"ER" (1994) {The Chicago Way (#14.19)} TV Season

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Overview "ER" Season 14 Episode 19) (S14E19))


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
8.1/ 10 (82 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Amblin Television [us]
Constant c Productions [us]
Warner Bros. Television [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 15 May 2008
(Finland) - 31 July 2008
(Germany) - 27 August 2008
(Sweden) - 10 November 2008
(Hungary) - 15 December 2009

Running Time


car-explosion, city-name-in-title, lupus, place-name-in-title, witness-protection,

Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aylward, John as [Dr. Donald Anspaugh] <12>
  2. Biondo, Barry as (uncredited) [Firefighter/Paramedic]
  3. Brooks, Emerson as [Gonzalez] <23>
  4. Buscemi, Steve as [Art Masterson] <8>
  5. Evans, Troy (I) as [Frank Martin] <18>
  6. Gallini, Mo as [Guy] <25>
  7. Gaston, Michael (I) as [Rick] <14>
  8. Gelman, Larry as [Dubin] <26>
  9. Gonzales, Aidan as (uncredited) [Joe Kovac]
  10. Gonzales, Andrew (III) as (uncredited) [Joe Kovac]
  11. Grimes, Scott as [Dr. Archie Morris] <7>
  12. Grosse, Demetrius as [Officer Newkirk] <28>
  13. Holbrook, Hal as [Walter Perkins] <21>
  14. Jones III, Sam as [Chaz Pratt] <10>
  15. Jones, Brian David as (as Brian Jones) [Jackson] <29>
  16. Keiber, Christian as [Panicali] <30>
  17. Liberti, Louie as [Paramedic Bardelli] <31>
  18. Lyons, David (IX) as [Dr. Simon Brenner] <9>
  19. Manoux, J.P. as [Dr. Dustin Crenshaw] <16>
  20. Napoli, Rene as [Police Officer]
  21. Orser, Leland as [Dr. Lucien Dubenko] <11>
  22. Phifer, Mekhi as [Dr. Gregory Pratt] <3>
  23. Sobel, Mark (III) as (as Rabbi Mark Sob El) [Rabbi] <32>
  24. Stamos, John as [Dr. Tony Gates] <5>
  25. Tucci, Stanley (I) as [Dr. Kevin Moretti] <13>
  26. Visnjic, Goran as [Dr. Luka Kovac] <1>
  27. Boyd, Jaxy as [Shelby Crane] <22>
  28. Burns, Rusty (I) as [Gerry] <24>
  29. Cardellini, Linda as [Nurse Samantha Taggart] <6>
  30. Cerón, Laura as [Nurse Chuny Marquez] <17>
  31. Goodwillie, Susan as [Marnie] <27>
  32. Lapira, Liza as [Christine] <15>
  33. Moore, Angel Laketa as [Nurse Dawn Archer] <19>
  34. Nagra, Parminder (I) as [Dr. Neela Rasgotra] <4>
  35. Nowa, Sandi as (uncredited) [Explosion Victim]
  36. Tierney, Maura as [Dr. Abby Lockhart] <2>
  37. Webb, Bresha as [Laverne St. John] <20>
  38. Yashima, Momo as [Natsuki Barcenilla] <33>

Full Plot

In the season finale, an ER patient with a mysterious past is afraid that people are trying to kill him. Dr. Moretti returns, trying to make amends for wrecking the marriage of Abby and Luka. Neela makes her way through a difficult M&M conference. Morris treats a woman with lupus who has an attractive daughter. Mathew5000 Plot not found

Movie Certificate

12 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Davich, Martin


  1. Albert, Arthur (I) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Paolo, Lyn (as Lyn Elizabeth Paolo)


Algemene Vereniging Radio Omroep (AVRO) [nl] - (2010) (Netherlands) (TV)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (2008) (USA) (TV)
RTL Klub Televízió [hu] - (2009) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Tommasino, Tim


  1. Benedetti, Benjamin (account executive) (uncredited)
  2. Berry, Adam (II) (production secretary: Chicago) (uncredited)
  3. Birdwell, Cody (set production assistant) (uncredited)
  4. Brack, Suzy (stand-in: Maura Tierney) (uncredited)
  5. Carota, Ethan (production assistant) (uncredited)
  6. D'Alessandro, Amy (titles) (uncredited)
  7. Deerr, Alex (production assistant)
  8. Dorian, Armand (technical advisor) (as Armand Dorian M.D.)
  9. Farrands, Tim (crafts service assistant) (uncredited)
  10. Fash, Andrew (researcher)
  11. Feder, Jody (production assistant)
  12. Figueroa, Anthony (I) (script coordinator)
  13. Garvin, Gregory (script coordinator)
  14. Goodman, Carrie (II) (co-location manager)
  15. Hamilton, David (XXV) (assistant: David Zabel)
  16. Herbert, Mel (medical consultant) (as Mel Herbert M.D.)
  17. Hisserich, Alexandra (assistant production coordinator) (uncredited)
  18. Maser, Karen (executive story editor)
  19. McAleer, Greg (stand-in) (uncredited)
  20. Moran, Greg (medical consultant) (as Greg Moran M.D.)
  21. Pope, Brigette (assistant location manager) (uncredited)
  22. Schultz, Nicki (set production assistant)
  23. Smith, Patrick (V) (production assistant)
  24. Walton, Käthe (production accountant: Chicago) (uncredited)
  25. Walton, Käthe (production coordinator: Chicago) (uncredited)
  26. Willis, Dsoul (production assistant)
  27. Wright, Mary (I) (script supervisor)


Dr. Luka Kovac: [Moretti has stopped by Luka's new job to try to explain what happened with Abby and to apologize] Are you finished? Dr. Kevin Moretti: Uh, yeah. I think I am. Dr. Luka Kovac: [Luka decks Moretti] Thanks for stopping by. Walter Perkins: Hospice policy. There's a six month limit. My nephew's taking me to Philly. Dr. Luka Kovac: They're kicking you out because you didn't die soon enough? Walter Perkins: It's pretty discouraging, isn't it? Dr. Gregory Pratt: Hey, Abby. It's a beautiful spring day, the Cubs are playing at Wrigley Field, and we live in America. Dr. Abby Lockhart: I think I solved the case of the missing Lexapro. Dr. Gregory Pratt: Sorry. I was looking for some un-depressed person that I could be happy around, and uh... heh. Dr. Abby Lockhart: You chose me? Must be slim pickings.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Stage 1, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
  2. Stage 11, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
  3. Stage 2, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
  4. Stage 3, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
  5. Stage 7, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA