Erik the Viking (1989) Movie

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6.0/ 10 (8124 Votes)

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Production Company
KB Erik the Viking
Prominent Features [gb]
Svensk Filmindustri (SF) [se]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - August 1989
(Sweden) - 1 September 1989
(USA) - 22 September 1989
(UK) - 29 September 1989
(West Germany) - 9 November 1989

Running Time
79 (director's cut)

Be there... or beheaded!

accidental-killing, actor-director, attempted-rape, berserk, betrayal, blacksmith, bloodshed, brought-back-to-life, cacophony, character-name-in-title, climbing-up-wall, cult-director, cult-film, death-of-father, death-of-friend, denial, directed-by-star, dragon, expedition, father-son-relationship, gods, independent-film, invisibility-cloak, love, missionary,

Technical Support
LAB:Technicolor, UK
MET:2945 m - (Sweden)
OFM:35 mm - (Fuji)
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Baker, Matthew (I) as [Thor] <44>
  2. Bednash, Frank as [Even More Horribly Slain Warrior] <46>
  3. Broadbent, Jim as [Ernest the Viking (a Rapist)] <17>
  4. Cady, Gary as [Keitel Blacksmith] <9>
  5. Carter, Jim (I) as [Jennifer the Viking (Another Rapist)] <18>
  6. Cleese, John as [Halfdan the Black] <6>
  7. Duffy, Dave as [Horribly Slain Warrior] <45>
  8. Evans, Simon (I) as [Odin] <43>
  9. Geeves, Peter as [Eilif the Mongol Horde/Musician] <36>
  10. Gordon Sinclair, John as [Ivar the Boneless] <12>
  11. Harper, Colin (I) as [Prisoner] <38>
  12. Innes, Neil (I) as [Hy-Brasilian] <42>
  13. Jones, Freddie (I) as [Harald the Missionary] <14>
  14. Jones, Harry (I) as [Prisoner] <39>
  15. Jones, Terry (I) as [King Arnulf] <4>
  16. Joyce, Paddy as [Prisoner] <37>
  17. Killick, Tim as [Bjarni/Halfdan's Guard/Musician] <33>
  18. Latham, Bernard as [Ulf the Unmemorable] <26>
  19. MacLachlan, Andrew (I) as [Ornulf/Chamberlain/Dog Soldier] <32>
  20. Martin, John Scott as [Ingemund the Old] <22>
  21. McCarthy, Barry (I) as [Prisoner] <40>
  22. McInnerny, Tim as [Sven the Berserk] <11>
  23. McKeown, Charles as [Sven's Dad] <10>
  24. McTavish, Graham as [Thangbrand/Citizen/Dog Soldier] <34>
  25. Padden, Bernard as [Mordfiddle the Cook] <25>
  26. Ridings, Richard as [Thorfinn Skullsplitter] <13>
  27. Robbins, Tim (I) as [Erik] <1>
  28. Rooney, Mickey (I) as [Erik's Grandfather] <2>
  29. Roost, Garry as [Prisoner] <42>
  30. Schiller, Danny as [Snorri the Miserable] <16>
  31. Sekine, Tsutomu (I) as [Slavemaster] <7>
  32. Shaps, Cyril as [Gisli the Chiseller] <35>
  33. Sher, Antony as [Loki] <8>
  34. Simon, Charles (II) as (uncredited) [Svens Grandfather]
  35. Simpson, Jay (I) as [Leif the Lucky] <21>
  36. Surtees, Allan as [Thorfinn's Dad] <28>
  37. Votolato, Max as (uncredited) [Child God]
  38. Bond, Samantha (I) as [Helga] <15>
  39. Connolly, Angela as [Thorkatla the Indiscreet] <30>
  40. Crowden, Sarah as [Grimhild Housewife] <24>
  41. Gibbs, Matyelok as [Erik's Mum] <19>
  42. Jones, Sally (I) as [Leif's Pregnant Girlfriend] <31>
  43. Kitt, Eartha as [Freya] <3>
  44. McCarthy, Julia (I) as [Thorfinn's Mum] <27>
  45. Stubbs, Imogen as [Princess Aud] <5>
  46. Thomas, Sian (I) as [Thorhild the Sarcastic] <23>
  47. Voe, Sandra as [Ivar's Mum] <29>
  48. Vosburgh, Tilly as [Unn-the-Thrown-At] <20>


  1. Adventure
  2. Comedy
  3. Fantasy

Full Plot

Erik the Viking gathers warriors from his village and sets out on a dangerous journey to Valhalla, to ask the gods to end the Age of Ragnorok and allow his people to see sunlight again. A Pythonesque satire of Viking life. Alexander Lum Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 178,846 (Sweden) GR: USD 1,932,642 (USA) GR: SEK 8,516,080 (Sweden) SD: 17 October 1988 - ?

