: Come on. He's a nice guy. Jayson: [to Sadie] Hey, want a ride?