Electric Slide (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Di Bonaventura Pictures [us]
Killer Films [us]
Media House Capital [ca]
Myriad Pictures [us]

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Release Date
(Russia) - 16 January 2014

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Full Cast

  1. Aimiche, Allel as [French hustler]
  2. Andreas, Charan as [Punk Rock Leader]
  3. Andris, Martin as [Eddie's Limo Driver]
  4. Gaston, Stevens as [Marco]
  5. Gray, Alan (IV) as [Front Desk Clerk]
  6. Lambert, Christopher (I) as
  7. McCormack, Will as [Fred Mercury]
  8. Nandi, Ivo as [French Hustler]
  9. Nieves, Joe as [Security Guard]
  10. Perkins, Oz as [Andy Segal]
  11. Ransone, James as
  12. Richards, Rodney J. as [Roys Limo Driver]
  13. Scott-Behrends, Tristan as [Bobby]
  14. Sturgess, Jim as [Eddie Dodson]
  15. Turner, Dale E. as [Loan Officer]
  16. Arquette, Patricia as
  17. Calix, Maria as [Nanny]
  18. Castillo, Susie as [Robin, Bank Teller #1]
  19. Colburn, Samantha as [Linda]
  20. Drayton, Ashley as [Actress]
  21. Ferguson, Amy as [Sandy]
  22. Joo, Mina as [Stevie]
  23. Lucas, Isabel (I) as [Pauline]
  24. Palm, Cortney as [Jan's Girl]
  25. Park, Susan (I) as [Marilyn D]
  26. Ross, Anna (III) as [Runaway Street Punk Girl]
  27. Schram, Ingrid as [Amazonian Twin]
  28. Seear, Noot as [Amazonian Twin]
  29. Sevigny, Chloë as
  30. Shaw, Vinessa as
  31. Smith, Sharelle as [Stand In]
  32. Spracklen, Joanne as
  33. Wu, Constance as [Mika Oh]


  1. Biography
  2. Crime
  3. Drama


  1. Tiernan, Darran

Dress Designers

  1. Johnson, Jennifer (XIII)


AQS [cz] - (2011) (Czech Republic) (all media)
D Productions [tr] - (2011) (Turkey) (all media)
European Film Partners (EFP) [nl] - (2011) (Netherlands) (all media) (Benelux)
MG Film [hr] - (2011) (Croatia) (all media)
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Rialto Film AG [ch] - (2011) (Switzerland) (all media)
Spentzos Films [gr] - (2011) (Greece) (all media)
Tanweer Films [ae] - (2011) (Bangladesh) (all media)
Tanweer Films [ae] - (2011) (Bhutan) (all media)
Tanweer Films [ae] - (2011) (India) (all media)
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Tanweer Films [ae] - (2011) (Sri Lanka) (all media)
Valentim de Carvalho Multimédia [pt] - (2011) (Portugal) (all media)


  1. Begnaud, Justin (completion bond executive: Film Finances)
  2. Chaudry, Michael (crafts service assistant)
  3. Chaudry, Michelle (crafts services)
  4. de Vivien, Helen (production supervisor)
  5. Ducar, David (production counsel)
  6. Eason, Dan (key assistant location manager)
  7. Evans, Dyer (stage manager)
  8. Gregory, Mikhaela (production assistant)
  9. Hayes, Jocelyn (production executive)
  10. Kearse, Terrisha (production assistant)
  11. McDaniel, Tim (II) (office production assistant)
  12. McDuffee, Tim (key set production assistant)
  13. Perez, Kristina (script supervisor)
  14. Phan, Christie (office production assistant)
  15. Scott II, Allison (production secretary)
  16. Smith, Michael Edward (location manager)
  17. Stangeland, Eric (assistant location manager)
  18. Tron, Azia (business affairs assistant)
  19. Vides Alvarado, Chrissie (executive assistant to aaron l. gilbert) (uncredited)
  20. Won, Theresa (assistant to producer)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA


- Eddie Dodson was a Hollywood playboy who robbed 64 banks between July, 1983 and February, 1984 - including six on one day. He served almost 10 years in prison, got out and after a few months was offered a job as a housesitter by Jack Nicholson. Jack sent Eddie to drug treatment twice but on Eddie's third relapse, he lost his position. Two weeks thereafter Eddie got off parole. Two weeks after that he started robbing banks again. He robbed eight more (Eddie said nine, the FBI says eight) before getting arrested again. This time he got a sentence of 46 months, owing in part to a failing liver. He served 40 months, got out in October of 2002, and died in February of 2003 of liver failure.

- 'Ewan McGregor' (qv) was originally cast as Eddie Dodson and 'Carey Mulligan' (qv) as his girlfriend but after years in development, both dropped out and were replaced by 'Jim Sturgess' (qv) and 'Isabel Lucas (I)' (qv).