Eraser (1996) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.9/ 10 (56308 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for violent action throughout and some language

Production Company
Kopelson Entertainment [us]
Warner Bros. Pictures [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 11 June 1996
(Canada) - 21 June 1996
(USA) - 21 June 1996
(South Korea) - 29 June 1996
(Singapore) - 4 July 1996

Running Time

He will erase your past to protect your future.

action-hero, alligator, ambush, arms-dealer, betrayal, betrayal-by-friend, blockbuster, blood, blood-spatter, body-bag, body-landing-on-a-car, bodyguard, bound-and-gagged, box-office-flop, broken-leg, brutal-violence, california, cameo, car-hit-by-a-train, character-name-in-title, chase, cold-blooded-murder, conspiracy, corruption, crocodile,

Technical Support
CAM:Aaton 35-III, Panavision C-Series Lenses
CAM:Panavision Panaflex Platinum, Panavision C-Series Lenses
LAB:Technicolor, Hollywood (CA), USA - (also prints)
MET:3142 m - (Sweden)
MET:3218 m
OFM:35 mm - (also horizontal) (Eastman EXR 100T 5248, EXR 200T 5293, EXR 500T 5298)
PCS:Panavision - (anamorphic)
PCS:VistaVision - (visual effects)
PFM:35 mm
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Arcuri, Frank as (uncredited) [Lawyer]
  2. Barnett, Craig (I) as [Clerk] <37>
  3. Batalla, Rick as [Kevin, the Bartender] <28>
  4. Becker, Gerry as [Morehart] <17>
  5. Beeman, Terry as [Dancer] <61>
  6. Berns, Gerald as [Young Agent] <24>
  7. Billett, Tom as (uncredited) [Witsec Security Guard]
  8. Bilson, David as [Pilot] <70>
  9. Caan, James (I) as [U.S. Marshal Robert DeGuerin] <2>
  10. Cameron, Mike (I) as (as Michael Cameron) [Gate Guard] <45>
  11. Carlo, Ismael East as [Father Rodriguez] <26>
  12. Cerullo, Al (I) as [Pilot] <71>
  13. Chatman, Glenndon as [Glenndon] <66>
  14. Chinlund, Nick as [WitSec Agent Calderon] <9>
  15. Chiquette, Charles as (as Charles Chiquete) [Office Worker #1] <65>
  16. Clark, James Frank (I) as (as James Clark) [Locomotive Engineer] <69>
  17. Coburn, James (I) as [WitSec Chief Beller] <4>
  18. Colceri, Tim (I) as [Lobby Guard] <46>
  19. Collins, Pat (III) as [Anchorman] <58>
  20. Cozart, Cylk as [Darryl] <21>
  21. Cromwell, James (I) as [William Donohue] <6>
  22. Fonteno, David as (as David Wolos-Fonteno) [Security Official] <42>
  23. Ford, Steven (I) as (as Steve Ford) [Knoland] <25>
  24. Forest, Denis as [Technician] <49>
  25. Freeman, K. Todd as [Duton] <22>
  26. Fry, Kevin as [Dock Guard] <52>
  27. Fusco, Anthony as [WitSec Ops] <35>
  28. Gong, Michael Gregory as [Dancer] <62>
  29. Gregory, Michael (I) as [Leiman] <29>
  30. Gulbranson, Matthew James as (uncredited) [Russian Sailor]
