El indio (2014) Movie

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Alqur Films [us]

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(Mexico) - 2014

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  1. Biography
  2. Crime
  3. Drama
  4. History
  5. Romance

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A biopic of Emilio Fernandez, the man who posed for the Oscar statue, murdered a few dozen people, and directed some of the most beautiful and romantic chick flicks ever made. From slapstick to tragedy, from Indian witchcraft to Space Oddity, from Rudolph Valentino to Sam Peckinpah, this movie tells a unique story of one of the most fascinating characters of the XX century. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 8,000,000 PD: 4 January 2012 - 4 March 2012 (preproduction)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Mexico


- He served as the model for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences First Award of Merit statuette (later called the Academy Award). While in exile in Los Angeles after a failed military revolt back in his native Mexico, actress Dolores del Rio - a native of Mexico - thought his physique would be perfect for the Crusader Knight her husband, the art designer Cedric Gibbons, had sketched out as the basis of the award he had been tasked with creating. Del Rio introduced Fernández to Gibbons with the idea of him being the model for the Knight, whom Gibbons envisioned as being totally in the buff. Though reluctant at first, Fernández finally was convinced to pose naked to create what it is known as the "Oscar".