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(Hollywood) USA

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Aftershock Studios [us]
Area 9 Productions [us]

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agoraphobia, apostrophe-in-title, cancer, character-name-in-title, cookie, death-of-wife, pastor, punctuation-in-title,

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Agoraphobic, and angry at a god he feels was a lie, an elderly pastor, Mac Warner, shuts himself away in his home after his wife, Helen, loses her painful battle with cancer. Ten years later, a little girl named Emma, follows a misdirected kickball into his yard, and is promptly told to never come back again. Despite Mac's protests, Emma decides to help Mac. To her, there is only one solution for sadness and pain... Cookies! Each day on her way to school, Emma sets a plate of homemade cookies, with an encouraging note, on Mac's porch, and he piles them on his counter, uneaten. Slowly, her efforts thaw out his gruff exterior and help him grieve his wife's death. The two develop a friendship and when the truth about Emma's health comes to light, Mac must decide what's more important, his bitterness or the life of a little girl. Their relationship changes both of their lives and the entire community around them. "Emma's Cookies" is a heartbreaking, heartwarming story about the power of a love, faith, and homemade cookies. Matthew Sconce Plot not found

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