  31. Hausserman, Mischa as (uncredited) [Airplane Captain]
  32. Huff, Tommy J. as (as Thomas J. Huff) [Somes] <27>
  33. Kilpatrick, Patrick as [James Haggerty] <30>
  34. King, Sonny (IV) as (as Sonny H. King) [Security Guard] <43>
  35. Krupa, Olek as [Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky] <20>
  36. La Cause, Sebastian as [Dancer] <63>
  37. Landey, Clayton as [WitSec Agent] <60>
  38. Libby, Brian as [Perimeter Guy] <40>
  39. Longo, Tony as [Little Mike] <16>
  40. Lupo, Tom (I) as (uncredited) [Hostage Taker]
  41. Mahaney, Matthew as [Vault Guard] <48>
  42. Mallow, Dave as (uncredited) [Newscaster]
  43. Mankiewicz, Christopher as [Zoo Guard] <50>
  44. Marcus, Dominic as [Reporter] <57>
  45. Marzan, Rick as [Crawford] <39>
  46. McKinney, Gregory as [WitSec Ops] <36>
  47. Minitello, Frank as [Paramedic] <64>
  48. Miranda, Robert (I) as [Frediano] <14>
  49. Nay, A.J. as [Sniper #2] <32>
  50. Novak, David (III) as (uncredited) [Co-Pilot]
  51. Nucci, Danny as [WitSec Deputy Monroe] <7>
  52. Papajohn, Michael as [WitSec Agent Schiffer] <10>
  53. Pastorelli, Robert as [Johnny Casteleone] <5>
  54. Polizos, Vic as [Hannon] <68>
  55. Rekart, James as (uncredited) [Russian Spetsnaz Sailor]
  56. Rolston, Mark as [J. Scar] <12>
  57. Romano, Andy as [Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper] <8>
  58. Rote, Edward as [Security Guard] <44>
  59. Scarber, Sam as [Dock Guard] <53>
  60. Schwarzenegger, Arnold as [U.S. Marshal John 'The Eraser' Kruger] <1>
  61. Seymour, Dorin as [Attorney] <59>
  62. Shenkman, Ben (II) as [Reporter] <56>
  63. Short, James (I) as [Crane Sniper] <31>
  64. Shuster, Rick as [Pilot] <72>
  65. Sisto, Rocco (I) as [Pauley] <23>
  66. Slattery, John (I) as [FBI Agent Corman] <13>
  67. Snyder, John (I) as [Sal] <18>
  68. Stone, Mike (II) as (as Michael Stone) [Zoo Killer #1] <51>
  69. Sudduth, Skipp (I) as [Watch Commander] <34>
  70. Taylor, Corey Joshua as [Officer] <38>
  71. Thorsen, Sven-Ole as (uncredited) [Russian Gunman]
  72. Trippel, Dieter R. as [Lobby Guard] <47>
  73. Varga, Richie as [Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper] <54>
  74. Viterelli, Joe as [Tony Two-Toes] <11>
  75. Warner, Dan (I) as (uncredited) [Russian guard]
  76. Wynands, Danny as (as Dan Wynands) [Perimeter Guy] <41>
  77. Holihan, Patricia as (uncredited) [Pedestrian]
  78. Maffia, Roma as [Claire Isaacs] <15>
  79. Manheim, Camryn as [Nurse at Cyrez Infirmary] <33>
  80. Morgan, Diana (II) as [Female Reporter] <55>
  81. Walters, Melora as [Darleen] <19>
  82. Williams, Vanessa (VII) as [Lee Cullen] <3>
  83. Winbush, Camille as [Camille] <67>


