"Eight Is Enough" (1977) {Jeremy (#5.3)} TV Season

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Overview "Eight Is Enough" Season 05 Episode 03 (S05E03)



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Production Company
Lorimar Productions [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 5 November 1980

Running Time



Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.33 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aames, Willie as [Tommy Bradford] <10>
  2. Capen, Chris as [Anchorman]
  3. Considine, John (I) as [Mr. Andretti]
  4. Fenwick, Don as [Principal]
  5. Freeman, Andy (I) as [Ralph]
  6. Goodeve, Grant as [David Bradford] <4>
  7. Griswold, Michael as [Mr. Koppel]
  8. Guenther, Steve as [Schoolboy]
  9. Juracka, Lance as [Schoolboy]
  10. Kreitzberg, Robert as [Schoolboy]
  11. Lawrence, Kenny as [Schoolboy]
  12. Macchio, Ralph (I) as [Jeremy Andretti]
  13. Mattioli, Heath (I) as (as Heath Kaye) [Schoolboy]
  14. McClurg, Bob as [Cameraman]
  15. Pryor, Nicholas (I) as [Jeffrey Trout]
  16. Rich, Adam (II) as [Nicholas Bradford] <11>
  17. Rose, John (I) as [Floor Manager]
  18. Schott, Bob (I) as [Football Player]
  19. Smith, Bubba (I) as [Ned Naughton]
  20. Tigar, Kenneth as [Mr. Whitney]
  21. Van Patten, Dick as [Tom Bradford] <1>
  22. Buckley, Betty (I) as [Sandra Sue 'Abby' Abbott Bradford] <3>
  23. Darling, Jennifer as [Donna]
  24. Kay, Dianne as [Nancy Bradford] <8>
  25. Needham, Connie as [Elizabeth Bradford] <9>
  26. O Grady, Lani as [Mary Bradford] <5>
  27. Prather, Joan as [Janet McArthur Bradford]
  28. Richardson, Susan (III) as [Susan Bradford Stockwell] <6>
  29. Walters, Laurie as [Joannie Bradford] <7>


  1. Gunter, Marvin L. (director of photography)


American Broadcasting Company (ABC) [us] - (1980) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Van Enger Jr., Richard (as Dick Van Enger Jr.)


  1. Blinn, William (executive consultant)
  2. Grant, Gil (program consultant)
  3. Lefcourt, Peter (program consultant)
  4. Shayne, Bob (story consultant)
  5. Shelly, Bruce (executive story editor)