Endgame (Miller's Reckoning) (2013) Movie

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Chessboard Films [ca]
Dream Front Entertainment [ca]
Stone Cold Productions [ca]
Telefilm Canada - Equity Investment Program [ca] - (funding)

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I can"t get you justice but I can get you revenge.


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  1. Thriller

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Tobias Miller has everything he's ever wanted: an upscale home, a successful career and the realization that soon, he will be a first time father. It all changes one day when he walks through his front door and three masked men shoot him, leave him for dead, and abduct his loving wife Grace. Like a ticking bomb, hatred builds inside him as endless days turn into weeks without an arrest. Haunted by the memory of Grace's terror, he can't help but feel guilty for his failure to protect her. His nightmare truly begins when her ravaged body is found dumped in an isolated corner of a park. He descends ever deeper into an abyss of darkness. Joe Ackers, a seemingly sympathetic police detective, throws Miller a lifeline by offering him an unusual proposal. Through Ackers, Miller learns the names of the masked men and is given a choice: he can continue his downward spiral into depression and waste away, or he can seek revenge. In a secluded cabin, Ackers teaches Miller how to fight, to think, and stay one step ahead of his enemies. They methodically work through each stage of a fail-proof plan - until all three men are tracked down and viciously killed. With Grace's death avenged, Miller sets out to restore his life - but soon finds that revenge comes at a price. Ackers, like a chess master calmly making his endgame move, lays out his payback plan: Miller must kill Ackers' ex-wife. Backed into a corner, with seemingly no other choice, Miller finds he can't follow through. He decides to turn the tables by double-crossing Ackers. In a final showdown, Ackers discovers that once a man is molded into a killer, that man will no longer be an easy victim.... Endgame is a taut, psychological thriller in the vein of Death Wish and, more recently, The Game. The innate violence of this genre, and its tragic consequences, seeks to clarify a much broader question: what is left of a person's soul when society's rules are ripped away? Hank White Plot not found


  1. Baker, Noel S. (story editor)