  1. Action
  2. Crime
  3. Drama
  4. Mystery
  5. Sci-Fi
  6. Thriller

Full Plot

John Kruger is a U.S. marshal who is assigned to protect Lee Cullen, who works for the Cyrez Corporation, a company that manufactures top secret weapons for the military. Lee knows about a scam going on within Cyrez Corporation, and the man behind it is determined to silence Lee, because without Lee, the FBI has no case against the Cyrez Corporation. After taking Lee to New York City to hide her, John discovers that his friend, U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin, is the mastermind behind the scam! Todd Baldridge U.S. Marshal deputy John Kruger is one of the toughest Marshals, his methods are to "Erase" The identities of his witnesses he is assigned to protect. Meanwhile, a woman named Lee Cullen who works for a corporation named Cyrez performed an undercover job for the FBI to unveil a top secret weapon which uses an electromagnetic pulse to dispatch targets. Cyrez discovered this about Lee and are now out to kill her, Kruger's job is now to protect Lee so she can testify against Cyrez. But, when Kruger was assigned to perform a job with another Marshal named Robert Deguerin, he discovers that Deguerin is behind some kind of scam that will involve the EM Gun, which will change hands to a Russian criminal if Kruger does not stop them, Kruger must not only protect Lee's life but his own. John Wiggins After an FBI undercover operation goes wrong, Lee Cullen's life is in danger. She is an employee of Defense contractor Cyrez Corporation and believes the company may have been involved in illegal arms sales. As a result, she is put in the witness protection program under the care of U.S. Federal Marshal John Kruger, whose specialty is to erase someone's past so they can never be found. When his colleague Robert Deguerin tells him someone has gotten information about some of their protected witnesses, he goes along but is wary - and with good reason. He manages to save Lee but realizes that the only way to stop them is to get information from inside Cyrez. With the help of a mobster Kruger once erased, they find out exactly what Cyrez is up to and try to put a stop to it. garykmcd John Kruger works for the witness relocation program as a U.S. Marshal. His job is to remove all traces of the identity of any witness in the program and to, as called for, eliminate threats against any of those witnesses. John works alone and is the best at what he does. When Lee Cullen, a high level executive with a U.S. weapons manufacturer, turns over evidence of illegal arms deals to the FBI, John is assigned to protect her. But they both soon find that the level of treason extends far past the Cyrex Corporation and into high levels of the government. John and Lee become the target of these money grubbing capitalist pigs and their survival depends upon John's ability to protect both of them. Tony Fontana John Kruger works for a branch of the Justice Department call Witness Security or Witsec, that's responsible for relocatibng and protecting witnesses. John's latest assignment is Lee Cullen, who works for a company that's a Defense Contractor, who is selling weapons to enemies of the U.S. When she agrees to get the evidence that the Feds need to take them down, she goes in and does it but was not told by the Feds that she was going to have a bullseye on her for the rest of her life. After refusing to be placed in Kruger's custody, some men attack her home but Kruger arrives just in time to save her and relocate. Later when several witnesses under Witsec are killed, Kruger accompanies another Witsec agent Deguerin to save a potential victim, when they get there, Deguerin shoots the killer but also kills the witness, and then plants a photo of Lee in the shooter's pocket. When Kruger sees the photo, Deguerin asks where she is, Kruger intially gives him a false location but while on the plane, Kruger sensing something's not right, calls her, which means that she is suppose to meet him somewhere. Kruger's drugged and when he awakens he discovers that Deguerin is not only working with the people who are trying to sell the weapons but has just framed him for killing another agent. Kruger escapes and gets to Lee in time but unfortunately, he is still a fugitive, so he must try and prove his innocence while trying to protect Lee. Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 1,467,367 (France) (1 October 1996) AD: 1,281,394 (France) (3 September 1996) AD: 256,447 (Netherlands) (1 January 1997) AD: 256,133 (Portugal) (10 October 1996) AD: 252,527 (Portugal) (3 October 1996) AD: 248,518 (Portugal) (26 September 1996) AD: 241,740 (Portugal) (19 September 1996) AD: 230,004 (Portugal) (12 September 1996) AD: 204,682 (Portugal) (5 September 1996) AD: 171,195 (Portugal) (29 August 1996) AD: 124,628 (Portugal) (22 August 1996) AD: 1,501,728 (Spain) BT: USD 100,000,000 GR: USD 101,228,120 (USA) (6 October 1996) GR: USD 101,104,323 (USA) (29 September 1996) GR: USD 100,912,448 (USA) (22 September 1996) GR: USD 100,629,947 (USA) (15 September 1996) GR: USD 100,182,147 (USA) (8 September 1996) GR: USD 99,013,389 (USA) (1 September 1996) GR: USD 96,808,807 (USA) (25 August 1996) GR: USD 95,270,648 (USA) (18 August 1996) GR: USD 94,557,455 (USA) (11 August 1996) GR: USD 93,272,730 (USA) (4 August 1996) GR: USD 90,941,000 (USA) (28 July 1996) GR: USD 87,100,000 (USA) (21 July 1996) GR: USD 101,200,000 (USA) GR: GBP 4,700,340 (UK) (15 September 1996) GR: USD 233,200,000 (Worldwide) GR: USD 133,800,000 (Worldwide) (except USA) GR: AUD 5,776,922 (Australia) (31 October 1996) GR: DEM 22,159,029 (Germany) GR: ESP 798,160,852 (Spain) OW: USD 24,566,446 (USA) (23 June 1996) (2,410 screens) RT: USD 46,032,666 (USA) SD: 13 September 1995 - 26 March 1996

