Ek Hi Bhool (1981) Movie

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(Bollywood) India

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6.0/ 10 (74 Votes)

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Release Date
(India) - 9 October 1981

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Full Cast

  1. Agha as (as Agah) [Sadhana's dad] <7>
  2. Asrani as [Manohar Prasad M.P.] <5>
  3. Duggal, Raja as (as Duggal) [Bus Conductor] <10>
  4. Hingoo, Dinesh as [(Guest Appearance)] <11>
  5. Jaya, M.R. as <16>
  6. Jeetendra (I) as [Ram Kumar Srivatsav] <1>
  7. Khan, Mazhar (II) as [Teg Bahadur] <6>
  8. Parvez, Yunus as [Lallulal] <9>
  9. Raj, Jagdish (I) as [Ram's Firm Boss] <8>
  10. Azmi, Shabana as [Meenakshi Verma (Guest Appearance)] <4>
  11. Barindar as <14>
  12. Kala, Surya as <13>
  13. Mishra, Leela as [Sadhana's grandmother] <12>
  14. Nazneen (I) as [Urwashi] <3>
  15. Pinky, Baby as [Raju - Ram's & Sadhana's son] <19>
  16. Rekha (I) as [Sadhana Srivastav] <2>
  17. Richa, Baby as <18>
  18. Sheela, Jaya as (as Jaya Seela) <15>
  19. Sujatha (II) as <17>


  1. Drama
  2. Family
  3. Romance

Full Plot

Sadhana (Rekha) and Ramkumar (Jeetendra) are a married couple. Their marriage gets into troubled waters when Sadhana starts to suspect that Ramkumar is having an affair. Sadhana does not handle the matter properly, and drives him away from her. Her family attempt to talk to her and try to patch things up for the couple, but Sadhana is relentless. What will bring the couple to come together and attempt to re-build their marriage? rAjOo ( Plot not found

Movie Certificate

U (India)

Music Composers

  1. Kudalkar, Laxmikant Shantaram (as Laxmikant)
  2. Sharma, Pyarelal Ramprasad (as Pyarelal)


  1. P.N., Sundaram

Dress Designers

  1. Daru, Leena (as Leena Dharu)
  2. Rao, B. Narayana


  1. Bashir, Aruna (dance assistant) (as Aruna)
  2. Bhatt, Suresh (choreographer)
  3. Sharma, Umesh (associate director)