Everyone's Going to Die (2013) Movie

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Everyone's Going To Die [gb]

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Release Date
(UK) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Kempner, Mark as [The Mark] <5>
  2. Knighton, Rob as [Ray] <2>
  3. Phillips, Robert J as [Man reading paper in cafe] <20>
  4. Steele, Ben (VI) as [Restaurant Customer]
  5. Chidzey, Ellie as [Kate] <7>
  6. Duggan, Madeline as [Laura] <4>
  7. Gallacher, Stirling as [Jackie] <6>
  8. Harrison-Dine, Eliza as [Megan]
  9. Hutchinson, Kylie as [Alex] <10>
  10. McLoughlin, Kay as [John's Wife]
  11. Selby, Liberty as [Grace]
  12. Shirley, Kellie as [Ali] <3>
  13. Steele, Karol as [Restaurant Customer]
  14. Tschirner, Nora as [Melanie] <1>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Two lost souls. One last chance. Melanie's life in a seaside town is going nowhere until she meets Ray, back in town with a shady job to do. A moment's escape becomes a chance to save themselves, and each other. Everyone's Going To Die is a modern British story about coming home, getting by and the redemptive power of feeling you're not alone. A story where porn hotlines rub shoulders with sexy beavers on rollerskates; where the past is laid to rest, two lives are changed and nobody, finally, is going to die. Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Clark, Dan Stafford

Film Editors

  1. Jones


  1. Lewis, Richard (XLII) (caterer)
  2. Phillips, Robert J (runner)
  3. Tootal, Polly (location manager)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone, Kent, England, UK
  2. Googies, Folkestone, Kent, England, UK
  3. Kent, England, UK
  4. The Quarterhouse, Folkestone, Kent, England, UK