Movie Certificate

14 (Canada)(Nova Scotia)
16+ (Canada)(Quebec)
AA (Canada)(Ontario)
PA (Canada)(Manitoba)
R (USA)(certificate #34624)
16 (Iceland)
12 (Netherlands)
15 (South Korea)
R-18 (Philippines)
MA (Australia)
15 (UK)(video rating) (heavily cut)
15 (UK)(re-rating) (uncut)
R16 (New Zealand)
14 (Brazil)
18 (Peru)
16 (Argentina)
KT (Belgium)
18 (Chile)
16 (Denmark)
K-16 (Finland)
16 (Germany)(w)
T (Italy)
18 (Norway)
M/12 (Portugal)
PG (Singapore)
18 (Spain)
15 (Sweden)
18 (UK)(original rating) (cut)

Music Composers

  1. Silvestri, Alan


  1. Greenberg, Adam (I) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Bruno, Richard (I)


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Film Editors

  1. Tronick, Michael


  1. Armstrong, Charley (location manager) (uncredited)
  2. Baer, Adam (I) (location scout) (uncredited)
  3. Bakhle, Aparna (staff assistant)
  4. Bifano, David (auricle programmer)
  5. Brock, Aaron (I) (staff assistant)
  6. Campion, Robert C. (production accountant)
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  8. Cooper, Kyle (I) (title designer: main title, RGA/LA)
  9. Corbett, Nick (I) (production assistant) (uncredited)
  10. Corven Caronia, Alex (assistant location manager: New York) (uncredited)
  11. Crawford, W. Ty (production assistant) (uncredited)
  12. Daly, Bill (III) (post-production accountant manager) (uncredited)
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  14. Dreiling, Dawn C. (script supervisor: second unit) (as Dawn Dreiling)
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  20. Grasso, Michael (I) (firearms advisor) (uncredited)
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  24. Haro, Michael (I) (assistant location manager)
  25. Hausserman, Mischa (aerial coordinator)
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Donahue: We're way beyond bullshit here. Sal: [referring to a sniper perched atop a crane] You think I can hit that guy from here? Johnny C: Give it a rest, Sal. You couldn't hit the ground even if you fell on it. Morehart: This is James Haggarty, our chief of security. Robert: Hey, you ever done any wetwork? James Haggerty: Only on three different continents. Robert: Wow, really? Listen, you wanna impress me, slick? Do your fucking job! Father Rodriguez: The police have returned to the saftey of their doughnut shops. John: Lee, this is Father Rodriguez. Lee: How do you do? Father Rodriguez: Of course, I wasn't always Father Rodriguez. You might say I was born again, with a little help from our friend here. John: Some of his Colombian associates wanted to introduce him to God personally. Father Rodriguez: I've been given a second chance at life. I'm using it to do God's work. Robert: You know, some people take things for granted, like the ability to chew solid food. Robert: Gentlemen, keep your eyes open and your assholes puckered. Robert: I want this town locked up so tight, it'll make his balls ache. Tony Two Toes: No one screws with the union! [the phone rings] Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper: It's for you. [takes the phone] Robert: Yeah? John: [over phone] You've just been erased. John: [to dead alligator] You're luggage! [John parachutes into a junkyard] John: Where is this? Camille: Earth. Welcome. Robert: [after John hits him with a concealed throwing knife] John, I can't believe you nailed me with this cheap piece of mail-order shit! Tony Two Toes: There they are. Commie bastards! Mikey: They're not communists any more, Tony. They're a federation of independent liberated states. Tony Two Toes: Don't make me hurt you, Mikey. Calderon: Don't you ever get tired of babysitting scumbags? John: Yeah, but in your case I'll make an exception. Robert: Listen, have I given you an evaluation yet. Deputy Monroe: Evaluation? Robert: Yeah. [shoots Monroe] A-plus, kid. [his hands are now bloody] Ah man, can somebody get me a wet-nap or something? Calderon: Hey, who does this guy think he is? Robert: Who, him? Well, he thinks he's the best guy in the game. I think he's right. Try not to piss him off, okay? John: I work alone. If anyone comes to you and claims that I sent them... [reveals a gun] John: Use this. John: Don't move, you're dead. [takes a photo] [John knocks down a door and shoots a guy] Lee: You're late! John: Traffic. John: Drop your gun. Robert: What? John: If you drop your gun now, I promise I won't kill you. Robert: Alright, I want his face all over this windshield. [explosions rock the building] Sergei: It seems your friend has arrived. Lee: I'll enjoy introducing him to you. Robert: Turn this thing around. Pilot: I've got a may-day, I'm trying to keep us in the air! Robert: I said turn around and take him out now! John: I work alone, you know that. Robert: Not today. [John wakes up from a drug-induced sleep] Robert: Confused, pal? New York. John: You're off course. Robert: No, no we're not. You're gonna take us to her John. [John reaches for his gun. Robert holds up his gun in a plastic bag] Robert: You did a very, very bad thing, John. You killed Monroe. Now that makes you the mole. John: No, that makes you a murderer. Donahue: Who do you think we are? We're not the Red Cross. We make weapons, things that kill people. Lee: I didn't know treason was part of the corporate strategy. Agent: This is Special Agent John Kruger. He'll be handling your personal security. Lee: My protection? John: New identity, relocation, I'll take you through it step by step. Lee: What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere! John: You're in an extremely high risk situation, Miss Cullen. That should've been explained to you. John: A major defense contractor is selling to terrorists on the black market. [Tony and his whole crew start laughing] Tony Two Toes: Mr. Sixty Minutes, tell me something I don't know. John: It's happening tonight, on your docks. Tony Two Toes: [stops laughing] *That* I didn't know. [the limousine that Daniel Harper, Robert Deguerin, and Morehart were trapped in was just hit by a train] Lee: What happened? John: They caught a train. Perimeter Guy: [on his walkie-talkie] Sir, I have a situation here. Tony Two Toes: [to Dock Guard] You certainly do. Nurse: Oh my God! Terrorists! Johnny C: Terror? I'll show you some freakin' terror! Get your ass up here, I'll jump-start it! [Johnny C is working as a bartender in a drag club. John comes to see him] Johnny C: I got one question: was it your idea to hook me up with the Village People here? John: Well, you're safe, aren't you? Johnny C: Well, from the mob, yeah. I mean no self-respecting wiseguy would ever be caught dead in a joint like this. Tony Two Toes: [counting the union rep payee envelopes] Hey, Mikey. You're one payment short. Mikey: Oh, that's Louis. He didn't pay. Tony Two Toes: He didn't pay? Why? Mikey: He needed a few extra days to come up with the money, so I told him it was okay. Tony Two Toes: You going soft on me, Mikey? What exactly did he say? Johnny C: He said, "Tell that fat fuck, Tony Two Toes, I ain't payin' another dime!" Tony Two Toes: I know that voice... but it can't be him, unless he's a ghost. Johnny C: [walks into room] Boo. [after blowing up a building with John inside] Robert: Okay, I think it's safe to say we got him. Schiff: He's toast. Calderon: I think we even got the roaches. Robert: Hey, John? That was good work last night. John: I had a good teacher. Robert: Bullshit. You had the best. Robert: Good morning, gentlemen. Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper: Shut up! You mind telling me what the hell's going on? Robert: I'll have the situation contained in 24 hours. Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper: Not good enough! The shipment goes down tonight. Robert: Everything is going as planned. But the first thing we've got to do is cancel that shipment. Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper: And what do you propose we do with 10 tons of assault weaponry that's not supposed to exist? Robert: I am the eyes and ears of your world, gentlemen, and I'm telling you, there's too much heat. Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper: You don't get it. The money has already changed hands. These are not the type of people you cancel on! Robert: Listen... Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper: No, you listen! The disk, the girl, the guns. By dawn they don't exist. Are we clear? Robert: Yes, sir. Crystal. Johnny C: You want me to help you break into Cyrez? John: Yeah. Johnny C: What, are you shitting me? When you said you needed my help, I thought you wanted me to help you move a sofa or something. John: Pull over, up ahead. Johnny C: Alright, I,m gonna help you out here... All we are gonna need is some tanks, a couple of rocket lanchers, and a set of balls like, uh, the King of Bayonne. Sal: We heard you got whacked. Johnny C: Yeah, must have been some other guy. Tony Two Toes: Yeah? Was it some other guy who ratted out Vincenzo Canelli? Johnny C: Hey, Canelli's a piece of shit. Tony Two Toes: I got no love for Canelli, either. But you crossed the line, Johnny. Johnny C: Hey, I'm still here. Tony Two Toes: Nah, that don't matter. What you did was wrong, John. John: [entering] No, what he did got a drug dealer and his poison off the streets. Tony Two Toes: Whose da tree trunk? [after killing the thugs sent to murder Johnny C, John arranges their bodies on the lawn of his house, shoots them with a silenced pistol, then puts the guns in their hands] John: They killed you, then they turned on each other. Johnny C: Right. Those sons of bitches... Tony Two Toes: Lemme explain somethin' to ya, sonny boy. Nothin' moves off these docks without it don't get loaded by the union. I don't see no union people around here. Do you? WitSec Ops: Hi, you've just been erased. Tony Two Toes: We're from the local 129th, sonny. Mikey: We heard you was loading a ship without the assistance of bonefide union labor. Say it ain't so. Johnny C: [while Posing as a Pizza Delivery guy and being pinned to the wall by Cyrez Guards] Hey. I've got a bad heart and a *very* good lawyer. Hostage Taker: [while holding a woman at gunpoint] You're early. Robert: You're late. [shoots the suspect] John: That weapon, it came from your company, right? Lee: Yes. It's an EMP prototype, it's not even supposed to exist. John: EMP? Lee: Electro-Magnetic Pulse. No gunpowder, no conventional bullets. They fire caseless aluminum shells at nearly the speed of light. John: You're talking about the rail gun? Lee: [surprised] That's right. John: The Navy has been working on those for years. But the smallest one I've ever seen is mounted on a battleship. Lee: Cyrez was contracted to scale them down, design a man-portable version. The most powerful assault rifle on earth. They took millions, then said the physics were impossible. John: It looked real enough to me. Lee: [On the computer on Donahue's office] Are we near? John: You were right about Donahue, he left himself a back door. But we've still got to break his code. I say that we have about five or six minutes before they trace us. [scrolling through the records] Do you recognize any of this? Lee: No, but we're getting warm. "UBS" - it's the United bank of Switzerland. John: $52 million? Who's the buyer? Lee: [a picture comes up] "Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky." Who's he? John: Bad news! He runs a cartel in the Russian Mafia, running drugs, guns and selling them to the highest bidder. Lee: Selling what? [Another picture comes up] Lee: The EM Gun? John: A thousand EM guns. See where this is going? The exchange is tonight at midnight at Baltimore Harbor. Lee: Are they crazy? If they let these get offshore... John: There will be a whole new era of world terrorism.