Movie Certificate

14 (Iceland)(original rating)
16 (Iceland)(video rating)
PG-13 (USA)(certificate #29792)
PG (Singapore)
13 (Argentina)
PG (Australia)
K-12/9 (Finland)
15 (Norway)
15 (Sweden)
12 (West Germany)
15 (UK)(video rating)
12 (UK)(original rating)
S (Finland)(cut version) (video release)

Music Composers

  1. Innes, Neil (I)


  1. Wilson, Ian (II)

Dress Designers

  1. Tait, Pam


Aquarius TV [gr] - (2000) (Greece) (TV)
Arrow Film Distributors [gb] - (2000) (UK) (VHS)
Arrow Films [gb] - (2006) (UK) (DVD)
CBS/Fox Video [gb] - (1990) (UK) (VHS)
Concorde Home Entertainment [de] - (2012) (Germany) (DVD)
Editora Europa [br] - (2005) (Brazil) (DVD)
Orion Home Video [us] - (1990) (USA) (VHS)
Orion Pictures Corporation [us]
Svensk Filmindustri (SF) [se] - (1989) (Sweden) (theatrical)
Transvídeo [br] - (Brazil) (VHS)
United International Pictures (UIP) [gb] - (1989) (UK) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Akers, George (I)


  1. Aber, Christopher (assistant to Mickey Rooney)
  2. Barr, Libbie (script supervisor)
  3. d'Arcy, Susan (unit publicist)
  4. Eastmond, Yvonne (assistant production accountant)
  5. Higgins, Mike (II) (location manager)
  6. Turner, Joyce (production coordinator)


