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Overview "Elizabeth I" Season 01 Episode 01 (S01E01)



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8.1/ 10 (66 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 29 September 2005
(USA) - 22 April 2006
(Japan) - 4 October 2006

Running Time
103 (DVD version)



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Full Cast

  1. Bagdzevicius, Rimantas as [Howard of Effingham] <21>
  2. Bersey, Geoffrey T. as [Hatton] <24>
  3. Bilinskas, Remigijus as [Man with pitchfork] <22>
  4. Covillault, Jérémie as [Duke of Anjou] <8>
  5. Dancy, Hugh as [Earl of Essex] <5>
  6. Dapsys, Arvydas as [MP] <23>
  7. Delve, David as [Sir Francis Drake] <16>
  8. Deshors, Erick as [Jean de Simier] <9>
  9. Dorofejus, Mykolas as [Davison] <20>
  10. Irons, Jeremy as [Earl of Leicester] <2>
  11. Jones, Toby (I) as [Robert Cecil] <4>
  12. Malahide, Patrick as [Sir Francis Walsingham] <3>
  13. Marquez, Martin (I) as [Don Bernadino de Mendoza] <17>
  14. McDiarmid, Ian as [Lord Burghley] <7>
  15. McEnery, John as [Jesuit Priest] <14>
  16. Millham, Charles as [Priest] <18>
  17. Salaman, Toby as [Dr Lopez] <12>
  18. Savage, Martin (I) as [Stubbs] <15>
  19. Streatfield, Geoffrey as [Sir Anthony Babington] <13>
  20. Woods, Simon (I) as [Gifford] <10>
  21. Firbank, Ann as [Lady Anne] <19>
  22. Flynn, Barbara (I) as [Mary Queen of Scots] <6>
  23. Kent, Diana (I) as [Lady Essex] <11>
  24. Mirren, Helen as [Elizabeth I] <1>

Full Plot

Approaching middle age, Queen Elizabeth is conscious that she has never produced an heir to continue her line. Her advisers see plots and treachery all around her, most of it centered around her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots. Her advisers have a plan that they believe will secure the British throne and weaken their deadliest enemy, Spain. They propose that she marry the Duke of Anjou, brother to the King of France. This would preclude an alliance between France and Spain and drive a wedge through the Catholic world. She reluctantly agrees, even accepting the advice of the Earl of Leicester, a lover she had at one time banished from her court. The Duke's sudden death leads to the Franco-Spanish alliance they had feared. When the Spanish Armada is defeated England is safe but the Queen suffers a tragic personal loss. garykmcd Plot not found

Film Editors

  1. Mills, Beverley (I)


  1. Jeffries, Nick (I) (armourer)


- 'Eddie Redmayne' (qv) played different roles in competing Elizabeth movies. In _"Elizabeth I" (2005)_ (qv), he played the traitor Southampton, and in _Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)_ (qv) he played Thomas Babington. In addition, he portrayed William Stafford in _The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)_ (qv), a film about Elizabeth I's mother and aunt.