Other Titles

  1. Eraser (1996) (ENG)

  2. Eraser (1996) (ENG)

  3. L'eliminatore (1996) (ENG)

  4. Eliminatore, L' (1996) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Santa Clarita, California, USA
  2. Borough Hall, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
  3. Chinatown, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
  4. City Hall - 200 N. Spring Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
  5. Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada
  6. El Segundo, California, USA
  7. Harlem Rail Yard, The Bronx, New York City, New York, USA
  8. Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park - 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA
  9. National Institute of Standards & Technology - 100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
  10. New Jersey, USA
  11. Phoenix Park Hotel - 520 N Capitol Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
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  19. Topanga Canyon, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
  20. West Hollywood, California, USA
  21. Whitestone, Queens, New York City, New York, USA


- The company name "Cyrez" was originally "Cyrex", but the real-life company Cyrix complained. The movie had been shot, but all dialogue was dubbed and company logos were digitally altered during postproduction.

- When Kruger comes to Lee's house, he has "LET'S PARTY!" printed on the back of his jacket. This is a reference to _Commando (1985)_ (qv) in which 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv) says that line to 'Vernon Wells (I)' (qv).

- At Tony Two Toes' office, Arnold is referred to as the Tree Trunk. 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv) is nicknamed the Oak.

- Although only 'Tony Puryear' (qv) and 'Walon Green' (qv) are credited with the film's screenplay - and the two of them along with 'Michael S. Chernuchin' (qv) for the film's story - the film went through so many revisions from so many different writers that the final shooting script reportedly "looked like a rainbow". Frank Darabont and 'William Wisher Jr.' (qv) reportedly did multiple rewrites during the production as well.

- 'John Milius' (qv) did multiple rewrites as a favor to 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' (qv).

- The early version by 'Tony Puryear' (qv) was meant as an action vehicle for 'Robert De Niro' (qv).

- Reportedly,