Extinction (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Avalon Studios [us]
Battle Yard Films [us]
Creaky Gates Productions [us]
Extinction Studio [us]
Hollywood Rentals Productions Services [us]

Production Designer

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Release Date
(USA) - 2014

Running Time

Hell On Earth Was Just The Beginning The Fight for Existence

future, robot,

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Full Cast

  1. Beckham, Matt as [Alpha]
  2. Brake, Richard as [Wrath]
  3. Brunacini Jr., Jack as [WarHead - Nick War]
  4. Chakrabarti, Samrat as [Speak No Evil]
  5. Chen, David (III) as [Pain]
  6. Crispi, Jeff as [Guardian Statue 1]
  7. Gordon, Sean (V) as [Minus]
  8. Goss, Luke as (rumored) [Colossus - Steve Colossus]
  9. Harrison, Andrew (X) as (as Tiny Iron) [See No Evil]
  10. Holmes, Dan (I) as [Destruction]
  11. Kirschbaum, Gerry as [Supply Cart Driver]
  12. Laverty, Larry as [Armageddon]
  13. Lombardi, Roberto (III) as [General Red King]
  14. Lyle, Art as [Joker - Stan Farrier]
  15. Marino, Mike (III) as [Judgement - Paul Judge]
  16. Pickhardt, Christopher as [Old Owl]
  17. Puma, Vince as [Guardian Statue 3]
  18. San Miguel, Antonio as [Guardian Statue 4]
  19. Sepúlveda-Low, David as (as David Sepúlveda) [Chaos]
  20. Stevens, Conan as (rumored) [Apocalypse]
  21. Swensen, Charles as [Guardian Statue 2]
  22. Trace, Austin as [Riddle Lit 2]
  23. Villani, Joseph as [Riddle Lit 1]
  24. Weiler, Mark (I) as [The Manipulator]
  25. Wixson, Brian M. as [Riddler]
  26. Allanach, Christine as [Phoenix - Lisa Phoenix]
  27. Daigneault, Krisondra as [Zan - Ellen Zan]
  28. Damian, Maila as [Suffer]
  29. May, Lana as [Hear No Evil]
  30. Sampson, Christina as [Guardian Statue 6]
  31. Villani, Caryann as [Guardian Statue 5]


  1. Action
  2. Drama
  3. Fantasy
  4. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

When a mission goes bad and "Red King Force" Captain Steve Colossus is forced to leave his team inside a computerized world created for a dangerous Robotic life-form, Colossus must go back in to save his team and recover a mysterious black box that will prevent the Robotic life-form from escaping into the real world and wiping out mankind. Maurice Vaughan Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 15,000,000 CP: 2010 Maurice Vaughan


Battle Yard Films [us] - (2013) (worldwide) (all media)
RTL Productions [us] - (2013) (worldwide) (all media)
RTL Productions [us] - (2012) (worldwide) (all media)
White Dragon Films [us] - (2012) (worldwide) (all media)


  1. Brunacini Jr., Jack (property manager)
  2. Zahn, James (III) (web site designer)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
  2. Los Angeles, California, USA