Erebus (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Cut To The Chase Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time

Between Hell and Earth...

blood, one-word-title, pyschological, supernatural,

Technical Support
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Alan, Christopher as [Chief Thompson] <15>
  2. Alford, George as [Clark Peter] <20>
  3. Aponte, Brandon Luis as [Kyle] <6>
  4. Ashton, Harold as [Walter] <18>
  5. Berryman, Michael as [Jonah Crane] <1>
  6. Bonnick, Ryan as [Jeff] <9>
  7. Boudreau, Andre as [Mike the Cabby] <17>
  8. Boudreau, Jacques (II) as [Boy Ghost]
  9. Bradley, Jim S. as [The Killer] <26>
  10. Hoang, Anthony as [Tony] <10>
  11. Jr, Bernard Larrivee as [Officer Oates] <22>
  12. Langill, David as [Barry Davis] <24>
  13. Langill, James as [Officer Neely] <21>
  14. LoCicero, Michael A. as [Robert Neville] <2>
  15. MacKay, Allan as [Sailor Ghost]
  16. Robert, Glenn as [Sheriff Grahame] <11>
  17. Testa, Michael (IV) as [Husband Spirit]
  18. Tretheway, Rich as [Greg Douglas] <19>
  19. Varrati, Michael as [Michael] <14>
  20. Vos, Marc as [Frank Martin] <4>
  21. Weindel, David as [Bill] <16>
  22. Zuccola, Michael as [Benny] <13>
  23. Carson, Cate as [Lauren] <8>
  24. Conant, Mary as [Victorian Girl Ghost]
  25. Lasala, Nicole as [Amy Donnelly] <12>
  26. Leigh, Vanessa (III) as [Cat] <5>
  27. Morgan, Shannon (II) as [Lady Ghost]
  28. Natapov, Maria as [Jen Peter] <23>
  29. Rosasco, Alexis as [Lady in White/Hotel Phantom] <25>
  30. Testa, Elizabeth (II) as [Wife Spirit]
  31. Tretheway, Madison as [Young Lady Ghost]
  32. Trychon, Nicole as [Courtney] <7>
  33. Tully, Ally as [Samantha] <3>


  1. Horror

Full Plot

Erebus is an anthology horror film inspired by the well-documented history of supernatural phenomenon in Rhode Island. Using Block Island's intimate setting as a backdrop, Erebus centers around the Gorham House, a mysterious old hotel with a torrid history of violent occult activity, as well as supernatural, and paranormal. Seeking to document the hotel for a new book, Samantha and Benny, journey to investigate the hotel, learning of its terrifying history along the way by relaying three horrifying tales of its previous owners. "Devil" - Robert Neville was the reclusive inheritor and owner of the Gorham House in the 1950s. Within the bowels of the hotel he harbors a grotesque secret, which unfortunately for him, just got out. "Exposure" - Frank Martin is a 1970s era forensic photographer who is commissioned by the historical society to take on the task of photographing all their properties, starting with the Gorham House. As he begins to photograph the premises his pictures expose malevolent presence and he makes the morbid realization that he is not alone... "Haxan" - When a team of paranormal investigators, in the late 2000s, venture to the Gorham House to investigate the rumored paranormal phenomenon, their pursuit of the supernatural provides their most substantial evidence to date. However, their excitement quickly turns to horror when the contact they establish with the hotel's residents begins to prove fatal. Cut To The Chase Productions Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 12,500


  1. Garrison, Christopher (II)


Cut To The Chase Productions [us] - (2012) (USA) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Beaubien, Nick


  1. Albanese, Blythe (craft service)
  2. Dale, Jed van (location scout)
  3. Ellsworth, Dave (web site designer)
  4. McKinney, Paul C. (craft service)
  5. McKinney, Paul C. (location scout)
  6. Parente, Kerri (script supervisor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Block Island, Rhode Island, USA


- On January 31, 2012 horror icon 'Michael Berryman' (qv) became officially attached to this film.

- While on set, actresses Vanessa Leigh, Nicole Trychon and Cate Carson were nicknamed, by fellow cast and crew members, the "Erebus Angels".

- While on location on Block Island (RI) during the nine day stay, a few cast and crew members experienced what was referred to as "unexplained" happenings while on set in different locations. These "unexplained" happenings ranged from humming in ears, touching of hair, cold breeze blowing and at times the feeling of being watched. Block Island has a lengthy and documented past of paranormal activity.

- Michael Berryman shares the same birthday as fellow cast member Nicole Trychon. September 4th.

- The opening scene of the "Exposure" vignette was originally scripted to occur in a tavern. 'Clark Peter' was, originally, to come back from sea early to find his wife 'Jen Peter' and 'Barry Davis' together. Thinking the entire town knew of the two's affair, Clark killed everyone in the tavern. Due to last minute location difficulties, the scene was rewritten to the way it is now and filmed at the Director, Ricky Laprade's house. Due to the