Eternity: The Movie (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Sidecar Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Technical Support
CAM:Red Scarlet X

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Full Cast

  1. Abi-Loutfi, Abe as [B.J. Maxx Shopper]
  2. Abi-Loutfi, Joey as [Judge #2]
  3. Albaba, Abe as [Courtyard Resident]
  4. Bentley, Craig as [Courtyard Resident]
  5. Bhatt, Anand as [Judge #1]
  6. Brady, Barry as [Bar Patron]
  7. Brown, Tamzin as [Kelly]
  8. Cerqua, Roger as [Bar Patron]
  9. Ciskanik, Tim as [Courtyard Resident]
  10. Clement, Ryan (III) as [Bar Patron]
  11. Crake, Barrett as [Todd Lucas] <1>
  12. Dalmas, Greg as [Record Signing Attendee]
  13. Donovan, Anthony (IV) as [Bartender]
  14. Eidson, Mark as (as Dr. Mark Eidson) [B.J. Maxx Shopper]
  15. Freiboth, Chris as [Record Signing Attendee]
  16. Gries, Jon as [Barry Goldfield, Jr.] <4>
  17. Grove, Bryan as [Courtyard Resident]
  18. Gutierrez, Noe as [Band Member]
  19. Hengstler, Mark as [Bar Patron]
  20. Jenkins, Kenneth as [Bar Patron]
  21. Kove, Jesse as [Scotty]
  22. Kove, Martin as [Barry Goldfield, Sr.] <6>
  23. Lewallen, Paul as [B.J. Maxx Shopper]
  24. Montagu, Beau as [Upset Pedestrian]
  25. Murphy, Patrick (L) as [Bar Patron]
  26. Olivier, Myko as [B.J. Fairchild] <2>
  27. Olupitan, Tyler as [Courtyard Resident]
  28. Prok, Dan as [Bar Patron]
  29. Royal, Joe as [Jaime]
  30. Sallow, Sam as [Bar Patron]
  31. Schouten, Paul (II) as [Bar Patron]
  32. Seymour, Scott as [Jesse]
  33. Slagle, Cutter as [Bar Patron]
  34. Smith, Aaron (LXXV) as [Musician]
  35. Stevens, Kyle as [Pedestrian]
  36. Tensley, Daeryan as [Record Signing Attendee]
  37. Tostado, Kevin as [Bar Patron]
  38. Young, Kellen as [Record Signing Attendee]
  39. Abi-Loutfi, Cheryl as [B.J. Maxx Shopper]
  40. Abi-Loutfi, Nicole as [Pool Girl]
  41. Ackerman, Julia Claire as [Record Signing Attendee]
  42. Allsbrook, Essence as [Bar Patron]
  43. Alvarez, Betsy as [Record Signing Attendee]
  44. Anderberg, Alison as [Bar Patron]
  45. Anderson, Laura Rose as [Upset Date]
  46. Armstrong, Dani as [Record Signing Attendee]
  47. Armstrong, Jessi as [Record Signing Attendee]
  48. Armstrong, Tammi as [Record Signing Attendee]
  49. Bader, Jen as [Courtyard Resident]
  50. Biferno, Missy as [Random Girl]
  51. Darlinton, Linda as [Restaurant Patron]
  52. Dyson, Amy as [Record Signing Attendee]
  53. Dyson, Zion as [Record Signing Attendee]
  54. Earls, Liz as [Record Signing Attendee]
  55. Eidson, Sarah as [B.J. Maxx Shopper]
  56. Eli, Sarah as [Bar Patron]
  57. Estrada, Jackie as [Bar Patron]
  58. Fiss, Chelsea as [B.J. Maxx Shopper]
  59. Fulton, Gaby as [Pool Girl]
  60. Goodman, Melissa (II) as [Courtyard Resident]
  61. Graham, Jamie (VII) as [Pool Girl]
  62. Hans, Raechele as [Eternity Fangirl]
  63. Hazlewood, Tara as [Alana]
  64. Heit, Lauren as [Record Signing Attendee]
  65. Heit, Sarah as [Record Signing Attendee]
  66. Hernandez, Adriane as [Bar Patron]
  67. Hill, Katelyn as [Record Signing Attendee]
  68. Hitchcock, Brittanie as [Bar Patron]
  69. Hubbard, Crysstal as [Navy Date #2]
  70. Jensen, Rebekah as [Bar Patron]
  71. Kalb, Sarah as [Restaurant Date]
  72. Kealoha, AnnaKarenina as [Bar Patron]
  73. Kemp, Ashley (II) as [Pool Girl]
  74. Kleppe, Anna as [Pool Girl]
  75. Krown, Marci as [Courtyard Resident]
  76. Leigh, Audra as [Bar Patron]
  77. Leonti, Nikki as [Gina Marie] <3>
  78. Lesnau, Jenae as [B.J. Maxx Shopper]
  79. McCall, Brittany as [Bar Patron]
  80. McGeever, Liz as [Sally]
  81. McKinzie, Angela as [Band Manager]
  82. McLean, Rebecca as [Bar Patron]
  83. Moreno, Rita (VI) as [Bar Patron]
  84. Moses, Lauryn as [B.J. Maxx Shopper]
  85. Naasz, Blaize as [Bar Patron]
  86. Nelson, Sunny (IV) as [Record Signing Attendee]
  87. Rattray Baldwin, Nikki as (as Nikki Rattray) [Bar Patron]
  88. Roberts, Amy (X) as [Bar Patron]
  89. Ruko, Donna as [Jade]
  90. Scheier, Veronica as [Record Signing Attendee]
  91. Seymour, Lyz as [Restaurant Patron]
  92. Sifri, Carmen as [Courtyard Resident]
  93. Stewart, Annette as [Bar Patron]
  94. Tostado, Christie as [Navy Date #1]
  95. Vega, Hannah as [Record Signing Attendee]
  96. Witczak, Karolina as [B.J. Maxx Shopper]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

A comedy set in Reseda in the mid 80s. Todd, a doe-eyed Midwestern boy moves to the city to make it big by pouring his heart into his cheesy R&B music. BJ, a hapless loser uses his sax for sex frequenting the local dive bars and trendy outlet stores. The two create the greatest rock duo of all-time, Eternity... but Eternity can't last forever. Sidecar Productions Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Todd Lucas Movie Production LLC SD: 2 July 2012 - 24 July 2012


  1. Ernst, Chris (IV)


  1. Abi-Loutfi, Joey (script supervisor)
  2. Arnold, Macklin (production assistant)
  3. Barr, Susanne (II) (production assistant)
  4. Bigbee, Shawn (production assistant)
  5. Boyce, Ellen (accountant)
  6. Ciskanik, Tim (production assistant)
  7. Costi, Leslie (catering coordinator)
  8. DeAngelis, Gianni Luca (production assistant)
  9. Flores, Annette (II) (craft service)
  10. Grove, Bryan (production assistant)
  11. Heinichen, Ashleigh (craft service)
  12. Kosin, Mikhail (production assistant)
  13. Lemaster, Jeremy (production assistant)
  14. Najmy, Whitney (production assistant)
  15. O'Hara, Scott (III) (key production assistant)
  16. Plascensia, Rigoberto (production assistant)

Other Titles

  1. Todd Lucas: Singer/Songwriter (2013) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Poway, California, USA
  2. Encinitas, California, USA
  3. Escondido, California, USA
  4. San Diego, California, USA