Thorfinn Skullsplitter: You mean... you can't kill ANYBODY? King Arnulf: Right! Isn't it wonderful? Thorfinn Skullsplitter: What? Not being able to kill anybody? King Arnulf: Well, of course. Erik: How? King Arnulf: Well... for a start... er... there's no killing... Erik: Well, OBVIOUSLY there's no killing. King Arnulf: Well... Thorfinn Skullsplitter: But how d'you take revenge? Keitel Blacksmith: How do you punish people? Ivar the Boneless: How do you DEFEND yourselves? King Arnulf: We don't have to. We're all terribly nice to each other. Erik: Ooh! Scary! Scary! Don't we look mean? You can't see me! But I can see you! Erik: Maybe none of us will return. Snorri the Miserable: Oh, well that's much more sensible than just Thorfin getting killed. Shall we all go and pack now? Thorfinn's Mum: And you've got BOTH axes? Thorfinn Skullsplitter: Yes, Mother. Thorfinn's Mum: And something to sharpen them with? Thorfinn Skullsplitter: Yes, Mum. Thorfinn's Mum: And don't forget: never let your enemy get behind you. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: No, Mother. Thorfinn's Mum: And keep your sword greased. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: Yes, Mother. Goodbye, Dad. Thorfinn's Dad: And don't forget to wash - you know - ALL over. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: No, Dad. Thorfinn's Mum: And if you have to kill somebody, KILL them! Don't stop to think about it. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: I never do... Harald the Missionary: Listen. I've been in this dump for sixteen years and I haven't made a single convert... Snorri the Miserable: There was Thorbjorn Vifilsson's wife. You converted HER. Harald the Missionary: Thorbjorn Vifilsson's wife became a Buddhist, not a Christian. Snorri the Miserable: Same thing, isn't it? Harald the Missionary: No, it is NOT. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: Are you all right? Ivar the Boneless: No, I'm not. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: You don't need to feel bad about being sea-sick, you know. Ivar the Boneless: How can you help feeling bad when you're sea-sick? Thorfinn Skullsplitter: I mean many of the greatest sailors were. Ivar the Boneless: I know. I know. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: Olaf Tryggvason used to throw up on every single voyage... the whole time... non-stop... puke... puke... puke. Ivar the Boneless: Look! I don't feel BAD about it. I just feel ILL. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: He used to puke in his sleep. Ivar the Boneless: Bastard. Snorri the Miserable: First we're flying - now we're sinking! Snorri the Miserable: Anyone know any good drowning songs? Erik: Listen! Maybe we won't get to Hy-Brasil! Maybe we won't find the Horn Resounding... but at least we've tried... and at least we shall have died like men. Snorri the Miserable: Like fish. King Arnulf: [Hy-Brasil is sinking, everything is collapsing and exploding] Everyone stay calm! This is not happening! King Arnulf: Now, I want you to be absolutely, totally, genuinely honest with me. Did you really, truly, honesty like it? Erik: ...No. King Arnulf: They didn't like it! Oh my God! I want to die! Helga: [Erik has accidentally run his sword through her while killing the other two Vikings who were raping her] Thanks for saving me from a fate worse than death! Erik: I didn't mean to! Helga: [Gasping for breath] Oh, that's all right then... it's the thought... that counts... Erik: Tell me your name?... Tell me... what IS it...? [Helga dies before she can answer] Erik: And you, Sven, aren't you afraid of crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Asgaard? Sven the Berserk: I will join my grandfather there! Thorfinn Skullsplitter: He's not in Valhalla! He died of old age. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: There's only one way to settle it. He must kill me! Loki: Erik and the men of Ravensfjord are setting off to cross the Western Ocean. Halfdan the Black: Lucky things! I could do with a holiday, I can tell you. All this financial work, you know... The stress really gets you. [to his henchmen holding a prisoner] Um... flay him alive, garrotte him and then behead him. Sven's Dad: [about Erik thinking he is invisible] There that's a true Berserk! Erik: I am the air! I am the wind! Sven the Berserk: You'll see my grandfather in Valhalla. Thorfinn Skullsplitter: [dying of wounds] No... he's not... not there. Princess Aud: Have you ever felt like this about anyone else? Erik: You mean got into bed with them? Princess Aud: No. Of course not, silly. No, I mean felt like this about them? Erik: You mean you have got into bed with somebody else? Princess Aud: No, I mean have you ever felt that for the first time in your life you've met someone you really can believe in with your whole heart? Someone who's goals suddenly seem to be your goals. Those dreams become your dreams. Erik: Have you ever been to bed with anyone else? Princess Aud: But, but you loved her all the same? Erik: We never went to bed together. Princess Aud: Why do you go on about that? Erik: You have been to bed with somebody else, haven't you? Princess Aud: I've never loved anybody! Erik: I've never been to bed with anybody! Halfdan the Black: Look, I'm not an unreasonable man, Thord Andersson, but this is the second chance that I've given you. Prisoner: But I'm a poor man, sir. Halfdan the Black: Yes, but it's not just me, you see. A lot of people depend on this money. I really can't give you a third chance, I'm so sorry. Halfdan the Black: [to his henchmen] Er, would you please behead him? Please?... Prisoner: Oh no! Take all my sheep, all of them. Halfdan the Black: Oh, that's a good idea. Take all his sheep. Halfdan the Black: [to his henchmen] Er, just cut his hand off. Prisoner: Oh, Thank you my lord! Thank you a million thanks yous. You can cut them both off if you want! Thank you very much. Harald the Missionary: You know, my son, our lord said... Snorri the Miserable: Your lord. Harald the Missionary: Quite... my lord said: "The Prayer of Faith shall have the sick." Snorri the Miserable: I hope the Dragon of North Sea gets you and your lord. Harald the Missionary: Darkness and ignorance...

Other Titles

  1. Erik il vichingo (1989) (ENG)
    (Italy) (video title)

  2. Erik il vikingo (1989) (ENG)
    (Italy) (imdb display title)

  3. Erik viking (1989) (ENG)

  4. Erik, der Wikinger (1989) (ENG)
    (West Germany)

  5. Erik, der Wikinger (1989) (GER)
    (West Germany)

  6. Eric il vichingo (1989) (ITA)

  7. Erik il vikingo (1989) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Lee International Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK - (studio)
  2. Malta
  3. Mediterranean Film Studios, Malta - (studio)
  4. Tromsø, Norway


- 'Tom Hulce' (qv), star of _Amadeus (1984)_ (qv), was originally intended to play the lead part of Erik. However, by the time that funding was secured, Hulce had decided to take a break from films to concentrate on his stage career.

- As a favor for his friend 'Terry Jones (I)' (qv), 'John Cleese' (qv) replaced 'Jack Lemmon' (qv) on short notice.

- First cinema film of 'Samantha Bond (I)' (qv).

- Writer/Director 'Terry Jones (I)' (qv) is also the author of a children's novel called 'The Saga Of Erik the Viking', although the plot lines of the movie and the book have nothing more in common than the same-named titular characters.

- According to 'Michael Palin' (qv)'s diaries, 'Terry Jones (I)' (qv) approached 'Nicolas Cage' (qv) for the role of Erik.